There have been questions posed to me the last few days about the writing of Best I Ever Had and I figured I'd take the time to clear the air directly. I have never met Kia Shine or worked with him. I wrote the entire composition in Toronto and I borrowed one line from a Lil Wayne song that he produced the BEAT for. The claims of 25% ownership are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best I Ever Had


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Aaron said...

Haterz Drizzy.. tryna take ur light becasue u got so much
thx for clearing the air!


Nteague1 said...

Yeah Drake, I fuckin' feel ya. All this circulatory news being spreading back & forth is not worth it.

Nteague1 said...

Oh, we both have birthdays coming up. You are right on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio..lucky!

Mac Rockstar said...

Just do you man. Air shouldn't have to be cleared anyway. Cause Kings don't answer to Nobles.

iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

^ I like what my man Mac said..Kings don't have to answer to Nobles.. true storyy!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Speak Driz...cause once a SUCCESSFUL nigga starts to get big of course haters are gonna say this and that....Kia Shines lol Krispy...GTFO

Alfredo said...

Bunch of hater drizzy. Keep doing what you doing and inspiring us young ones my man.

Unknown said...

hmm now people are saying you didnt write forever but I remember when you posted this last year..

but yeah where's this song that he did for lil wayne? Oh nm found it Uhh.. the only similarity I see is int he beginning of the song.

Kiana F. said...

lol, well alright...

Sleepy said...

Sounds to me like somebody wants a lil SHINE. Leave it where its at and focus on you, but don't be surprised if someone else tries something similar on your next joint. Peace

hustleGRL said...


Eddy said...

honestly nobody shouldn't really be speaking down on Kia Shine..
he's a pretty good artist who came up out the struggle and that's hard nowadays..
I want to even see Drake x Kia collabo..
both of different styles would make for a great song..
and yall can NOT say that you weren't saying "I'm so krispy I'm so krispy, my jeans 900 shoes 850.." back than..
follow me on
I write poetry and if yall down with that check it out!!

Kevon said...

just keep making hits....that'll shut them up....and if it doensn't it wont make a difference....its impossible to name one currently succesful artist in the public eye...who no one has some kinda problems withs them....whether the reason is rational or not..

Edward said...

I am Drake fan, and I believe in the innocent until proven guilty theory. However, some pictures posted on Kia Shine's Twitter have me on the fence...

If that picture could get an explanation I would feel a lot more comfortable about this explanation.

MikeJones said...

Honesty. Love it.

Aaron said...

reading some of this Kia Shine articles... yo this guys a fcuking DICK!! like he's sayin this shti so confidently... man you barley sampled anythingn from hit track and like if anything, the tune is from that other old school track.. can't rememebr the name anymore

Rafelito said...


Unknown said...

kia shine won a billboard award for writing best i ever had. theres even pics of him winning at under rumors

Fire Boosh said...

There's always going to be people leeching off your glory once you reach a certain level of success. Everyone wants a slice of your pie

Hov said it best..

"See Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide
Suicide, it's a suicide
If you succeed, prepare to be crucified"


anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

Hi Drake,

I feel like cringing every time I hear your lyrics "Another hoe ain't never on it," which I believe might be from your song "Best I Ever Had." When you say "another hoe" that assumes that the woman who is on it presently, is a hoe also, otherwise, you would have left out the word "another." Drake this is not a compliment to a woman; however, your music is still interesting and fresh, if not very deep lyrically--at least from the few songs I've heard on the radio. I do enjoy the ethereal chorus of harmonies of "I Just Want to Be Successful" which is such a calm and peaceful break in the song, especially with so much "Gucci you don't love me" noise that is out there. Unfortunately, "money, cars and clothes" are not the best measures of success and I wish you had gone deeper. Deeper--yeah, maybe you will write a song called "Deeper." I look forward to hearing more of your music--I think.

moonmanyoon said...

completely not related to this post. but i was looking at older posts and saw that you liked miike snow. have you heard this remix? << personally, i think it's better than the original. peace.

yung_Flyordie said...

