Drake & Lykke Li - Little Bit

This is a record off of So Far Gone, the new mixtape which I am in Atlanta finishing right now. I chose to leak this song so that people can get a vibe for the tape. I am a true fan of this artist and I am looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

ZS. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drake & Lykke Li - Little Bit (Remix)


L McFly said...

ummmmm im a fan kid i dunno i would have to say about ti its cool not touchin anything that was on comback season but it was cool maybe i have to listen to it again

hurry up with that mixtape lol

Nique said...

I like it... its different... I can relate to it...

Nicki said...

Au contraire, I guess I'm A LOT in love with this song! Love the vibe...its different and I love different. And her voice is simply amazing :)

undefinable said...

love it....its a different flow

JAZ-E-FRESH said...

not really feelin it// i rather when you spit

Janine said...

I love this.

Nicki said...

I have to comment again...sorry (I slipped that in for you...lol)

I put this song on my iPod before I went to work this morning so I could listen to it in my car and the more I listen to it the more crazy I think this song is! You have to have an open mind to love it. The artist featured on it is amazing...her voice is so hypnotizing. I checked out her myspace and I instantly fell in love with her song "Tonight". "Little Bit" itself is an amazing song, but with your flavour added to it, it makes it even that much more amazing!

Heyhomee said...

Nice different track. Just make sure this girl Lykke doesn't end up to be the next Bjork or worse, Jewel. She's got a cute voice, but watch out. Definitely a different spin on things though, good look.

Syl DuBenion said...

First off... Respect for trying something different. Lykke Li isn't the norm, and you're doing your thing.

I really like the song, man. I already liked the original, but now I like it more. We should have all expected more singing from your first line on Dedication 3, though. "I'mma rapper turned singer [...]" It's dope, though, I'mma put it on repeat.

"Both in sync like a Justin song" Is the best line in the whole song, haha.

jennejones said...

I agree with Nicki83...this. song. is. FIRE! Simply amazing. I have been in lurve with Lykke Li for a hot minute...the fact that you mashed your style with her song just tells me how your mixtape might very well flip the rap game on it's ear (now, do something crazy with a Neko Case tune....it might be a nice challenge :))

Kudos to you Drake.....if this cut is any indication, I am buying every copy of your mixtape that I can get my hands on!

Syl DuBenion said...

I just noticed... This sounds a bit like stuff off of Metric's first CD "Grow Up and Blow Away", which I really dig.

Flippa said...

Singing or rapping its all wonderful work. Keep coming with that dope shit DRIZZAY.

Erik Flowchild. said...

It's cool; Charles Hamilton flipped the sample too .. I hear the 808s influence in the end - dope though. Progression.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww this is obviously about your girlfriend Zineb (nebby) did i just crack the code? I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! u did such a great job, lucky girl! hey when is the wedding?

David Mwansa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Unconditionalist said...

This is good. I haven't been doing any research on my music lately and I thought I'd see how one of my favorite rappers was doing, and I got scared because I thought you might've been drifting away in genre imitation of Rap that the music industry tries to implement in our society; falsely advertising the lifestyle of Hip Hop (sorry, it just makes me sick sometimes). But I decided to take some time to try to do some heavy research on you and I found this blog. Knowing that you're not afraid to take a song like "Little Bit" and combine your talents with it to create something new and wonderful shows that the sick industry ways isn't pulling you away from the love of music and your ethic of being a musician: being unafraid(I love it). I guess there's always room for improvement (now an ideal of my own). Keep exploring and touching new heights. Your thrilling me.

P.S. Sorry for being late on the music. I'm very excited to hear the new mixtape. Promise to stay updated this time around.

WIL said...

ive been a fan of lykke li for a hot minute.
im really feeling this experimental crossover movement.
no stan, real talk.
good to see rapper becoming more open minded about music than most fans/haters.
overall, dope shit.
can't wait for the mixtape AND album, lol.

M.Roan said...

track is fire..keep doin yo thing

NightmaresDream said...

i like it...different but good

Jai. said...

Yeah I've been listening to Lykke Li for a NICE minute too, love her. But first "heyhomee" what's up with the negative Bjork commets? lol That's my girl, I have her Vespertine cd on repeat right now.

And yeah this track is nice, never thought you'd work with her. Voice is nice, rapping is nice. High five.

(And I cant really explain this but I keep doing this weird thing hoping you would pop out some vabrato, so Im like reaching to the vabrato for you, lol wierd. yo se)


kenron said...

You are the best rapper in the game after lil Wayne 4 real. Am from Montreal and wish I had a way to make people hear you music man. You are sick man. I love your shit, man. I want to help you expand in MTL, hit me a line man. I never believe in a rapper as I believe in you since lil Wayne and look at him now. You the best man. Hit me a line I want help you blow up man.

