Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hayesxo said...

Wow..very true, pretty much nothing else to say #echoesofsilence

charliepoll said...

Can't wait for EOS

Anonymous said...

echoes......... @tbtweetz xo

spiritsentient said...

Big headline for The Weeknd, and the Canadian scene, I love it. Thanks for sharing, Oliver.

mobabyz_ said...

Thats a great way of sharing that!!! Thats so AWESOME!!!! Man, Im loving you guys sooooo MUCH!! I just wish I can just see yall in person.... maybe backstage passes. LOL

OVOHadi said...

OVO LOVE http://yfrog.com/nxgwdyij

OVOHadi said...

OVO LOVE http://yfrog.com/nxgwdyij

Underground Kings said...

Big headline for The Weeknd

Cameras said...

pretty much nothing else to say

tyyra said...

sooooo proud of all of you THE WEEKEND/OVOXO You have come along way and Auntie Tyyra loves you all!!!!!

tyyra said...

sooooo proud of all of you... THE WEEKEND/XO! You have all come such a long way and Auntie Tyyra LOVES all of you

Anonymous said...


The Weeknd Shirts! CHECK THEM OUT :D

jamal said...


check this out!! ill kid killin it

Anonymous said...

Hey Weeknd,

Tell Drake to take all of his makeup and eat it, so that maybe he'll be prettier on the inside. Bitchxo.

Anonymous said...

Awww i miss mi bebe:). NIko, i miss you, too!!
what r you doing for christmas?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what brand do u think drake wears...he looks like a bare minerals type cat

Anonymous said...

u kno me nd makeup arent really...
i like lip glosses:)

Anonymous said...

damn drake u just up n went to africa like u were going to vermont or new hampshire or sum shit

couldnt warn nobody??

bring me back a gold ring please. my mom brought me a silvr one:/

Anonymous said...

and when they making it have them input some chocolate diamoooonds, k thanks

Everything Toronto said...


look B*tch Blog said...

Drake, The Weeknd and more Toronto news, videos and music

Anonymous said...

i kno driz be onnnn dattt mascara.


even in his recent interviews he's stillllll rocking those pure hazel freshlook contact lenses from back in the day.


fuck lookin cute save that for the broads.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Bruh bruh where do you buy your pants??

Anonymous said...

Juicy couture Lil Bitch!

Anonymous said...

Lookin like a project power ranger with those contacts

GregoryJohnVillarico said...


RellyRellz said...

I don't know about ya, but I'm doing my job by promoting and exposing Weeknd to different people in my area. So far its been a success.

Ovoxo! doing all the right things lol

Omaha'sVeryOwn X.O. said...

Able should have a incredible 2012 since 2011 was already a big break through, with or without Drake, he would've made people noticed. An im sure Drake knew that. X.O.!

OVOhush said...

Last night was maaaaad real

mauryrosciniXO said...

Peace to everybody.
How can I work with you? I love all of your songs.
I can be your Italian reporter or everything you need.
Thank you.

mauryrosciniXO said...

Peace to everybody.
How can I work with you? I love all of your songs.
I can be your Italian reporter or everything you need.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I remember The Weeknd I didnt know before but now I know my bad...my friend has the biggest crush on you she's fuckin crazy about you lol

BonafideSexyG said...

Hey RellyRellz.... Teamdrizzy is tweeting that they still don't have an official fan site for Drake since ATF closed.... Just saying. According to Teamdrizzy, drizzydrake.org is not the official site. The option seems open. :)

BonafideSexyG said...

I wanted to say something else to Abel Tesfaye.... I just wanted to say you have an amazing voice. The falsetto is golden. Problems I think might occur is that in a song the message > talent. You already have the talent, but what you need a good meaningful message, a point of focus. I think you have some great song ideas, but try to find the greatest idea, and go with it. Stick with one good idea and don't deviate from it.

The last couple songs have been kind of bizarre, too much going on in the videos. I know, I heard a rumor that Lady Gaga was an inspiration (ugh! are you kidding me? Lady Gaga does nothing for white girls. She is the epitome of weirdness. Lady Gaga is not, nor never will be Madonna, and she is a copy cat. Please do not ever become her). Try to find something yours alone, an original from you, that fits the mainstream, one thing people can relate to... Write a song, ask people if they can relate to it, if not, toss it out, write another song. Keep writing until you have the perfect song. You have a great voice. You need a great song to go with it.

I love the falsetto, don't get me wrong at all... but you don't want too much falsetto because people will think you are like Glee Club (gay), which I doubt. You sing songs about women. I don't see rainbows, gay pride insignia or left sided earrings. I'm going to go with Abel is "strait".... High voice = gay is going to be a battle zone. Maybe work in a vocal range and save the falsetto for the climatic part of the song, not too much falsetto. Time the falsetto just right.

The other thing I like to say, I know nothing really about the people of Ethiopia, but I like that theme, not so much the history, not so much the pagan art or religion, but the scenery and the culture. It's unusual, and I think appealing to people's innate ability have curiosity towards other regions, I think that is money. :)

I didn't get to read the article, but good luck with your music.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO! @drake eating makeup

drake strikes me as a covergirl :O
weeknd... ohh boy, he's way more of an avon chick :P

yeaaaaaah budddddy

LeszDaPresz said...

Keep on keeping on can't wait for EOS .

Biron said...

OMG Check these niggas! They zoo hood!


Alis volat propiis * said...

Seems more like a Group than an individual . Next he'll be a Movement .

Oms said...

Weeknds about to BLOW UP! He's real talented, surprised more places arent talking about him other than here and
XOForum.com - Oms

Ajani said...

Photo by me.


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