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Friday, December 9, 2011


TheJvance said...
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TheJvance said...

After doing something positive for his city, your hometown, damn near single handedly putting TORONTO on the map this is how they repay the OVO Movement? I may just be a cat from Louisville, Ky but to me this seems like a slap in the face. Hopefully the city understand that this is a positive thing for TORONTO and leaves well enough alone. Respect @TheJvance

Rosilda said...

LOL. Well how else will they get young people to read their newspaper?
Typical Tdot.

My Sharona said...

Why did this man feel the need to buy a billboard dedicated to himself though? And then hoard it over the city as if he owns it. He does not "own" Toronto, never has and never will. I can't believe people make Drake to be some humble dude. Good artist but he's not humble or gracious at all.

grant246 said...

Drake landed Toronto on the map and this is what he gets or it ? #Bullsh#t!!

Mike said...

This is bull...just some sensitive f#*k trying to make a point to get their name out. I'm from Toronto and love the fact the Drake reps our city. Just because the billboard looks like a city of Toronto sign is not big deal. Remember who really owns the's us the taxpayers and if we don't have a problem with Drake's sign then GTFO!

Anonymous said...

Canada really has NOTHING to offer the world besides the blackberry. Its musicians, actors, actresses are selling the image of the country south of the shut up. U urself, what have you done for Canada lately in stinky rat role?

Sara said...


Anonymous said...

for the comment from my sharona......are you daft or slow this is a billboard for a album...... so those boards that you see with picture and letters on them are meant to display and or promote the product/company that has paid for the space has nothing to do with humble. this is what they call a smart business move people taking that in everyday sitting in traffic not even realizing what they are looking at and claiming the city>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

check this young kid out killing shit

Trumpf said...

Real niggas do real things!

Omaha'sVeryOwn X.O. said...

Just a way to promote his album, nothing wrong about that at all. People tryna bring down his billboard are wrong. #Peoplethesedays!

Anonymous said...

Bro, I gotchuuuu how was the show?!? Jus priiiiimetime more tuners luv the billboard

Anonymous said...

have you seen this article?
a girl got your name. DRAKE tatttooed on her face, crazy

I_Am_A_Houstonian said...

they're really going to do him like that?
incredible how some people can take one of the most positive gestures done out of pure love for the city and turn it into a legal battle.
people hurtin people

Megan said...

They just dropped a new song!!

Ben Hall said...

I gotta stop following links on Pitchfork.

I'm not surprised you would put up a near-Xerox-copy of someone's work to promote this record. Your style has been a near-Xerox-copy of Kanye West the whole time.

Megan said...

Kid is a lyrical assasin check it!

Todo said...

Buggin like gucci

BonafideSexyG said...

Are you kidding me? The city of Toronto is saying that Drake used their owl emblem without their permission? It's not their emblem. They didn't invent it. October's Very Own invented it. It's the October's Very Own emblem, which is not the symbol of Toronto. It's an owl. What do you think an owl looks like? I'll go draw a picture of an owl right now, post it on a billboard in Toronto, and the city of Toronto can sue me for it... LMAO. It's not Toronto's picture. If I drew the picture, even if it looks like their picture; I drew it, it's mine.

So what? There is an owl on the billboard. There are owls in barns and trees. Who cares? Toronto doesn't own every picture of every owl. You know how absurd that sounds? That's harassment. October's Very Own has has this picture of an owl forever, and no one said anything about it. Now that Drake has an album, is touring and making money, they want a piece of this? I would get legal advice at this point.

This is what one of the articles said:

“We would suggest,” city spokesperson Francine Antonio-Forte said in an email, “that the treatment of the word Toronto used on the billboard is very similar to the wordmark that forms part of the Toronto logo. The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information.”
“While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo,” she said.

Read more:

Money is the motive. What else could it be? Of course, leave it to a stingy politician, as if they aren't over paid to begin with, to find some greedy legal loophole to make money. I'm sure the city has already talked it over with the local Toronto lawyers and judges to make sure it's ruled in their favor and that money will be awarded to them. You know that's the kind of political corruption that ticks me off. I bet those dirty little bastards are ready to sue and collect. What a bunch of lowlife jerks.

