Drake - Brand New (Rmx) ft. Lil Wayne

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And this isssssssssss...the remix baaaaaaby!


MissDelaney said...

dopee :]

Unknown said...

You and wayne killed it.


Man, the world needs to hear more of you Drake!

Anonymous said...

wowww diz iz realli gud:)

Anonymous said...

i agree wit yu g.n....

Unknown said...

Nice homie, now thats what I call music!! You need to release this..... Was good to hear Lil Wayne slow it down a bit...great song!!

before thee hype said...

LOVE IT! You + Weezy = hotness.
still waiting for a new mixtape. . . [ i'm impatient lol ]

Malcolm James said...

I honestly love this song. and the remix is even better. nice work man.

M* said...

Haha LIL WAYNE added his lazy daze harmonic rhymes too it--1% liked it, 110% LOVEd The remix baaaaaaaaaayBee.

both version is sick, who produced BRAND NEW??

Anonymous said...

niice remix.
drizzy + weezy

kevin said...

you have officially made it.

Nicki said...

Respect comes from the heart
So that's where I'mma start
The remix is sick
Drizzy and Wayne came wit it! :)

P.S. I love the picture too. You're too cute ;)

Anonymous said...

yo real talk, u did the damn thing on here n wayne did good too. but PLEASE, if u having any thought on signing onto his young money label...DONT. u got too much talent to sit in the backseat of wayne

PRINCE said...

YES DRIZZY.. big moves, hold it down homeboy..
holla at ya secondary barber nigga


Anonymous said...

what up drake?
this here is on some next level ish
keep it up

cant wait till "so far gone" .

The Coolest of All Coolest said...

The song is Dope...by far the illest song I heard this year...

Unknown said...

Legend in the making......

hcg said...

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Anonymous said...

Me enamore con quien eras y ahora todavia eres pero no eres . Te quisiera encontrar, tocar y reaminarte ... eres amor una forma de arte..


Anonymous said...

It was never my intention to make you an enemy. Lol, 21 now, and the world is different. I still check up on you, i know your a vampire, you need that energy. I feel special that mine could do so much for you. Any who, just peeped your interview on 106 via youtube. Lol nicely done. The reason you don't feel it when your enemys there is because it was out of love to begin with. Though.. If i was your original target, you still have looked in all the wrong places. "its the internet" That doesn't mean that this means nothing to you and it shouldn't. Love you and ill be watching lol..... Always, this is just my last time reaching out.. You will reap... you can't run from yourself forever <3

Unknown said...

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