Download here.
Produced by DJ Khalil.
EP selections from the mixtape So Far Gone available sept 15 on Itunes and in stores.

Art by Darkie.

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Eddy said...

cool song..

EtanClan said...

Nice..pretty chill song.

Just gotta say I like the mixtape's tracklist a lot better than the EP's tracklist. There was such a cool feel to the mixtape, every track flowed with the next. I hope your album has a similar feel, Drake...either way keep doin what you're doin. It's great either way.

Anonymous said...

this shit is the truth.. money makes the world go round etc.

Anonymous said...

That;s one of the greatest songs. I've ever heard. Period.

Kiana F. said...


khalfani℠ said...


hustleGRL said...

Wow, so honest.

Jason B said...

Closest i've felt to comeback season all year, which is an awesome feeling. Goodluck with the surgery brother, all the best, this song has me patiently waiting for the album.

MaLLY said...

I can say: you definitely did your thing on this personal track..."Fear". Even though you have only been around for short are one of my favorite artists because you are able to change up styles whether it be for the ladies, personal tracks, or the more "swaggerific" type songs...haha...but OVO knows what I mean...Keep making good music and sharing it with the world..I plan on getting that EP...

Anotha Time,


Nick Bautista, Poo Choi Kru said...

There's a dope article on Drake here:

Check it out, it' a good read

Anonymous said...

Dam Whoaa song is amazing!! Nice Flow Drake!!

ptown beauty said...

its coo

Art said...

Awesome song homie, your voice is sort of like prince when you sing, the way he had his own amazing way of singing that was unique to him, even though it wasn't a trained vocalist's voice. I think people will keep accepting you for you which is the message (or the desire expressed) I got from the song.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Drake even exists. The game definitely needs change and he is definitely the cashier.I love your truth Drake.

Jeffrey Piccirillo said...

Can't stop listening.

Anonymous said...

song is crazy!!!! beat is ridiculous!!!! hottest song ive heard all year....

Jillian Johnson said...

Goin on repeat.

Unknown said...

Cool artwork and even cooler song

Jazmine said...

Amazing..Unfeigned lyricism at its finest.

Parodi said...


This track > So Far Gone (mixtape)

Marshall Jones said...


Unknown said...

Drake you've come so far I'm so proud!

Please don't do features on your first album, I know every artist is going to want to get involved with you at the moment and I'm sure it feels great but please just do your own thing on Thank Me Later, don't let anyone get in your way. Take as long as you want and don't feel pressured, I know you've got some excluse deal so you don't have these labels hounding you.

Please just go solo on your LP, show everyone what you're made of. I love the track! It ends So Far Gone in the perfect way and I can't wait until TML. Drake my brother keep doing you and don't let the industry pull you down!

Much Love!

Mr. Carter said...

the first time i geard i was speechless, for me personaly FEAR is better than Successful...

Kevon said...

your inspiring future rappers...trademark of a legend. loyal fan here..from back then to know...i think you've grown for the far gone created that appeal..some people just are selfish there love for certain your music..i guess they don't wan't it to seem like some sorta bandwagon...true fans know that u haven't change ur only getting better..this song is proof of that... because it happens to a lot of artist...previous fans say the change...and everyone seems to be afraid of that nowadays.. just work you've been doing...inspiring..and good luck on the surgery. -Kevon

acgReese said...

After Jay-Z dropping a dismal, sub-par BP3, Its up to Drizzy for the album of the year, this song is mean..

Anonymous said...


The Heap said...

Real deep and I luv it. The beat is crazy. 40? If so, if not, it's off the chain.

Nique said...

I wont even try and sit here and give you advice... Just want you to know this is my new favorite drake song... the honesty gives me chills... good luck on your future... big thanks to Drake and the whole team for the inspiration...

ρ h i l s k i ' 8 2 said...

honesty is nice sometimes! Is it just me or is real rap finally comin back????!!!!????!?!?!?

Unknown said...


CheezyDoDo said...

Songs like this and "Say Whats Real" and "The Calm" Make me really fuck with Drake,I Like his punchline songs,they cool But when he gets personal its few who can touch him

cant wait for the album

remedy said...

and i be gettin' high, just to balance out the lows.

thank you.

Unknown said...

"I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does"?

