Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sooner Than Later


Anonymous said...

I like it. It's good. So if this is off So Far Gone then can we expect it to drop soon?

Neeks.OctobersVeryOwn said...


Afficial88 said...
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Jonny.Treeson said...

Good look. The chance is yours Drizzy.

And truth, I don't even bump R&B.

Afficial88 said...

I been lovin the old and now im lovin new music bro!
so when is so far gone gonna be droppin????

Mr. HB said...

HOT SHIT, the best of both worlds!

Anonymous said...

Your voice is smooth. Love it.

Labels of Love said...

Damn. You are so versatile and good at everything you do.

So pretty much whatever you touch turns to gold.

Anonymous said...

nigga stop with the autotune for real kid. Don't fall off like Weezy. thank you that is all.

Unknown said...

drake hasent failed me yet .....

keep it up you killin man

Unknown said...

Lovin it .. you got skillz on both sides RnB and Rapping your whole flow is sick ..cant wait for the album

Janine said...

I like when you get all sincere and stuff.

It just occurred to me that all these rappers are singing now. Snoop, Weezy, Kanye. Look what you started.

Anonymous said...

I think the song is amazing, and your voice is too good for autotune but they both sound dope so keep it up

BM Bangs said...

aah Drake i love it.

TheDeF said...

::sigh:: This is what I love about music. It has this uncanny ability to invoke emotions. Pardon me for getting sappy, but there is someone in my life that I want/need to hear all those words from, so I'm loving this record. Great job Drake can't wait to hear more.........oNe

HES 3000 said...

My Boy Does It Again Cant Wait Much Longer For So Far Gone Gotta Have It

Syl DuBenion said...

Damn, Drake. A homie is patient, but now you've got ME asking when is "So Far Gone" dropping, on some real shit.

And I'm feeling the instrumental. I'm throwing this on a disc so I can go play my sax to it. I'mma have a version with me playing by tomorrow night. I can't wait for this mixtape, dude.

Nicki said...

I already sent you a text and gave you my two sense on this track but I had to comment again...this track is crazy. Your voice is amazing and the beat is bananas. You never cease to amaze kiddo ;)

Gorgeous Lynette said...

outstanding, as usual.

Ash* said...

Loving the vibes.

I'm still listening to comeback season so now I’m defiantly anticipating what else you have up your sleeve.

You exemplify Sprezzatura

AngieJanine said...

"The girl or the world, you see someone gotta loose. I thought I could have it all. Do I really have to choose?" Deep. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

Is this song about NEBBY????????

Anonymous said...

i love it =]

hustleGRL said...

Neb isnt his girl lol.

Anywhoo, song's dope, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Another hot r&b joint from Drizzy
can't wait for the full album to drop.

GreenForest Heroes said...

B ruh di ya big homie from the atl man I love the music especially the new stuff and i cant wait for so far gone to drop buit when u gonna hit us with an album mad ya stuff is to good to be limited to mixtapes but u just keep doin you imma keep lovin ya music


Unknown said...

imma comment agian this songs been on repeat all day everything he sayin is real drake is the fuckin man ....

Slym said...




Anonymous said...

oh yea Neb IS his girl

Anonymous said...

Song is sick still and Neb is a good look mah nig a real good look

Anonymous said...

let's be real...
Nebby's bday...Oct 9th, song leaks Oct 9th- Drake you guys are waaaaaay too cute together to be keeping it on the low from all of us =)

Anonymous said...

Drake, thannnk you for dropping a verse on this...brought it from bein a less than exceptional rnb track with a sick melody and vocorder to a good song

big props on your movement...get out to rock city soon.

Flippa said...

This was posted on fam.

Anonymous said...

@mz ria

How do you know?

Anonymous said...

some ppl dont kno what autotune is
song is dope tho

Unknown said...

Drake. Please keep the music coming on the blog man... don't leave us with a drought... KEEP IT COMING FAM.. THANKS

Syl DuBenion said...

Drake, man. I told you it was coming. Sometimes I just can't contain myself. My sax wants to thank you for the fun time.

Syl DuBenion - Sooner Than Later w/ Drake

Hope you like it, guys.

Anonymous said...

I knew it I knew It I knew it!

This song IS about NEB!

put 2 and 2 together!

"I forgot to call you on your birthdayyyyyyy"

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of R&B at all, but this shit right here nigga?! I don't wanna push it, but this is by far Top 5 R&B songs of all time in my opinion. Couldn't agree with "Kizzy" more. Keep it up Drake, you're killin 'em.

