2008 has been an amazing year for me so far and I feel its time I start sharing my experiences with my fans. This blog will provide insight into my personal life and also allow a living legend (Olivier or Oliver to the less cultured) to guide those wandering astray with some lifestyle advice. Hopefully you allow this blog to become your habit. We are the future...thank us later.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drizzy's Home


Anonymous said...

man that's definitely a good look. blogs are the future haha!
ya boy h. wood 4rm LA!

Anonymous said...

Best New Artist of the Year...



Jazzika. [Jazz-ick-uhh] said...

im addicted.-best i ever had.

kellyxoxo said...

youre right, this is a habit.

oliver you are doin greattttt!

Unknown said...

This blog is an obsession, I'm always checking it! Love you Drizzy!

Lyrikal Beauty said...

I love to see the difference as to how many people started using ovo since this blog.. niko makes me giggle

Unknown said...

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viagra online said...

You rock men, haha I went to saw this guy on a concert and I didn't know him but now I'm a super fan I really like he's music.

Health News said...

Thank you for introducing me the wonderful information.And .....Totally boring.!

Viagra Online said...

well finally you stop to talking about Drake, congratulations, you finally overpass that stage, noe you only have to accept that you have a problem.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

id LOVE 2 be in ur home, && i will ALWAYS be on thys blog.ur my favorite && id do ANYTHING 4 yhu, even drop my panties.!

JasmineB.Short said...

I Miss These Days . I Remember When This Used To Be A Blog With Only A Few . I Miss When I Would See Drake Starting Off In The Beginning . And Now I Get To See The New Drake . Intelligent Flows , And Always Wondering About What Next Unbelievable Thing He Was Going To Say . Lol , But On The Real . I Don't Even Know The Dude And Im Proud Of Him . Only Someone Really Special And Successful Can Make A Stranger Feel This Way . I Love You Drake :) # RNS !

Viagra Canada said...

Congratulations Drizzy I wonder if you would release your new album soon.

dress shirt said...

Reggae rocks!

HeatherNicole said...

Dear Drake,

You are the future...And the future is........... Please NEVER forget that... :)Love the blog. Stay cosmic and please stay aligned. It is a beautiful thing... and holler at me when you're in h-town again....Your birth card (destiny cards) is jack of hearts. Spiritual alignment is a MUST... :) Your role is so VERY KEY to the future of SOOOOO much... no pressure.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. You really have been saying "No Lie" & "Thank us/me Later" since 2008.

They beg for the "old Drake" man.... you havent changed just grown...
Where these others have stopped you've overflown.. The time is oh so near for you to take your throne ...

Pensando de ti..


Anonymous said...

If you’re reading this comment it means you’re bored, and in a weak and ill fated attempt to fill that boredom you’ve gone digging through the annuls of Monsieur Olivier’s ramblings. (Don’t call him Oliver)

I’m half hoping no one will find this extensive and albeit long winded comment written in the 11pm NYC Dark. Why? Because I know shortly after I’ve posted it I’ll regret every word. As I regretted it once upon a time, when I sent a private message to a little actor boy named Aubrey Graham on MySpace (remember MySpace?) He had a few songs on there and one of them, I can’t remember the name, had a line in it about cruising with some girl in his car, or some such nonsense, and the girl said that the beats in his songs were good but his rap was weak. Well being the nincompoop I am, I said exactly that. To which he replied “thanks, I think” ( I won’t get into what I said after that because, even now, it’s too embarrassing to recant)
Nah mine me, me jus a talk
Okay, as I’ve said before, I’m no BIG fan (the only Drake song I spent money on was Take Care) But fear thee not, I’m not a big fan of rap music period. (I like the classics. Give me Luther, Nat King Cole, Anita Baker, Billy Joel etc.) I stopped being a fan of Drake after they put Jimmy Brooks in the wheelchair in Degrassi. It was a short lived love affair lasting all of about 3 weeks, the highlight being our brief Myspace interchange. But that was about 9 or 10 years ago. Of course, he was much more easily accessed then before he became a superstar. Never was interested in any of his music because it didn’t really touch me and I think he has a severe case of “Potty Mouth.” But because the new music sounds so good, and because I consider myself to be a very open minded person not given to snap judgments and not completely opposed to conversions, I thought it was worth more investigation. (also I’m just not a hater) I went back in all these posts to see if I can get a crash course in Drake 101. I discovered Monsier Olivier’s keen eye for art but I also discovered this post. I like this post because it’s his first (I think) and its from so long ago, about 6 years. At any rate let’s live in the now.

I digress

Mek me tell yuh, after me listen ta one and two song ofa dis yeh album, and me ‘ear say de buoy ah do big tings (I mean Pound Cake actually has melody and rhythm, the beat alone is amazing, and the rapping isn’t intrusive or overly vulgar) Mi hafa give nuttin but respek.

In short : You almost make me a believer (Almost)

So here’s to NWTS

.... and after this album, nothing will ever be the same again.

- Ms. Anonymous Jones

P.S. It'll be better than it ever was ;-)

P.P.S. Did I mention I like the beat on Pound Cake A LOT. So wha a gwan bredrin yuh can mek a likkle b sides wid de bare ridims fi yuh sistah?

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