Does the city of Toronto have a patent for the October's Very Own logo? No, of course not, they never invented it. What gives them a sense of entitlement? Nothing slanderous was ever posted on the billboard. Isn't a logo like Toronto's city logo null after so many years and anyone can use it? That's not even legal to collect off of someone else who designed their own logo, made records and earned money. I would never pay the city of Toronto. I would get an attorney immediately. Greedy SOBs. I'd see them in court. What a bunch of dirt bags... politicians like that make me sick. You think if the city of Toronto sues and if they were awarded Drake's money that the money will ever go to the poor and needy in Toronto, no, it will line those corrupt d***head politician's pockets.

@flow935 said...

OVOXO Love from Elora! Fuck em

Anonymous said...

I'm from toronto and the only reason theyre doing this is because of the city's current economic struggle. Its finding money any way possible

Anonymous said...

i'm from TO living in Van.. .and i can honestly tell you, the whole country coast to coast is timid and conservative. if this sort of billboard went up in houston, LA or Chicago, representing beyonce, snoop or kanye people would be honking and cheering, propping up their local hero.
though those cities might take down the billboard eventually due to conflict of interest, their statements would be far more endearing than that of our stuffy canadian journalists.
OVO represent

missesovo'sbaddest said...

REALLY WTF . drake come on baby shake this shit off nd move on - drake is doing something postive for Toronto nd yall dogg him SMGDH, at least he didnt forget where he came from - like some of the rappers , this newspaper can suck drakes dick frum the back the kill they self -__- this just messed my birthday up </3 i hate ppl like tht ignorant shit WTH !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oliver, is that you taking a stroll?? i clicked on the pic, but im blind as a bat these days! but damn...drake you couldnt add no color? lmao....its so plain*sigh*.

cute signn tho!

Anonymous said...

oliver are you in africa too? what yall did today?? did u see any lions?? kill anything?? eat with your bare hands??? yall aint livin ..smh my mom said she saw a lion once just laying around in the shade w/ her grandma lmao. miss u*muah

Shirinxx said...

Honestly, whoever wrote that article was some closed minded, ignorant fool. Everyone knows you put us Torontonian's on the map. This is your city, make us shine... please don't give up on us and don't let the ignorant humans of Toronto get the best of you! <3

Anonymous said...

One love all loove playboy.s

spiritsentient said...

I'm pretty sure Drake's smart enough to know that attention is good.

I, and probably everybody else here KNOWS Drake reps Toronto harder than almost anyone you can name, and if some confused reporter wants to talk smack, it'll just spread OVOs name even more.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

i thought the city loved a nigga

BonafideSexyG said...

If the city of Toronto is hurting so badly economically for money that they want Drake's money, why don't they just ask him for it? I'm sure he's more than happy to help the city that raised him and inspired him, and especially the needy. Drake has been more than generous in the past to people in his city, what makes them think he wouldn't be generous to the people in Toronto now? Everything he does is for Toronto.

What ticks me off is what city spokesperson Francine Antonio-Forte said:

"treatment of the word Toronto used on the billboard is very similar to the wordmark that forms part of the Toronto logo. The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information.”

What that it's spelled out in English... Toronto? Seriously, how else would you spell it?

Then this is the two-faced part. She said that she is "proud" of local artists and praises them, but in the same breath, changes the story, needs to "review and address" misuse of the word "Toronto".

"While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo,” she said.

What, the word "Toronto" was misused because it was stated by a black person? I know this sounds wrong, but a part of me wonders if the real reason behind all the "review and addressing" is that not everyone in Toronto likes rap music, and I still believe an element of racism exists in Toronto, and there might be some people that live in the city of Toronto that prefer not to be represented by anyone that is black because they think it will make the city of Toronto appear ghetto. I'm trying to be truthful and not offensive to anyone. I apologize if it does come across sounding racist. I am not a racist, but I do believe that that might be another motive for city officials to try to can the whole "Take Care" billboard, that or make a huge fine for retribution to the city of Toronto.

Are there really still people in the world like that? These politicians, especially, Francine Antonio-Forte, I would like to give her a piece of my mind. =)

Anonymous said...

S/O @mosley_tribes

Anonymous said...

oliver come bring me some chicken noodle soup. im so sick!!! i

Anonymous said...

call me when u get, i cant even move . ill leave the door unlocked yo

Anonymous said...

o but i was so Greedy today! tell niko i ate some yapaknees!!

Anonymous said...

tell drake bring my kleenex

Anonymous said...

omg cj can u bring me some oj?

Anonymous said...

I mean really?

It's still 1Love though

Anonymous said...