Materialist, nonbelievers, and atheist... They're just nouns for Mr. Rodgers to play with... How is he credited for writing for others but steals a song for mixtape material.. Kia Shine you should have put that on your last album... I use bars from Drake in everyday convo... without thinking it... not that he is any where near god but its kind of like scripture if u get what I'm saying..

~Yung Flyordie

wr23rqwfsqf-0s said...

Jai said...

Wow Kia Shine needs to earn some real fame. And to the haters be gone. said it best.

Nteague1 said...

Have a great weekend Drizz..
I hope your knee is feeling better, give it a kiss for me, *mwah*

Unknown said...

drake said this in his rhyme: "I could use a writer just to balance out my flows, but I'll never share my thoughts... Every word I utter will be mines... Don't believe the lies".

but he said he borrowed a line from wayne. contradiction.

and kia shine says: “Basically I did a record for Lil Wayne called "Do It For The Boy", which was on The Leak mixtape back in October.   My dude DJ Absolute & Enuff was spinning the joint in NY.  I gave Wayne the joint back in March of ‘08 and I had yet to hear the completed version until Absolute hit me. Actually, he was in the office with my man Daralle Jones at Atlantic. He wanted buy the song from me to use for Jahiem.  I tried to contact Young Money to get paid for the original track before I made a move, but couldn’t get anyone to hit me back. Producer note, as a producer, it‘s tough with mixtapes these days. Artist will rap on a 2 track version of a beat & hook you put on a beat CD to shop and the next thing you know your beat is on the radio.  It’s really impossible for Wayne to do a mixtape track, because if the song is a hit, it’s going to touch radio.  That’s why whenever I produce or perform on a record I immediately send it to my guy, Maani, on the publishing side to handle all the paperwork, etc. 

Kola said...

Just do you. It's obvious who created the song.

HajibMiyagi said...

what about the foreva hook

|SoLiD| said...

I seen the interview from the BMI awards with Kia Shine saying he co-wrote "Best I Ever Had" even if he did (we know he didn't) who cares, its your song, you made it hot! If Mr.Crispy woulda put that song out himself it wouldnt of blew up like it did. I appreciate the music, I appreciate the movement, keep doing it big Drizzy.


KierraSophia said...

People are rediculous. Just because one uses a line from an entire song makes them a hypocrite? Rappers/singers, etc. do it all the time.

Drake stop explainin yourself to everyone. Who cares what people say?! Realize that people are negative and will always find a way to discredit someone. In the long run you will earn much more respect if you just let people talk. Like Biggie said, it just comes with the territory.

Unknown said...

why do u think hes so much in denial about? hip hop culture does not approve of rappers taking other rappers lyrics beats style etc. hip hop culture is about originality. so he should care. the proof is everywhere. yall drake stans open ur eyes and realize whats going on. and girls on like him cause of reactions and his name, rather then his body of work, and that goes 4 a lot of mainstream artist. and he did contradict himself by saying "I could use a writer just to balance out my flows, but I'll never share my thoughts... Every word I utter will be mines... Don't believe the lies" but yet he said its a verse for lil wayne. "hiphop is dead cause all the dope shyt is underground" - Joe Budden

Dylan Thomas Doyle said...

Kia Shine? looks like the seed of Lil Flip and Slim thug? lol fuck him, he writes songs like "Krispy"? he cant write tracks like Best I Ever Had.. c'mon

Anonymous said...

there's no need to address anything. why give a nobody unnecessary "shine" [no pun intended]? keep giving the fans great music and fuck everything else. i hate to say it but dude won't be the first or the last to try and piggyback on your success...

Unknown said...

im not even a kia shine fan but kia shine isnt piggybacking nothing. bmi is for song writters, he wrote a song and got it publish meaning that in best i ever had drake use the part kia shine used 25% of the song. so hes getting paid. that goes to show u how fake drake is

Anonymous said...