Anonymous said...

^ Of all time nigga? This shit is dope. Very dope. Don't get me wrong but that's a BOLD statement.

Is this up there w/ all of Luther's hits? R. Kelly's hits? Prince? Stevie Wonder? Michael Jackson?

There's toooooooooo many classics for this to be in your top 5. But you probably don't really listen to r&b like that.

This song is bananas though. Good shit Drake. You got the whole world listening right now homie. I've yet to see ANYONE say anything bad about your skills.

Anonymous said...

how do you spot an officer in plain clothes ?

Nick Homyk and Keyan Sanai said...

beautiful music my man. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Jaywall again.
Drake you havent disappointed me yet.
Your singing is smoootttthhhh.
Rapping is sharp as hell.
You go the lyrics and commerical appeal.
Comeback Season is my tape !!
Bumping it while i type now.
WHEN IS SO FAR GONE gonna drop homie!
You've got a good future ahead my nigga dont fuck it up.
And thats not autotune hes using.
Autotuned drake = stunt hard
flanger or w.e drake = sooner than later

Ree08 said...

I think that the song is hot. Keep doin your thing. Keep us updated too we need to hear that new hot shit when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

i aint gonna from the uk and have never herd of drake till i heard the song with lil wayne - ransom.. and just from that song i noticed u can hold your own and outshine a good rapper like lil wayne.. this sooner than later tune is fire aswel.. look forward to hearin ur new album/mixtape.. i can c u gettin big in the next few years just make sure wayne dont hold back no albums or shit lol.. the uk will b feelin u soon.. real recognize real.. -1-

ME said...

Damn this shyt is HOT! Listened to it 25 times already, no bullshit

giggle.fitz said...

i love his yellow ass... so talented
close minded hip-hop 'devotees' dont know what they're missin
cant wait for So Far Gone
if i hit the play button one more time
my computer is gonna freeze o_O

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sooner than later w/ Marcel of 2 Much

Anonymous said...

I love this song... its my life right now!

Anonymous said...


This song has been on repeat for HOURS now. I love this, I love you Drake. This song is absolutely remarkable.

Anonymous said...



love dis song

Anonymous said...

amazinqqq ! as usual

Janine said...

All this "I knew it was Neb" shit is hilarious. I don't think dude leaked the song as one big blue's clues for people to figure out who he's dating. Who cares?? Appreciate the song for the good music it is and stay out of the man's personal life.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

I like it a lot. Can you sing more please? K, thanks.

Anonymous said...

it gets you thinking. this song makes you feel. something most people fear, but it puts you in that place where u ALLOW yourself to feel, listen, and enjoy THIS song. Unbelievable that one song can do all that. Amazing job. Perform in l.a. soon because i can PROMISE you that most of everyone out here loves your music so it will be very beneficial to you. Good Luck!

*Co Co T* said...

Drake you've been doing your thing... and reppin toronto hard... jus thought i'd let u know dat UK are lovin ur music they've been playing a lot of ur tracks and they played this one... jus in case u didn't know ... if u wanna check it out:

Keep doin what your doin ... been lovin u long time

Breezi F. said...

I love this, Driz.

Unknown said...

Yoo Draake, Check Out Mah Man (MARS)cel's blogspot..he did a verse to your Sooner Than Later track, & he really killed it, by the way were both signed to INterscope to in a group called 2Much hit our blogs up forreal working witchu could be some craaaazy sh!t

Unknown said...

Chris King said...
Yoo Draake, CLIKC MY NAME ASAP Check Out Mah Man (MARS)cel's blogspot..he did a verse to your Sooner Than Later track, & he really killed it, by the way were both signed to INterscope to in a group called 2Much hit our blogs up forreal working witchu could be some craaaazy sh!t

Sooner Than Later - Drake w/ (MARS)cel of 2 Much

Christopher Columbus-Chris King

Anonymous said...

i <3 this song its amazing!
cant wait for so far gone!

Scheme (Molemen Inc.) said...

this joint is dope!

Anonymous said...


Rod D said...

Wat else could u talk about bout but money and expensive thangs if u can act, spit raw verses, and sing da hook on yo own joints? Oh yeah, WOMEN. Keep spittin dat fire.

Th@ Kid said...

Nobody will ever make a song like this...

dress shirts said...

Being DJ is really cool and I love it.

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