Sunday, August 5, 2012


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Toronto ovoxo ...

TheBoss said...

Caribana Was amazing, #OVO tomorrow traveled all the way here from East new York! Big tings tommorow. Follow @Vladimirstacksz

Jordan C. said...

That north north, that up top that OVO and That XO, yo girlfriend at our next show, but it's all good don't stress though ! OVOXO !!

Anonymous said...

Was hoping for a new song :(
maybe tmrw at the ovofest

p.s imma flash you Drizzy I luv you even tho my parents finna be beside me


Pegah said...

Good luck tomorrow at OVOfest

one luv.

The_Realiest_Lady said...

Are those Samba Dancers?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Caribana mass firedancers revellers for real

The_Realiest_Lady said...

Wow, that's really nice to watch. I would be scared to try especially wearing small clothing. That takes a lot of practice without getting burned.

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

Drake i wanna be dressed like that && dance 4 you all night long baby ;) Id love 2 party with just me && you, && just cuddle with you all night with my big soft tits pressed against ur tall manly body :) OVOXO 4 life<3

andycherrie said...

It's so great that you guys are sticking with it! I've been following the team for some time and am so happy that now (8 months after you posted this) the fire is burning brighter than ever! Way to stay positive and stick with something you love!

Drakes#1fan said...


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