People don't understand how publishing works... the situation is if you take anything from a song.. that song's songwriters and producers get credit for it... if that song u took had a sample in it... the original writers of the sample in that song get credit to... So fastforward... when u open your cd booklet... the writers of the song will read (Your name,the people you sampled from, the people they sample from... now it appears as if like 10 people just wrote a regular rap song with a chorus from one artist.. when in all actuality.. he just used one line from one song.. that happened 2 have sampled another... COMPLICATED RIGHT?

Unknown said...

regardless drake still took a line from kia shine or lil wayne and used it 25% of best i ever had. a real emcee wouldn't use or borrow anything. hes a fraud. heres kia shine interview

Unknown said...


are you serious? ALL I repeat ALL artist bite something off of other artist. Like how can you not compare someone to Biggie, Pac, Jay, Nas Andree 3k? It's not even intentional all the time but the best example in recent years of this is Autotune. Need I say more? How does this make him a fraud b/c he used 1 line? Why would you come to Drakes blog and try to flame him... You know you're gonna get torched by his fans...

Unknown said...

to shaka...

you are a fucking herb lol. so drakes a fraud now because he used 1 line? C'MON SON!!! (Ed lover voice) fuck outta here ahah

Although I don't appreciate Kia Shine trying to get publicity for this, I can say that he did handle his business. This is all apart of the music business..but for him to try and catch a buzz off this is pathetic.

It's all good..Let's just sit back and watch Drake's EP sell more units than niggas albums ahaha

Unknown said...


u mean stans? and drake is a fraud. he has the worst hot97 funk flex freestyle ever and hes trying to become a actor like will. hes a fraud.

what u said was kind of true but nas nor biggie used someone line. people use lines but they never said they didn't. drake said "I could use a writer just to balance out my flows, but I'll never share my thoughts... Every word I utter will be mines... Don't believe the lies".

which proves hes fake

Lindinha said...

I never even heard this crazy rumor until this post. Nobody in their right minds would think that "Kia" wrote Best I Ever Had. Drake, please stop explaining yourself to people, c'mon man you are beyond that! And besides.. your only giving your haters a platform to "hate" because your true fans know better.

Oh and Shaka...STFU!!! Somebody block that fool!

Unknown said...


honestly have you listened to the music that influenced earlier rappers? I'm 22 and I can honestly say that I cant really stand 90% of the rap from the 80's so I dont even try to listen to it. It's like you have a PS3 and you go back and play a NES game you'd quit in 30 seconds because of the bad... everything. That being said I really dont know and I dont know if you know if they were biting. If anything they were biting off of people in their everyday lives.

Freestyling.. when most people "free" style they say some of the most stupid illogical shit ever. Most rappers memorize "freestyles" but they aren't off the dome though so its no different then blackberry freestyling

As far as acting... He was/is an Actor . So its not like he's the 1st to make the transition so singling out Will Smith as who hes trying to be like isn't even accurate.

And that quote from Fear... If you're trying to be Technical you could say that every word he uses was previously used by another person. I think you're just being picky for whatever reason.

As for Best I Ever had they probably just settled with dudes lawyers b/c they wanted to release the single and proving that dude didn't deserve 25% was gonna take too much time.

Hip Hop Mamas said...

Keep doin' your thing. Ignore the haters. No need to keep explaining yourself.

Congratulations on all FIVE BET nominations.

Lyricist of the Year
Track of the Year
Rookie of the Year
MVP of the Year
Hustler of the Year

Love you!

Anonymous said...

wazz up

Anonymous said...

Dude at the end of the day Kia co-wrote it. He gets 25% off the song. Someone above just explained perfectly how sampling and what not works so I won't even get into that, but Kia did win three awards for co-writing it. Is this a big deal? No. People sample or use ghost-writers all the time. That's the music industry folks. Get over it. said...

"You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song" - Hov

/the end

n0days0ff said...

thats why we take photos with haters and crop them . Kia Shine is a never was . dust your shoulders off Drizzy

FraNcis James said...

people hate it when you be better than them, they ain't hate, start worrying then" T.I.

its like they always come out the woodwork once they see you climbing the charts.

