An official version featuring Me, Wayne and another undisclosed rapper coming soon...

Monday, March 9, 2009

A record leaked today called Im Goin In with Me and Wayne. This is not the real record, we don't know Dj Capcom or Truth.


Flippa said...

Yeah it was little suspicious, so you want me to take it off my blog ?

Let me know Drizzy

Andre said...

that is kinda weird.

i also heard a horrible version of money to blow w/ that guy Truth.

Dude seems to be riding your nuts pretty hard Driz lmao.

Anonymous said...


Infu said...

huge tune regardless
button up your shirt lmao ure shit is killin me right now

the dream!!!!!!!!

spider said...

"another undisclosed rapper"?
kanye maybe?...hopefully

Auston Lee said...

Yo Aubrey! Did you ever pay 9th Wonder for that beat yet!? That's MY all time favorite record. If you did, I'd be glad to have that.. I wanna blog about it, real hiphop..

email me:

bunnyB said...

that shit goes so hard.

exSAMple said...

drizzy kills everything he touches.
its not even fair anymore.

stop it man.
save some for the album. ahah

Anonymous said...

Either way its a tight track. I think Truth has skills too. Sounds like Drake and Truth make a good team. That's my opinion. I'd love to hear a real collab on you two.

DsmndMdy said...

That Truth don't even sound right on the track...Dude is garbage...But You know Drake and Wayne kilt it.

Es said...

its ok Drake, we don't know them either! lol you and wanye went in though for real! still a dope song!

Unknown said...

lol not surprised cause Ive never heard of that DJ guy.
you and Wayne killed it though

Kennedy said...

Fake or not, You and Wayne had some ill ass lyrics on it.

DeeZy said...

I hope the other rapper is Kanye. That would be too dirty

MATCH said...

I heard it...Track is Crackk.
It dont even need a extra rapper.
Just cut off truth lol.
It sucks when people do whatever to your music.

Keep goin hard

♥soulalamode said...

undisclosed rapper?
bun b? please let it be bun b!
cause i love uptown!

Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

why cant drake talk about his facebook profile, "Drizzy Drake Rogers" its a Fake Profile, and i get hits everyday, most of drakes fan keep on adding me and asking me if i know drake. its weird.

undisclosed rapper= Tyga is gonna be on this track, i got exclusive news.

bunnyB said...

i think that sounds right with tyga. and bun b will prolly be sick

but lets do...
who do we think/WANT on the track???? cuz that shit is dope

kid cudi.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the real record but it's still pretty damn good. I am stoked for the real one. POST IT got to dont want people bumpin to the fake

My 0wn St33z said...

its kanye

Unknown said...

Who's on the new version. Is it Nickelus F? Ya'll two need to get on more stuff together.

Marcus "MdB" Browder said...

A Scorpio's Mind is not a thing to play with.. That was a classic.

But I haven't heard the song yet.

I enjoy you and Wayne on a track. It's dope. Hopefully Wayne gets it in because when he goes in.. he goes in. AND Im not worried about you because every song you go in.

Goin In For Life..

tazzysmith said...

drake is real
take this personally
your out of this world like sci-fi

tazzysmith said...

drake is real
taking this personally?
your out of this world like sci-fi

Anonymous said...

shit hot tho...drake u killin it nigga as usual..but i'll be mad as hell if someone did dat shit to my record...cnt wait fa tha real version

Continental T said...


take ur comments to truth's blog.. and get the new tape while u at it.. up for download now..


and to anyone thinkin this about ridin' or anything in that nature.. neva that its just music

Val said...

i say my name is drizzy and aint nobody realer, cup inside a cup smokin ghostface killah

Cole World No Snuggy said...

Nicki Minaj Gotta Jump On This

tazzysmith said...

peacve just music then
cant wait to hear it drake

The Guard said...

Didn't post it on my blog... Weird that it's tagged as DJ Capcom and not Drake. I usually post all new Drake as soon as I see it on OVO.

damnthagurl said...

Yo truth go way hardder then aubrey. Drake kool but I think truth got em

Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

this is a lesson to all you upcoming artists.


this is what happens, tracks get leak quick and unsign artist claim that they did tracks with real artists.

by the law, copyrights are on this track, Truth be ready for court.

@Juiceman513 said...

lol mann i don even listen ta Truths verse... restart the song right after Drizzy's

The Naïve Native said...

i skipped to the next track as soon as i heard this nigga take a breath of air. Who the fuck is Truth anyway?

Finy Shaw said...

Damn.. can't trust nobody now a days.

chilltime said...

Well it seems like someone is phishing around in the studio, check it out drizzy. Oh by the way if y'all like an alternative blog check out
or just click on me haha

Oh well just see if you like it or not...

Anonymous said...

hate to say it but truth is pretty legit

Sermon said...

half of guys are dick riders lmao. If Drake said Truth was dope, u'd agree. said...

lmao damn and I posted it. got me good

Superxofficial said...

Not cool.

PradaJ said...

the trask is actually a hard record...but to me this Truth cat sounds like a fake Wale if you listen but drake and wayne killed it as always

Anonymous said...

Truth is actually a friend of mine...

I'm not going to comment on the leaked record or how it was spread everywhere or what not...

ALL i want to say is leave young dude alone, I don't think he meant no harm, he just wanted to make music...



jitsu25 said...

Young truth meant to do that he just trying to get some exposer.
I know how he got the music and to do something like that. from my sources drake is coming out with a diss song

D Brown said...

there are multiple Drake pages on Facebook....which is you??

Kiana F. said...

HOW DISGUSTNG. this capcom nigga got A LOT of audacity. i don't blame truth, he was probably just doing as he was told...

as for the track, i know it's not drake's steeze to do hard tracks such as this, but that drizzy did annihilated this shit like NOTHING.

yungpakacaveman said...

that truth guy didnt even come out hard no part of his verse.But drake on the other killed it ayo drizzy you came out swinging and finished wit a homer!

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