My dude wake up, and quit idolizing fa real, u see how Kanye's career took off after he hopped off Hov's nutsack. Pac is the true embodiment of a artist. And somebody that came from a good legit acting background, u could learn alot from dude, like passion, social awareness, know the stuff ppl that doubt about you? How the fuck you idolizing a nigga thats dropping an album next week? When Kobe & Iverson came into the league they went at Jordan!! they didnt suck his dick!(im not talkin bout dissinn either) im disappointed in Drake smh...

Anonymous said...

Drake, this is inspiring. Do your thing man, you know you still have all of our support.


Jonte.. said...

This hAS to be one of my favorite drake songs



iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

I'm feelin this one, envisioned it a little different but this works for me I love the hook, shits is tough, Drizzy!

Can't wait for Thank Me Later.

iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

I'm really really feelin this one, hook is tough as well. Drake you did it again you muhfucka! LOL.

Thank Me Later gonna be a problem..

Topski said...

Vent more often. This song is powerful. I've been playing So Far Gone so much and for so long. Definitely gonnah grab the EP.

The Cheeky girl said...

i'm the first fan of this song !

love drake

cheeky girl

JL said...

Great Song!

emichell said...


Unknown said...

I love it. I never been on another artist like I am for you. Your music is so real and refreshing

Anonymous said...

this and the calm are my two favorite tracks of drake's. they're too real... life is crazy but at the end of the day you have to find the courage to get through it. next tatt: my sanity is my solitude, my strength is my Savior

p.s. you can blame for those groupie hoe stories lmfao.

Malika B said...

I love when you do personal tracks like this. It proves to the doubters that you aren't some popcorn rapper. Good job :)

Justin. L. Cabrera said...

Your the artist of my time. your the truth and your brutal honesty. i respect. when i see you. a pound isnt ganna be enuff. you deserve a salute a and a hug. cause your the one keeping me from throwing out my speakers.

got this shit on repeat

DUTCH said...


mlech415 said...

A real hip-hop head: Wow!... Just... Wow! Good shit!

Donna I said...


Please listen to our Acoustic cover of Drake's song "Best I Ever Had"!

- Donna, Anna, and Ruby

Anonymous said...

The Dope Boyz In Brooklyn appreciates the honesty in the bars.Dope!!!!

JS1984 said...

Amazing man... your work is so inspiring in every way.
Got nuff love and respect for you homie.
Hope to meet you one day soon.

Nteague1 said...

You you have surgery tomorrow..

Joyce Okezie said...

this song is so real and truthful. Drake just tells his whole life and i respect him for that

Anonymous said...

Artist - Aspektz
Song - Fear (Just a Week Ago) prod. DJ Khalil
Label - True Thorobredz
Website -

Peace Andru.. hope all is good. Check this track out, fresh out the lab. Remember to holla if you need any press/drops/exclusives.

Ancient proverbs suggested there is nothing to fear but fear itself - and that couldn't be closer to the truth as Aspektz of the True Thorobredz opens up the war chest over cascading horns supplied by none other than DJ Khalil. This cut is from Drake's SO FAR GONE EP being released shortly. If you enjoy this, check out IN THE TDOT which is available on iTunes as well and make sure to always support your own. The video for IN THE TDOT will be released shortly!

Anonymous said...

dis is da realest song he ever did

Anonymous said...

Wow... nothing else to say. You just continue to give me reasons as to why you're my favorite artist!!

Unknown said...

this is definitely a beautiful song. this dude put is heart and situations into this song as he always does. drake is definitely representation of where music should go, being about truth. check out this remix to the FEAR ft. Jay-Z & Nas...verses taken from Success off Jay-Z's American Gangster.

Karen said...

I have no luck in downloading this... :(

miszBRIJAYbby said...

Drake, I love how you rap on such an emotional level. This is one of your best songs ever. And, if I remember correctly, you said that the last line on 'Fear' would be the first line on Thank Me Later.

"It's funny how money can change everything."

- and that's so true. Can't wait for your album. Keep the songs coming!

Aaron said...

craziest and best thing bout Drake... always talks from the heart... not tryna be a gangsta or any of that shit... jsut livving life like how its supsoe to be.

Drizzy alwasy raps about releatble stuff thigns that people cna easily understand... not jsut like Girls and Money all the time. When u add in how he uses the metopors and his crazy lyrical abilities... AMAZING!

One of the best Drake tracks iv herd - keep doin ur thang!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love this song cause fear is the emotion i'm discussing about in my emotional intelligence course so when I heard this song I was like heyyyyy!