I feel you don't have to prove nothing!

confused said...

Wow! WOW! Whether the rumor was true or not that is TACKY as hell to try and put another artist on blast like that. Drake you are handling your business. I'ma hold you to your word tho "Diss me and you'll never hear a reply to it."
Handling your business like a gentleman is the way to do it.

PS Your Twitter has been looking lonely for a few days :(

ptown beauty said...

LMFAO!!! Ya who is that?!

Wendi said...

Thanks for clearing it up I knew it was lies people are such haters they dont wanna see nobody be successful!!!!

Anonymous said...

KarminChicago - As a female fan who truly listens to rap music .. I would say that you should pick of So Far Gone and listen to it and not just whats on the radio . Drake has great songs on there speaking directly to women..i.e "Brand New", if u want to hear deep lyrics listen to "The Calm"...
another thing .. listen to Successful again and pay close attention to where after he says "the hoes" .. he says I suppose...right after that meaning he doesnt really believe this is what success is but thats what its made out to be therefore since thats what its made out to be and he wants to be successful then thats what he "wants"

I love Drake, his music, his lyrics , his swag .. he truly understand music .. I personally aagree with you that all other things on the radio are just noise to me .. im tired of the BS MUSIC that is out now .. Drake understands music and the passion and dedication it takes to make it..

Listen to his music .. not just whats on the radio ..and you will without a doubt become a fan

Bk , Ny

CaNe said...

Yo Drizzy, lol 4get This Fagg Nigga ... He Aint No1

Unknown said...

no. . hip hop is dead bcuz of what the fans choose to listen to ! . . if wr didnt buy solja boi. . he wouldnt still be makngg records. . no disrespect to solja boi. . i respect the grind nd credit your success

Unknown said...



#KiaShinewrote Kanye's outburst at the VMAs

#kiashinewrote the script for R Kelly's sex tape

#kiashinewrote the rick james sketch on dave chappelle and credited it to appolonia

#KiaShinewrote Kanye's Apology To Taylor Swift


CheezyDoDo said...

Yall People are so corny,Kia Shine said in the video at the BMI's when the interveiwer asked him a question of why was he here that he was here cuz of his part and writing Drake's record

and then the media took it out of porportion and did the samething they did when Wayne spit Drakes verse at the VMA's and everybody thought "OMG Drake Writes for Wayne !!"

People acting Kia Shine said yeah i wrote that nigga shit and he aint give me credit,He didnt say that !! he answered what the reporter asked him

and now yall dissing Kia Shine,the dickriders are so lame foreal,I fucks with Drake Heavy and I like Kia SHine,but people callin Kia a hater is so lame too me.

btw calling Drake a King is so over the top

no hating im just keeping it real...

and why would drake stop explianing himself whens its an atack on his character and image,I cant fault him for this...

remedy said...

call me ignorant, but who the fuck is kia shine?

i second what mac rockstar said


Monroe said...

i never doubted the authenticity of your work one bit!

Her said...

you are a fraud drake. BMI just comformed the truth. check it a she has all the proof. SMH your a lier!!!!

spareld said...

tina get a life drake ain't got to lie and how you know what they said was the truth? how would you like it if someone came on your blog and called you a liar when your trying to address your fans? calm done and if you don't like what the man say then you don't have to rude

Anonymous said...

some of you ppl are SO stupid. SO uneducated and SO blinded by your love for an artist that you cant even take a moment to know whats up before writing out your bullshit. Drake didnt LIE but Kia Shine didnt LIE either. Kia is in the right ... he DOES have 25% and you cant fake BMI awards .. the problem is that Drake was MISINFORMED and he believed the statement he earlier made. Drake isn't fake but it comes down to ppl in his camp not informing drake correctly to the business side of the game. All you STANS of Drake and Haters of Kia need to settle yourself and educate yourself in the music business. No one is lying, no one is fake ... if y'all wanna blame someone, blame the ppl behind artists that dont educate said artists on proper sampling / writing credits.