Anonymous said...

Its a different look. Its definitly a different vibe. I appreciate the music but i rather hear you spit.


Lil_Hov-knows good music said...

i think dis is fire..ima put it in ma music page if u dont mind....big fan of u DRake...keep up da good music...

35ozNin said...

this shid is nice, you oughta get up with Charles Hamilton and remix his "Starchasers" which sampled this beat.

Burna said...

i like how u were able to mesh in like 3 different styles on this song im diggin it..kudos drizzy

Anonymous said...

now..this is something im really enjoying right now... its on my phone..and my homegirl is already jamming to it..its all gravy, jadore .. making a lot of noise as much as possible in MTL for u!
stay strong

giggle.fitz said...

Mmmm me like the sound. I effin love your voice. This is much better than a failed attempt another artist made *cough* Ye *cough* lol sorry < -hated that. Anywho I love this, cant wait to blast this. I swear whenever Im feelin sumthin you bring out a new track to relate. I lubb you hehe[[People stop makin every one of his damn songs about Nebby lol its none of your business]]

My 0wn St33z said...

smooth vibe to it, I like it.

"rapper turned singer" lol

meatnpotatoz said...

This song is a jam. Keep doin your thing, and spittin hot fire. I hate sayin this cause you spit hard, but some of your best work are songs that you sing on. no homo.

Chris said...

Drizzy! what up man!im a huge fan! seriously i am! i have u playin all day everyday on the ipod! haha no homo tho!but umm ive never heard a song like this b4 which is good cuz u r ur own man and doinur thing and avoidin bein "cliche" but at first aswas like Meh but now its startin to grow on me!and i absolutley cant wait for So far gone and Thank me later!

Keep doin ur thing!


thekidginz said...

word, im feelin this. seems kanye-inspired. good look.

hit up: http://thenewsauga.blogspot.com

we keep it on lock with drizzy and hip hop that matters.

undefinable said...

I went to her myspace page I also fell in love with her music.... I like the different path u took, taking risk, u r very different from the rest... Love it

spider said...

i absolutely LOVE this song! i can't stop listening to it! its different and i'm glad this is gonna be on the mixtape- makes me look forward to it even more.
(and don't think you're slick tryna slip that zs in there like we wouldn't notice..lol..the lyrics are just right)

BM Bangs said...

just the beat and your voice is so relaxing. i love this song. :-)

AbsolutelyXXI said...

Damn... Somebody Else Like Lykke... Thats Cool I Was Thinkin About This Song... Waiting For Somebody To Jump To... I Guess You Beat Trey Songz To It...

Keep Up The Good Work... Drop The Tape Soon...

A.B. Solutely...


Anonymous said...

At first I didn't like this track, but the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. You got some mad talent dude. Keep doing your thing!

Neka said...

I don't even need to explain how much I'm loving the track. I love the fact that you're so unafraid to be different. Your musical ability is going to attract fans of all kind; You're a talented young man; Inspirational. You're destine to do great things with your music Drake. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Ricky Stylez said...

i think its cool....but ur rapping flow i enjoy to hear the most.... and how much to make a track witcha mane????

ricky stylez

Joya said...

I love it! I'm going to have check out Lykke Li now.

Alexis said...

Honestly, I don't know if I could listen to her in a song without you or some other artist i'm feeling.

But the two of you vibe nicely together and the song was cool overall.

It might REALLY grow on me as time progresses tho, because of the lyrical content.

Keep up the GREAT work ;)

GreenForest Heroes said...

Drake you doin it agian man , i heard stunttin on the dedication 3 its amazin bruh i always knew you was gonna blow up every since i heard you on degrass i rappin tell me lie with ashley i got that ring tone on my phone as we spaeak no homo but big ups to you

The Major said...

i hope this is that crack b/c we all know drugs cost so ____

Fresh Impression said...

This ain't my type of music, but its been on repeat almost 2 1/2 half hours, I guess you prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

god damn, i can relate to a lot of parts of this joint. the vibe is right, too.

TheDeF said...

Loving the versatility. I listened to the original first then yours so that I could decipher the differences. I like what ya'll did with it. Your voice and her's match pretty well on the track. I'm already visualizing a video for it, would definitely be numero uno on 106 and Billboard. ::sigh:: these leaks have me salivating for the main course. Patiently waiting............oNe

hpnotiq said...

this song is crazy.. i was skeptical at first but now i cant stop playing it.. damn its crazy ha

Unknown said...

