This is actually a dope interview. Drake hints, but doesn't give away the secret of who's directing the video for Best I Ever Had this week. Any Guesses?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Interview With On Air Idiots


Y0 M0NEY said...

OMG I was there last night!! That performace was CRAZY!... and I have that gray sweaty shirt he left lol

Anonymous said...

You have to go on tour because you can't let the buzz supress itself. Going on tour with Weezy and Hov is one of the best ways to continue that buzz and position yourself in an even better place before your album release.

B said...

Dope interview.

But don't go on tour! Even though I'd kill to go to a Cali show, you should take the time to work on the album. The craziness of touring could potentially tamper with the thought process and album direction.

Kiana F. said...

love how this is more of an open conversation rather than an interrogation, like most..
so. album? or tour..

Kiana F. said...

and the way this was edited is marvelous.

Pmac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pmac said...

wait so the director never directed before? i thought rik cordero would have done it.

B said...

I really hope they've decided on meagan fox for the lead. Shes gorgeous and no one would expect her. The typical light eyed, curly headed video chick is mad played.

*kinda just described myself. ha.

Anonymous said...

The audio is terrible...
The bass in the background makes it difficult to hear

Anonymous said...

is it steven spielberg or summn?! LOL.

heartsdesire said...

hmmm..hype?...cuz he good make your buzz even greater....i think u should take some time off to work on the album drake...the college tour n the tour you're doin now is getting you out there but like you said...hours or weeks in the studio is worth it for one great song

known by many namez said...

i think kanye will direct it

Unknown said...

hype williams prolly directed it

Unknown said...

kanye west is the director.

FraNcis James said...

RT ? Nabil? Lil X? spike jonze? i give up

blackmagic said...

niko dem

Unknown said...

I really hope that megan fox was chosen for the lead in best i ever had also, if she was then its gonna be the best video ever, one of the best songs ever and one of the most beautifulest women ever hellz yeah

KeEp_IT_100 said...

Drizzy you need to go on tour!!!! Be apart of that history Hov and Wezzy on one stage on one night... Shit trick out your tour bus w/ a studio like they did on Backstage for DJ Clue and vibe off the inspiration you'll get from being apart of something great. By the time the tour ends you'll have most of your verses done and edited. Fuck the after show party. Do the show and get in the booth. Accomplish two things @ once. You're a master of your craft and reppin for a new generation in hip hop. Don't ever feel like you have to choose either or. Shit plaster the side of your bus with a sponsor and
have 'em fund da studio. Seize da moment and don't sacrifice your BUZZ to go back in da studio. Let the times work for you-technology that is. Niggah its 2009 show em how it should be done!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys (Drizzy, 40, or Oliver) read this so it can help your camp decide...REAL TALK

Art said...

I would have approached the hollywood filmmaker Luke Greenfield to direct the video and shoot it on low-fi digital. I would have asked him to write the music video with the proviso that it be in someway related to the documentary "prom night in mississippi." That would have been a really smart move in my humble opinion.

Art said...

Nico said...

I say work on an album.

That tour would def be awesome, but is the burn out worth it?

...So im guessing that hes not doing any college dates in the fall which sucks because I def sent in an offer for a performance on my campus in October.

Whatever the future holds for Mr. Graham I wish him the best because he is truly an extremely talented individual.

Hey Shae! said...

Nice. I'm sure you know your fan base is so much wider than 12 year olds but I know what he's saying.

Can't wait to see the video.

David Mwansa said...

Kanye West.

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