This is a mix that me, Future Da Prince and T-Rexxx put together for T-Rexxx's party "Tribute To A Gentleman". It consists of our favorite collection of male R&B songs ever.

Alot of people have been asking me for it, so i thought id just put it up here.


Conceived - The Mixtape

Monday, August 18, 2008

Conceived - The Mixtape


hustleGRL said...

*thumbs up

Anonymous said...

This mix is the shit. It's like you took all of my favorites and put em on one disc. Kudos

Anonymous said...

the link isnt working to download the album...when i click download album it goes back to the same screen....i need this album in my life

Mister Smith said...

Dope as hell...Time to burn it..

Rye Rye said...

ah man put this ish back up. i'm in need of some dope r&b ish haha

meatnpotatoz said...

Any way we can get this posted back up?

Anonymous said...


please anyone!

or at least tracklist.

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This is perfect because I like to do a lot of parties at home, it could be the perfect excuse to do something really crazy with my friends to get drunk and other things.

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