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Monday, March 23, 2009

Toronto Globe & Mail Story


Kennedy said...

Congratz,bruh. You gainin' mad accolades this year.

NO-BIZZI said...

So far gone review on our London based site now....

Nice work!

Finy Shaw said...
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toira said...

you're awesome! they're just now realizing it. cngrts!

Kiana F. said...

stevie wonder warms up to brand new??? wowwww.

and is it just me, or is anyone else sick of drake having to be referred to as a protégé to lil wayne? don't get me wrong: i'm a HUGE wayne-head, but drizzy was drizzy long before he came along.... just my opinion.

Nellie said...

Wow! That's Crazy! Big Props to you for doing your thing and puttin' Toronto on the map!
What can I say? I'm a Drake fan! Lol

Chanteezy said...


Ronny My said...

Thats an amazing story and I wish u much success. U right it was unorthodox but thats what makes yo situation unique....its not conventional. Keep up the good work. Could u check out my tape "2 Mph" and tell me wat u think?...the download is on my blog. Appreciate ya homes

Anonymous said...

nice article

Jazzika. [Jazz-ick-uhh] said...

i was there since day 1. keep it up drake.

westend416 said...

Big up cuz. The Mixtape is dope.
Tdot stand up. "The city I'd wid no fear claim"...Thats whaz up.

Anonymous said...

They're documenting what you're becoming. Don't hope Bruh.

Unknown said...

ha ha ..i like that too cool 4 school.. Ya Drake..I loved his rap in Degrassi..and I'm glad he's come this far

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