Got sum more nuts? I liiike

Anonymous said...

Are they referencing "City Is Mine" when they say:
"Yo Drake, Who owns that Logo?

Anonymous said...

y im still up oli

Anonymous said...

wouldnt that be cool if this was the club??? i mean, it never closes... Can i Live here!?

Anonymous said...

its the weekend, go figure*shrugs*

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Drake's not original... It's not a surprise. I mean no one gets mad at McDonald's (except maybe ecologists) for being cheap, tho, no one expects McDonald's to create great hamburgers. Point being, Drake is plain, he's no Biggie, he's no 2Pac, nor is he Pimp C, he's jus plain ol' cheap Micky-D's... It's not a bad thing, it's just a matter of accepting that with Drake as with Micky-D's, you can expect a certain level of quality.

Anonymous said...

Lame lame lame. City, Government,.. always wastin' tax payers money barking at the wrong tree .... SMH .

In the words of Rihanna : "Don't let the bastards get you down".

manoi said...
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manoi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toronto's Own said...

LMFAO @all of these comments,

Obviously none of you are actually FROM Toronto.

Or you would know what all of our road signs/park signs/"Welcome to..." signs look like.
And exactly what the article is referring to.

And YES, Drake did completely rip off our city signage.
(All out-of-town'ers feel free to Google Image TORONTO SIGNS LOL)

The use of government ads here is a big no-no; because it implies that the city is the one that paid for and put it up, to specifically promote and profit off this one artist.

FYI. The city is definitely NOT poor, or anywhere close to feeling the economic downfall as pretty much any of the United States are.

"Canada made it, out without a bailout"

BonafideSexyG said...

FYI Toronto's Very Own... the billboard does not say, "Welcome to Toronto." The city sign for Toronto is a building beside the word "Toronto". There is a Blue Jay for the baseball team; a tyrannosaurus Rex emblem for the Raptors; Toronto Maple Leafs obviously a leaf; Toronto Toros which is a Bull; all are blue and say "Toronto", but the city does nothing to them. If October's Very Own posts a "Take Care" billboard with a blue "Toronto", all the sudden, it's a violation. If they fine Drake, then equally, they should fine everyone that is in blue with a "Toronto" sign.

I Googled the street signs in the Toronto area. They are mainly giving directions. There are no city emblems or city service (bus stations, parking, arrows) on the "Take Care" billboard.

The one that I can compare it to is Toronto City sign:,r:5,s:0

There is definitely going to be a lawsuit/fine, regardless... This is political corruption at it's finest. It's not IF he's going to lose; he will lose, it's HOW MUCH is the fine going to be?

Jada said...

Why are the City officials hating for? Drake is repping our city hard and putting us on the map. Did it occur to them that this is good for business? People want to come to Toronto because this is where Drake is from. I'm proud to be from Toronto and proud to call Drake a friend and a positive voice that amplifies how amazing our city really is.
Leave it up to the city of Toronto to find an issue with a Drake billboard nearly 2 months after it was put up lol. If they didn't notice it in October, what's the point in making a big stink about it now?
OVO and XO baby. Cuz we bout it err'day FUCK WHAT ANYBODY SAY

The Weeknd Superhero said...

Check out OVO
The Weeknd Superhero
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Clueless.. said...

Not to state the obvious here, but aren't sports teams financed and sponsored through their governments? Hmm... So maybe that's why no one can make a stink about sports logos on municipal, provincial, or federal government property... Since it's theirs. Duh.

Toronto's Own said...

Municipal street signs = Specific white text over blue background
Municipal park signs = Specific white text over blue background
Municipal city border signs = Specific white text over blue background

Now why would Drake's marketing team (from Toronto, Canada) chose to follow suite with a billboard that encorporated the same specific white text over blue background and population to promote his album...? Hmm... I mean it does look exactly like the Municipal signs that we already have in our city. Oh wait, Duh. Maybe THAT's why. Cause it looks exactly like our Municipal signs. That's so clever Drake's marketing team.

Anonymous said...

now whenever i enter markham, pickering, scarborough, ajax, toronto, milton, barrie, vaughn, mississauga, brampton, etc etc etc and see the welcome to sign i think of take care. niceee

Jaysbabe said...

Well, it WAS a logo invented by someone else, which by reading from the article, it was against copyright laws to use it without consent.The least he could have done is just ask for permission to use the logo.

