Drake - Get Over It

Look out for DJ Wristpect's new "Bridging The Gap" Mixtape.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Drake - Get Over It


before thee hype said...

"I don't get bitter, I just get better." So true. Another hit. Man I try to tell people but they just don't understand until they hear it. . .

Still waiting for the mixtape. . .

Unknown said...

Man How do you the do you do?

Unknown said...
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Fresh Impression said...

Man How do you the do you do?

Gorgeous Lynette said...

i know right, hype? people don't understand he has a pretty ill flow. i'm lovin it.

TheDeF said...

Drake, Drake, Drake. ::sigh: I tell you, you're something else. "...humble as a mongrel in the jungle." You're a trip and a half. Well done young man, well done. How many more tracks you got in your back pocket? lol........oNe

Anonymous said...

good god! drake is a beast.... just gets better....
off tops he is the future! i been put my chips on him since replacement girl. i wish octobers very own was taking apps..


"and we don't need new memebers, to me the click is full"

i can dig it.. best of luck to you guys..

hopefully you checked my money to blow unofficial remix


jinglin' baby said...
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Anonymous said...

Yoo Draake, Check Out Mah Man (MARS)cel's blogspot..he did a verse to your Sooner Than Later track, & he really killed it, by the way were both signed to INterscope to in a group called 2Much hit our blogs up forreal working witchu could be some craaaazy sh!t



jinglin' baby said...

sounds good! lb is one of my fav groups so i'm glad you were able to get on this...love the pic too!

Parodi said...

Shoulda never released it till the mixtape. Now I'm just fiending for this tape to drop.

Jonny.Treeson said...


There you go...

Unknown said...

Pure Raw talent...When we gonna get that mixtape, you keep teasin us!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure tape is bout to drop soon. Driizy always hits us with all the leaks right before the release.

But this song is from a DJs mixtape. I think it came out today. It's probably gon be on So Far Gon though too.

Parodi said...

It's from DJ Wrispect's - Bridging The Gap T.O. to NC. Which I think drops this Sunday.

And Did I hear that Te' = Phonte is your favourite rapper?

Anonymous said...

My Youth!!!

your WHO we need Driz!


Designated_D said...

DRAKE. I'm an Atlanta dude at Emory...You need to perform down here. I will be there. You have been puttin this shit DOWN for the longest. I put like 30 people up on you. Its redic. Drop the new tape already.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ dude ^^^ I put u up on hella people too! Im trynna get you to come perform at My people's club here in Phx, Az! More people need to BuMp you my youth!

Anonymous said...

dont mind him girl, thats just freeko.. WOW LOL


TheDeF said...

The more I look at that image the more it looks like you're holding up the wall instead of vice versa. Don't know why I find that intriguing, I guess subconciously it says something about you and/or your personality. Hmm, interesting............oNe

Anonymous said...

1st off we wanna say congrats to one of the best artist alive. Drizzy Octobers Very Own! we have been posting your ish on our blog since comeback season. I remember seein ya rap on Noggin lol...my boy wheelchair Jimmy..your an inspiration to us..come check us someday man


Wildd.A.Game said...

I'm not gonna tell you how well you did on this, cause you've already pissed me off.
I will however ask you what grade paint you use to illustrate your images. The description of the Wayne hating was flawless.



ps. thank you for addressing the lame with the elasitc belts from Paris. Illiterate fucks. Learn to spell.

Unknown said...

this shit goes hard

Lana said...

loving the NC little bro vibe, i love drake

Anonymous said...

so yeah, it's official...Drake is official

A-General said...

hey man i'd love to download but the link's not workin.

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Anonymous said...

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