Kia never said he ghostwrote for Drake. Kia has no problem with Drake. Kia just wants his due and he DESERVES his due. period. end of story. said...

wanna sample some shit i produced?

Anonymous said...


Jason Peterson said...

REPOST: said...
"You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song" - Hov

That just blew my mind. So true!

THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! What did Kia write anyway? Nothing! Drake made his own song hot and that's all there is to say about it!

Jason Peterson said...

I know the lines got a little blurry when Kia was interviewed. Which, I'm hoping that he didn't mean for it to come across as if he co-wrote the song. However, he should of cleared it up as soon as it was misunderstood and said, I produced a track that Drake SAMPLED A LINE from. He wasn't there through the process of making Drake's song, therefore he didn't help write it, which Kia knows that already.

If I said "drop it like it's hot" in a verse of my song I would have to give credit to Wayne and Cash Money. Even if it was in a different context. Dang, even if I was singing opera they would probably want credit for it.
Cash Money never said they co-wrote "Drop it like it's Hot" by Snoop Dogg, because they didn't. It was Snoop(and Neptunes) that created the hit. Pretty sure they got their royalties for it though, but at least they didn't put Snoop on blast.

Cloud said...


Unknown said...

First off drizzy sound to original for anybody to try to bite his style. Drake is a different kind of rapper. You have to listen cause when he put out any song you hear a story that comes from the heart. No on some real shit not all rappers or singers write thay shit anyway. So therefore if he did im still gone be a drake fan regardless. I been listen to him since he came out. So that still wouldnt change anything.

Anonymous said...

Drake is the fuckin best! Cant no one touch the swag he got right now! Ol dude is whack personally I never liked his song I thought it was pretty wack which is prolly y you dont here nothing else from him now. Lmao.. We all need haters tho!!
I love you Drake!

Riddim said...

keep doing u bro...they just bug it wasnt them blowing up...that's why he will continue to stay in the background..who the F cares about kia shine...he had his time and that was short lived lol

Jason Peterson said...

@shaka(even though you probably won't see this)

Your Post: "drake said this in his rhyme: "I could use a writer just to balance out my flows, but I'll never share my thoughts... Every word I utter will be mines... Don't believe the lies".

but he said he borrowed a line from wayne. contradiction."
Well Shaka no disrespect or anything but,
Drake also said this in one of HIS songs:
"Take my verses too serious, ya hate me"

Don't take every thing he raps about so literally, people evolve and change, cut him some slack.

I wish that Lil Wayne song "Do It For the Boy" was as big of a hit as Lollipop. You know why? 'Cause if Drake would've said, "Best I ever had when she licked me like a lollipop" there would be no fuss about it. Because he's playing off words from another artist. Dang ya'll haters need to back back!

Ok I'm done, or am I. Until the next hater then.


Anonymous said...

imma be better den u one day everybody watch out 4 the LLZ and tearz of a clown lp comin november and im independent and im stickin to it but shouts out 2 ya driz i did a freestyle on that slow it down beat from yo mixtape u should hear it and i cant believe u got my favorite rapper on yo song and started out local its krazy imma b up dere soon tho see yall all soon

Cookie chrisp said...

when drizzy come in france??now drake is famous here...i wait you because we are the best fan in the world LOL

Ms. Dramatic said...

So Krispy! LOL... Im not even gonna waste time on commenting on that nukka. Baby u do you, stay focused and get it !

Like ya brother Trey Songz said.
Kia Shine = if you want attention, get a pet nukka!


Anonymous said...

Well I believe you Drizzy
This hatin' needs to stop

btw i made a remix of your song:

All the way from Amsterdam
One love

Unknown said...

