Friday, August 14, 2009

Secret Lover


Bria Britan said...

Wonderfully dope.

I expected something completely different based on the photo.

The Heap said...

Real cool.

the honeyologist said...

i have to marinate in that b4 sealing an opinion but it sounds like something michael jackson would've done.

Jason Battersby said...

Diplo, always heavy with the remix's. Great post O.

Anonymous said...

just read that last post on nahright..drake cant lose that eery tone in his music for the thank me later album..keep following 40

Booger Snots said...

Ashia said...

i like it. its original.

Anonymous said...

that was dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

check this out.

Jai. said...


Booger Snots said...

If I had a ferrari I would blast this while going 100km on the 401 on a 25,000 .00 stereo.


Karmania said...


Anonymous said...

this probably won't make a hell of a difference to drake...but i godda give it a try
WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF HE'S COMING TO EDMONTON ON the 18th..i swear im stressin over this! he's godddddddddddda be there :(


Carol Ann said...

soda said...

This is ill! Me likes. I didn't really know what to expect looking at the pic. Nice song. It feels 80s and today at the same time.

Young Raw said...


Your taste in music is something legendary.

Oliver Christensen Enné said...

Private is a danish band - really cool. The song is a remix of an original version, which is also really recommendable... You should also check out "Crucify My Heart"

ps. the blog is great

The L said...

Brand new blog covering the latest in fashion, design, and hip hop:
Please check it out and suggestions for improvement or anything are more than welcome!

ptown beauty said...
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ptown beauty said...


DJ WillCell aka Klark Kent said...

damn i gotta find their album

Anonymous said...

Damn No Update in 5 days.Oliver is sleeping!lol

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