This Weekend we (Octobers Own - Olivier, 40, Drizzy and Niko a.k.a Friko Suave) had the opportunity to roll to 40's cottage in Muskoka. Highlights included stopping at Weber's (illest burger spot ever - "Magical"), shutting the club down in Huntsville (also called "The Cottage"), Bringing the boats out on them and going to Yog's (best icecream bar in Huntsville).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cottage Living with October's Own


skilz_man said...

dem burgers lookin smakin... a have yal every been da BAY B4.. Im a big fan and i need to know when yal gone hit up San Fran, Oakland,Pittsburg.. not the Steelers eitha.. lol.. keep it lit.. happy new year.. n keep dem hits comin.. city is mine n Im still fly slap so hard i got nigga out lookin u up on youtube everyday lookin 4 nu shit..

The Heap said...

lol @ skilz_man. I noticed the food too. :)

Conway Gray said...

What It Is Octobers very own blog spot.DOT Com!!!!! Its your boy Conway Gray Straight out the fuckin MurdaCopa!!!! DRIZZY IS KILLIN THESE DUDES(No N words!!)Im visiting my second home right now (NEW YORK CITY STAND THE FUCK UP!!!) DRIZZY blazed the air waves with funk flex!! Mad respects to my dude Drizzy!! aka "Drizzy the Fuckin Problem Drake" People say I'm the next best thing coming!!! When can we start that Octobers very Own Mixtape so I can submit that crack of the week shit!!! Everyone else bloggin get on these dudes so we can submit tracks, and have the best of Octobers Own Mixtape surface!! We Young and We money Baby!!! Lets Do It!! Get at Me!! Mad Love to anyone keeping Hip Hop alive(White, black,spanish, etc.) We all one Culture!!!

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Sounds like it was a great trip, and those burgers are just delicious, it is one of my favorites places for hamburgers.

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I love the quarter pounds hamburger and the cheese patty is really good.

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