Saturday, December 10, 2011


spiritsentient said...

I would definitely have to agree, but they say not to let praise go to your head.

When you're shining bright, be extra vigilant :)

Thanks for all you do guys.

loudersoft said...

In this matter, the respect paid is respect earned. Congratulations to you for this honor & best wishes to you for your continued successes.

Anonymous said...

wow i came to say gn. Goodnite lmao ..and i see a new post

Anonymous said...

are you drakes sole music producer cause TC is fire, congrats..................

Anonymous said...

You deserve it 40, you make music like no other I've heard before. Big change to the game. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

am I 5th?

Anonymous said...

lol horrible list, T-minus is definitely not anywhere near better than Kanye

Anonymous said...

Damn, that comes as no surprise to me

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

Fuck yeah Noah's the "BEST"... and whom ever doesn't know it better ask sumbody! CONGRATS 40 -- u deserve it!!!


Anonymous said...

lol I like 40 but this is laughable. He produces for one artist only & he's nowhere near Yeezy. nothing he produced this year touches WTT or MBDF. I'm just keepin it real.

Alot of 40's production sounds the same.

Anonymous said...

Yourgay, just give up on life. To the comment above mines!

Anonymous said...

40's done more than Kanye, he's developed an entire new sound for the city of Toronto. Its our time to shine. #ovoxo

sophia said...

well done 40 :)

Jess said...

Congratulations 40, I'm so proud of you <3

Fireworks said...

Well done 40!!!
They know...they know...they know

DBIII said...

40s said in interviews that he got his sound from Kanyes 808s album. Nuff said.
Kanye is the voice of our generation. Nobody can touch his production.

@ravi_sharma2 said...

Men lie, Women lie...but numbers don't. #1

Well done 40. Much deserved!

RellyRellz said...

Damn all OVO does is win consistently. I wonder how long they're gonna go strong like this

BonafideSexyG said...

So much for not caring about the billboard numbers... #1 on Wow 40... Keep that up. Good work. :)

Pegah said...

Damn straight

Anonymous said...

big up 40
Keep puttin out those hot beats

Shout outs from the whole PERTH crew

Anonymous said...

well deserved,should be grammy bound for the earth shattering stuff!!As for drake,I missed his concert in s.a with castle lite,wish he c0mes back though...so0n,i have cancer and my lifes wish is to see him!Drake is the only reason i wana wake up in the m0rning,oh well ovoxo,yolo!

Anonymous said...

Where's Boi 1da at?

Anonymous said...

Where drake at next week?

Anonymous said...

Google Noah"40"Shebib,

And his discography,

Then talkxo

The Weeknd Superhero said...

Check out here: The Weeknd Superhero Lyrics

Viva The Love said...

nothing he produced this year touches WTT or MBDF

Anonymous said...

My sincerest apologize ^^^^ for the comment above

Anonymous said...

Congrats 40 ! You deserve it man, carry on doing your thing ! Congrats once again and thanks for everything you've put into the game.

Anonymous said...

How many hits has Shebib contributed to this year? A shitload when you think about it. I mean with all the Drake and Wayne cameo's alone for 2011.

No wonder OVO is on vay-k.

EOS soon comexo

BonafideSexyG said...
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BonafideSexyG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Kanye is garbage

Anonymous said...

congrats my niggas, you guys have gone a long way

Anonymous said...

Why Kanye gotta be garbage? Why can't they both be great? Cus they are.

Anonymous said...

Damn right!

Anonymous said...

niko im hungry bro.

Anonymous said...

Still in another continent?

Anonymous said...

buenas dias drake*muuuuuah*

Anonymous said...

She says, "Kiss me like you miss me", "Fuck me like you hate me", "And when your fucking someone else, just fuck her like she ain't me". Damn those words are scary.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

where is hit boy? this list is lame

Alis volat propiis * said...

God Bless . You could ask for nothing less .

Anonymous said...

A little off topic but the anticipation is killing me...when is Drake releasing dates for a 2012 tour (if there is gonna even be) ???

Fireworks said...

Was thinking the same thing about tour dates...

read somewhere he was going to do only a month or two starting in Jan

Lupe Fiasco American Terrorist 3 said...

Why Noah???

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah.. great job 40

Nadine said...

OFC 40 and drake foreva , i looked at the old posts of the ovo site and i saw someone asking for the ovo shirts and that we shouldn't support them .Does tis also include this site

Sharkiee said...

If any of you fools would pay attention its based on charted titles for this year...He had 8, T-Minus had 7 and Kanye had 6..PAY ATTENTION people..and if you are gonna hate on OVO please don't look at the site.. Just say congrats and go about you business. NUFF said

wendyjoanna said...

congratulations Noah you are the best out there. Thanks to all your help Drake's music is at his best not only lyrically but with all the sounds and beats keep doing what your doing and make not only drake but us proud as well
OVOXO always on top

yung06chick said...

Hell yeah, congrats on that cause that's what's up!!!
*Much Love Sent Your Way*

Anonymous said...

i would say 40 is second to kanye, kanye west should be number 1. t-minus aint fucking with yeezy

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that's a category that changes yearly.. But for the take care Album 40 and crew did the buisness.. Every other year or so a producer comes out with a new sound. i.e. timberland, Kanye/Just Blaze/No ID, Lex Luger, and many of which are on the list. Now is 40's time, and his orignial sound has over whelmingly caught the attention of all types of people. Congradulation, and much success to you!!

Anonymous said...

You could of came back.

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