Second, check out my poetry/spoken word blog at: More to come and i hope ya like it. keep doin work Driz son

iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

I heard the So Far Gone EP is only gonna be like 7 tracks from the mixtape... wasss good wit that??

Anonymous said...

I saw recreated another cover. I like this one better drake!

Kola said...

Cool song. Sort of reminds me my track "The Fear" done differently. It's a nice track. It has Jay Z-ish trumpets and just sounds good.

The Fear, The Anger, The Bravery

Richard Basford said...

Drakes up next, see what he does with it!!!

can't wait! Great song, maybe not as lyrically intricate as the calm but lots of passion, gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

Dope song.

Can't wait for Drake to work with Prote-J. Went to dude's mixtape listening party for "Good Hip Hop Meets Raido" and he's the future of not only hip hop, but urban music. They played beats he's made and song's he's written in addition to his own music. Kid is crazy talented. And I don't even support these new guys normally.

FraNcis James said...

some profound Sh*#

one of my favorites

Anonymous said...

i love this track...had it on replay earlier!

Anonymous said...

This is so real, this shit is so so real.
Big up 2 u , I love this drake the most.

chinksz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chinksz said...

I know the chances of Drake reading this is slim to none with him being busy and all, but I just wanna say this song is something I wasn't even expecting. It feels so real and authentic. Like, i think Drake actually meant every word he said and its amazing to me because some of the things he said is something I wouldn't expect to hear in a song. I feel guilty, because after the success of So Far Gone I stopped having as much love for Drake as I've had in the past. I felt like he got the whole world on his team now, he don't need me as a supporter. I like music that everyone isn't jamming. I like to feel like the sounds coming out my speakers are exclusive which is why I listen to mixtapes and I didn't have that anymore. I guess people who have a real love for music all felt the same way though. It's like, you got the fame, but you lost a lot of the people that were there prior to the fame. I'm sure with your commercial success you've gained a whole new fan base, but the people who were here before are gone. I appreciate this record because it opened my eyes and it let me see that all artist aren't the same. You're a person with feelings just like the rest of the world. It's one thing to hear someone talk about what the industry is like, but this just gave me a whole new view on fame. I love it and you definitely got a fan back on this track alone. Sorry i betrayed you boo. Im back!


Anonymous said...

im actually gonna cop the ep to support ya drake, u the man

M.E. said...


Black ice flow, stackd green doe, model ass hoe, that's how I roll, built in
melody, yal nigs be singing to me, letters more than words, but my rhymes be makin
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wit them hundreds, my ass's got a big print of hamiltions, they ask me wat I
call myself, I say damn nigga my shit b callin u, I call myslef dope, yal b
listening to my shit too much, addicted to. My language, them other rappers b all
the same bitch, my letters b fuking me,my words b fukng you , my rhymes b havn a
3 some, dam did tht shit make tht bitch cum, I got milliondollar swag wit a
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Woman try to multiply me, but bitch thers only me, I m only I n M.E. Is only
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sky high, but niga I'm from outa space , ant nobody as fresh as i is, ant nobdy
ant no dope as i is, ant noboyd M.E., except me


noneya said...

I always appreciate Drake's honesty. Love the track.

noneya said...

wtf @ some of these comments... the lame lyrics especially...

BeCool.BeFresh.BeKing said...

Monroe said...

thisss track is sick!!! he just went up a notch in my books most def!

ramesh said...

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SingCity said...

Check out the my Remake of the track

The Poet Project said...

FEAR - Revisit

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Son Of Paris said...

Cold Song Jack!!! Honest Talk Man makes the music fresh...It's bold and packed full of creative courage....Dope!!!

Fire Boosh said...

"But its funny having fans.
Who find you before anybody ever has the chance,
and build you up so you could be the biggest in the game"

we building you up back home Drizzy!!


Don Dunn said...

The ventin flows are my favorite, so much true shit..
I wish Drake a speedy recovery.
Darkie props on the album art work they're always sick.
-Another of October's very own

Manolo said...

i lost track how many times ive played this track, hands down one of the best tracks ive heard in a very very long time from any artist. props and thanks for composing such a masterpiece.

Gigi said...

This has to be one of my many favorite songs by u! It speaks to the truth of becoming famous! :D good shit! Thanks 4 keeping it real with us Drizzy! <3

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Unknown said...

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