Nicki Kills this shit (reference track for Rhianna).
Download here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009



AEO said...


Tk Hero said...

it's sick. I like it.

hustleGRL said...

O, The way you spelled Rihanna's name is... semi-true.

See what I did there?

Unknown said...

gosh no... not tune you will remember being special rather annoying. Horrible to the highest degree, is it that hard to expect good music i mean really what was all that

Blackmagic5 said...

I would hope you post that Lupe Fiasco mixtape on here because it is so dope.

Lupe = Good Music

cosign with madeformakeup

DorothyMarie said...

It's OKAY not GREAT not SHITTY but OKAY, I mean I can't rap to save my LIFE, but I can write... that's MY niche so I am NOT saying I can deliver anything better I'm just saying this is NOT her BEST work...

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, Nicki on dubstep.

Nteague1 said...

Huh? If you mean to tell me Rihanna is her BIGGEST competitor..then can I go now??

MaLLY said...

I couldn't bear it after 2 minutes...

Everything Young Money does isn't "sick" or "crack" - when will parents start to tell their kids they can't sing, write or rap?

She was doing Doug E. Fresh - making noise with her mouth.

"Fuck you, Mally - You're a hater" comments might come after this response.

Anotha Time,


P.S. Not hating, just giving my opinion that this song was Gucci Mane "Stoopid"....

MaLLY said...

And when I said my comment I meant in a way that every group or band (regardless of who they are) is gonna have shortcomings, nobody is perfect - this was one of those moments (to me).

So to be honest YM has some dope shit, but this track no.

SinfulLyo said...


drewbreezzy said...

Just me or is she like the female Wayne?

chimi said...

yall gotta stop hating this shit sick period.

The Heap said...

SMH! The beat is hot...but the entertainment ends there. I'm so disappointed that, at the moment, this chick and Trina is all that we have to rep. us females in the rap game. It's embarrassing. They basically telling the world that female rappers ain't shit and can only rap about how fine they are and how every dude in the world needs (or should want) to fuck them. We need a diverse artist who can rap about other, more interesting/important, topics. Someone who ain't a industry hoe. Someone like Lauryn Hill (minus the schizophrenia).

DJWOOGIE said...


LiLMeXiCo said...

well, I must say.. the more I listen to her, the more she grows on me... wasnt a fan at first, now I'm slowly getting there but not quite yet.. this didnt really help either, it's alright tho

DaeRodriguez said...

Nicki is beast

Deja Vu said...

hahah sick..but could be better..cant wait till i get out ther and start on mah game..i can write and rap and sing..yo dance Jasmine Nicolle Doyle..302-312-9637

Unknown said...

Comment this please.! Just think if kanye or drake said these lines

Dante said...

CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY this is Heavy Creativity this is soso Hot.........i dont want to call her Nicki Manaj i want to call her by her Government.. Miss. Maraj keep this Hot shit Up, i see Dollars Signs in your Future..

Unknown said...

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