I'm from Toronto and I love Drake. I absolutely love the fact that he "put Toronto on the map"... And maybe I'm playing the devil's advocate by saying that he should have just asked the city for permission.

I can just imagine being the one to create the logo and just have an artist copy it without my consent. I would be very upset.

But on the contrary, putting this all over the news and using silly little descriptions to throw the whole story out of proportion, was stupid of them. They should have just dealt with the matter one on one instead of bringing the whole world into it like a bunch of douches.

Shannon said...

The city will most likely just brush it off... Unless Rob Ford gets involved.

Still by far the best ad I've seen!

Anonymous said...

Don't ask permission, just ask forgiveness...

BonafideSexyG said...

"White text over blue background" describes about every kind of sign there is. It's a very broad description.... I mean unless Toronto owns, invented, or patented the "white text over blue background" that is insane.... That describes majority of signs everywhere. Unless Toronto owns every sign everywhere.... What makes Toronto feel so entitled to Drake's money?

Maybe in Toronto, the politicians can say and do that, but to Americans to see someone as iconic as Drake be at the mercy of some stingy Canadian politicians, we are not happy.... Let's be honest... this is about money. No one wants to see Drake in trouble and have to pay massive money if anything at all for something petty and ridiculous that hurts no one such as a billboard sign.

Sports teams in America are usually privately owned... Idk if Canadian gov owns the sports teams... that's news to me... they might as well communal the whole and own Drake too if that's what it comes down to. Seriously, if Toronto turns it's back on Drake, what's to say Drake would pack up and leave. How's that for money grubbing? You get too greedy, Drake will take down the "Take Care" billboard move it to America with it and the Canadian politicians will get zero.

Drake did a "no-no" huh? You treat Drake badly, and he'll move away from Toronto and be "gone-gone". You really want that? For crying out loud... treat other people the way you would want to be treated. Toronto is not the only place on this earth to live.

America loves Drake... If Canada is shitty to him, calls him out on petty things and tries to take his money... He's welcome in America. Lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Given all that he's done so much for the city of Toronto all they can do is thank him :) thank you drake

Darnel683 said...

Fuck drake he put a big ass billboard in our city and his music is ass.

Anonymous said...

cute dog

Anonymous said...

LOL at the newspaper headline "Yo Drake..." they sure know how to get a young black rapper's attention don't they? Almost as well as Drizzy knows how to get the attention of every citizen in Toronto ;) kudos to the marketing!

Anonymous said...

Drake's marketing is genious!

Christmas bonus' come earrrly

Anonymous said...

thats word to toronto

Anonymous said...

halalala perch da p

Anonymous said...

Thought the city had your back?

Angel Nicole said...


The chorus of one of Drake’s songs, “City Is Mine,” goes as follows: “Yo, the city is mine/Which one?/T-O-R-O-N-T-O.” It is not clear whether he mistakenly believes his ownership of the place extends to its intellectual property; his management company did not respond to a request for comment.

really? LMAOOO !!

Anonymous said...

this owl is from ancient Egyptian writings

Alis volat propiis * said...

Left Field Comment ... But Umm why isn't Drake coming to Providence, Rhode Island ____- All iEver see are Major city's listed . Small city's get No Love as if we Don't matter and buy his CD's and paraphernalia too ______=

Chantii said...

I'm pretty sure they KNEW he was using the sign for advertisement purposes, so why bring it up NOW? Because they're doing this for money. Point. Blank. Period. I'm also not surprised that this is happening during a time when "Toronto" is doing cut-backs and the like...

Anonymous said...

BonafideSexyG - The owl symbol isn't the issue, it's the actual "Toronto" wordmark.

Bet this shit was started by Rob Ford. Seems like something he would do...

Anonymous said...

Hilariously ridiculous.

I would have never known. Being a cocky American I figured Toronto's logo had something to do with Geese, maple leaves, moose packs, and was written in French.

They should consider paying Drake for explaining that Canada is not America's hat. People actually get shit done there.

The best part is, paying them the fines does nothing to hurt The Drake Enterprise. Just a simple glitch in the road to prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Money will make a MF'er disregard all good things.. It's not like he couldn't have chossen a differnet LOGO, but he decided to REP home, and now this.. People love the be in the News and gain personal attention.. Hip Hop has became what it is partly because of this type of attention.. Sad but true.. Now it's grown into something with so much media coverage it'll help city officals get a vote..

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Andrew Martinez said...

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