Ok omg this is like soo kewlll omg i like cant breath i cant believe im commenting on your thing....
Ok well i watched you on degrassi and it sucks that a new season is comein up and your not in it!!I hope you can like make an appearance in an show for all your fans cuz WE LOVE YOU DRAKE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I been a fan of yours since Room for Improvement came out...If it's not true then cool if it is then damn it sucks but every rapper gets something written for them eventually (Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, etc). Honestly, you've gotten alot better lyrically you've always been a lyrical beast but So Far Gone was great. Honestly, I think your a better rapper then you are singer (although I also enjoy your singing as well!). That's another thing that I'm scared of, so much hype! I been telling people of you for years before Best I Ever Had no one wanted to listen though, now your singing on the radio and fans pop up. Just remember RAP is your thing please try not to fall into the singing a billboard top 100 category too much!! We've lost so many that way...

Unknown said...

@karminchicago It goes Money, cars, clothes, the hoes... I SUPPOSE.. that little line right there basically shows how he isn't sure what the meaning of success really is, that hes just going on what everyone measures success as. Also, NEVER EVER judge an artist by whats on the radio. Remember that. The best songs from an artist are the ones on the album. Whatever plays on the radio is usually just an album seller, not the heart and soul of the album.

Jason Peterson said...


I couldn't have said it better myself.

The song "Fear" pretty much sums it up. That's why I have respect for Drake.

"This is me.
Still the same.
They want the hits.
I play the game."

"The fans thinking that we all signed for one meal.
Equal opportunity rapping, that shit is unreal. That aint how it works. That aint that how it goes"

Do ya'll even know how hard it is to make it in the record business?

Also, if someone is not a fan because they think he's fake or whatever, think about this: "If your favorite artist put out the same tracks/songs as Drake, would you be enjoying to it?" Probably. Regardless of who he is and where he comes from it's good music, period.

If people were smart and paid attention to his lyrics, they would see something there that's actually really deep and honest.

RealLifEBeAutY said...

imma Libra to and my birthdayz coming up on the thats one thing in common lolz

Jennifer Nicole ' said...

ohhh :]
lol ' wanted to know
how can someone book you
for a performance , the entire crew of October's very own ?
for a graduation party , or 21 st big bash ... please let me know some how ! & thanks <333

StonerKidd48 said...

yo fuck Kinfolk son i knew for a fact that nigga aint make that song dont focus on the bitch ass rumors keep ya head up bro

Anonymous said...

I knew he didn't have anythig to do with those lyrics, it's not Kia at all, how pathetic is it to take credit from some1 you never met That could be career ending when your already on the fence...ha.

Unknown said...

I knew it false

DorothyMarie said...

I just have one question.... Is Drake going be at the AMA's.... because if so I'll be there.

Vanity Dollhouse said...

@shaka lol #DIE! wtf are you talking about lets not stretch past the topic of conversation here

all the so far gone fans may not know this but lets take it back to room for improvement with drake ripping my fave rapper on his own track purposely i doubt it but still ripped him (lupe fiasco kick push) if you listened to him then and you listen to him now his flow is still the same he sounds more experienced and even more confident now but he still has the art of story telling if kia shine saying he wrote best i ever had is like saying he wrote drakes extra special same attitude same flow style i could see if drakes flow strayed from teh orginal him but it hasnt therefore drake is still writing his own material with little to no imput from others kia shine should put his head between his legs and kiss his ass goodbye 1 damn line i'll kill everybody who agree'ed to give this jack ass 25% when he wrote 1% of the song.. people can never get their time to shine when greedy mf'ers always tryna get in the spotlight ugh go find your own

also about the freestyle with the blackberry c'mon lets grow up.. what has freestyling ever proved? and most of the time freestyles are a mixture of verses that have been previously written and come to the head spur of the moment rap has come so much further i'd rather hear some quality written material than some foolish freestyle any day

9 times outta ten ppl will never be smart enough to marvel at the beauty of something they cant understand so they choose to be ignorant and negative.

finding_me said...

who is the song about?
Is It about a girl or someone?

jshores79 said...

Yes, thank you for letting us fans know what is real and handling it like a real man.

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