This is just one of those tracks, whether you love it or despite it initially, that grows on you. I'm definitely feeling it and can tell it's goin to be on repeat for a long while haha. It's something apart from the typical rap-Stuntin/Ransom ish and more on the 'rapper turnt singer'-tip. Props for taking it to another level, keep it up but we need that mixtape out NOW.. haha

KayEyeDubble said...

yo- this is how the future is invented...with joints like this that clearly display the versatile talent that you're working with.

Keep swerving em lanes Drizzy, yea...ATF all day!

ZeeABad1 said...

Sounds like you on some Yeezy ish, but I fuxs wit Dreezy... Im on!

Dodger said...


Add me dude.

Kirk said...

Personally I think the song is hot. It's new very different but a good different. The artist's voice is amazing. This is a song that a lot of people will say they don't like it at first. Then a couple weeks later they'll find themselves singing it. I'm a fan who appreciates ur grind. Houston,Tx

Onyi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Onyi said...

not everyone can pull this sound off but u did.. its not something that people who really listen to ur music think that it is really ur style but i love the vibe of it.. its diffrent but one of those songs that is mos definetly on repeat

Unknown said...

I listened to it without you and then with you and of course i liked it better with you ...its a good song but for us hip-hop heads it needed you

Carlito Way said...

I like it, somethin different. If anyone can switch lanes, its you meng. Keep doin ya thing.

Designated_D said...

In second thought.

The shit is crazy.

Forget the haters. This is on point. You have to switch it on they ass once in a while...

billzinmepocket said...

looooving this song!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Drizzy,

Song is fire bruva. You the full package, but how much singing can I expect from you on this new stuff?

The singing is levels, but you on your way to being top 3 selected in the game and I don't want you to completely turn on some singing ish.

Holla and let me know.

IsaiahxEugene said...

maaaaan the song is dope much love from northern cali..

Janine said...

I went to Lykke Li's myspace yesterday and I ::heart:: her. The original version of "Little Bit" is beautiful, but the remix?? SO Crazy! Sometimes when a rapper does a remix of songs like this, it detracts from the original, IMO. But here, it's like your voice wraps around hers like silk. They intertwine beautifully. It's like you were always meant to be on this track.

Well done, young man.

serenissima said...

i adore lykke li

serenissima said...

i adore lykke li

drake... on this song? not so much

M.blue* said...

Fresh.Seems like u and charles Hamilton are on that sam ish..The joint "starchasers" uses this song n a sample..I mess with it either way..They seriously couldve taken one of those never gonna make it rappers of xxl top freshman mag..I like a few of them but the only one that have a chance are Charles, Wale,Cory Gunz,Mickey, and maybe asher if he gets out of ems shadow..

Boro* said...

this shit is crack man, fuck the bullshit. you are by far the most diverse artist i've ever come across. you're the most refreshing thing out there for a long time to come. i gotta give you props where props are deserved. what you bring to the table is truly unique, stay real and stay So Far Gone....cause no one else can touch what you're doin so keep doin it~~

ShakenBake23 said...

I dont like it, i love it. Its different. You took a chance on something and it paid off. Much Like Cannonball. If you keep doin what your doin, your gonna be one of the greats, im sure of that. Just keep equally mixing your love/slow songs with your rap songs. Because we still want to hear you just flow. Thats when you at your best.

Anonymous said...

already a fan of Lykke Li.
suprised me to hear Drake on this track. I love it. Great Artist, Great Sound, providing something DIFFERENT and nourishing. Love it Drake !

Blu_hEf said...

after listenin' 2 this joint about 3 or 4 times I finally got the logic of it and.......I've come 2 the conclusion that its pretty hard! Keep makin it hard 4 these niggaz 2 keep ^!

KollinsKid93 said...

Out of your song dis has got 2 b my favorite

Tashur Raquel said...

love it love it love it

MrsTTG said...

OK, here it is 2010, and I am just now digesting this song. I've heard it many times, but am just now listening to it.
You likely feel pressure from every direction, but keep your heart centered, and you will continue to thrive. If you reach a time that you have to step away, please don't step away forever. Learn from those who have already fallen from grace. In the meantime, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Unknown said...

drizzy keeps talking that blah blah blah and im just all like yeah. best friends forever what it do. A town down, but im from toronto

Anonymous said...

drizzy keeps talking that blah blah blah and im just all like yeah. best friends forever what it do. A town down, but im from toronto

deleted said...

R U KIDDING?!! THIS WAS THE MOST GENIUS THING EVER!! I LOVE LYKKE LI FROM OMGGGGGG forever!! when she was still underground this song is actually how i found out about u because i was looking for her song and i accidentally downloaded the wrong one cuz it had u on it but i was like oh snap this shit is tite!! true story :)


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