Saturday, December 3, 2011


OVOHadi said...


Biron said...

Check this nigga!

rcoley said...

Where do we buy the ovoxo sweattops from ?

Anonymous said...


tyler A said...

damn that kid is sick ^^ woeee where he from? canada?

RellyRellz said...

LOl that picture is kinda weird looking. But I agree, Hiphop never had an artist like Drake!

hes an innovator

laura_OvoXO said...

love this

HYFR said...

Whens the club paradise tour dates going to be released..soon i hope.

Anonymous said...

check it ^^

Anonymous said...

Lamar_XO Twitter

dnyx said...

I see painkillers on the kitchen counter,
I hate to see it all hurt so bad
But maybe I wouldn't have worked this hard
If you were healthy and it weren't so bad ...

Thx drake

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 drake!

A Princess said...

@RellyRellz I agree

sophia said...

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I hope drake did you draw this.I can't even see the words they are so small viewing this from my phone though I might add I got as far as hip-hop has never produced anything like drake.and something about Jay z see to read what similaritiy you two share.why you dnt never come to Milwaukee a.d perfom. you know I'm.a be _there I never been to see you prrfom live can you come to milwaukee please.. _

Hey Shae! said...

A man with a Jay-Z ego and a Charlie Brown soul... I like it.

Anonymous said...

My baby drizzy dont look like dat... lol

Fireworks said...

Pic doesn't look like drake...I feel he is in a whole new genre of hiphop...
Actually his own genre of hiphop...

Wiley said...

good article but lex luger didn't produce 'camera' it was the one and only 40.

Anonymous said...

Simply , A M A Z I N G ♥

RichNiggh' said...

jammin to take care thinkin bout my girl
Much love drake<3
thank you for the amazing music

Anonymous said...

aw drake i think russell's back in the city!! he's all up in gq 2!!

Anonymous said...

drake can u replait my hair?? im developing those prison braids...& i am lazy! looool~

Anonymous said...

oh yeah leave i gotta guestroom here at the house.. LMAO

Anonymous said...

BUT MY POODLE LIKES THAT ROOM TOO, so..u gotta share pimp.

Anonymous said...

bro, i got chuuuuuu

Anonymous said...

do him a favour and check this site out

Claire said...

Am I the only one who gets extrememly bothered by people publishing misconceptions of Drake?

Yes? oh okay.

Anonymous said...

yo, I'm a big Drizzy fan, and I have been since Room For Improvement, but did they just rate Take Care 4/4 stars? It's a solid piece of work, but it's not THAT good.

Anonymous said...

Check it out!

jegotu268 said...

I'm tryna get one of those crewnecks are they gona make jeans too. i wana b fully decked out in ovo apparel

Reoper said...

Are you out of your mind it deserves a 87/4 stars its fucken magical its fucken brilliant its unreal the production is thru the roof the lyrics r everything and more its the greatest cd to ever be heard by these ears point black if you havent copped it yet your jus fucken up

Anonymous said...

Serious bout that poodle though

YMCMB all day and twice on sunday but ya meeeean

Anonymous said...

Congrats, very good article.

hey drake or someone of OVO, if u can listen to this instrumental that i worked in the mood of drake, would be great. from chile. all the love Amit

Anonymous said...

check this younggiin doin big things next in line for sure ehh ohhh

Anonymous said...

According to Drake, there would have been serious repercussions if he had been assaulted.

"I respect Chris Brown. I'd like to call myself a friend -- I don't know if I'm allowed to do that," said Drake. "But I definitely didn't get elbowed in my face. Somebody would've got knocked the f--k out." (The Daily Beast)

{OVO} said...

UPDATE: Despite reports, Drake did not fire his management team at Hip Hop Since 1978 (who also manage Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne).

“Contrary to previous reports, there has been no change with Drake’s management team,” the Toronto-bred rapper’s agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), said in a statement in response to a story in New York Post's Page Six. WME confirmed that Drake “continues to be managed by Gee Roberson, Al Branch, Kyambo Joshua and Bryant Cortez of Hip Hop Since 1978.”

WME did confirm that the rapper left his agent at International Creative Management (ICM), stating that “WME now represents Drake in all areas worldwide.”

Anonymous said...

drake we love you in tdot...nice diamond tear drop

Anonymous said...

whens your next concert in toronto?

Anonymous said...

Ovo gloves socks scarfs panties all would b hot id get them

brit said...

check this kid out youngin killin shit next in line for sure..owww...

A Princess said...

If I saw you crying I would want to make you feel better. I really want to talk to you..

A Princess said...

I care for you & I want you to know that you are special to me :-)

BonafideSexyG said...

The diamond tear drop, that's such posh drama!!! The Rolling Stone painting of Drake, what is it supposed to be "Cry Baby"? Trust me, with the sales from Take Care, Drake's the last one crying right now.... It's all the other artists that are debuting and not taking over on Billboard still crying!!! Maybe not all of the Drake songs are staying high. The Christmas songs are taking over now, but still Take Care, I would say did well for a sophomore album. Drake got rid of ICM. I think he would be happy.... The only reason why I think Rolling Stone would be printed like that is to sell magazines. Rolling Stone has been around a long time so I'm sure they have a good motive. :)

"A man with a Jay-Z ego and a Charlie Brown soul... " Aubrey Graham is not Jay-Z, not Riri, not Kanye, not Nicky, not Wayne... He's his own person and he marches to the beat of his own drum. I don't think he copies any of them or that his ego should be compared because Aubrey doesn't follow any of them, he sets the trend. Charlie Brown soul? Oh my goodness, who writes these old school articles? I don't think this is so accurate, but I'm sure it gets good press so....

Heard you are going to South Africa soon. This week? Idk when.... That must be exciting. You should take plenty of pics and tweet. Stay safe and have fun.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

niko i bought some nail laquer today.

LadyJones81 said...

earlier this evening, i was discussing 'take care' with my fiancee and what it meant for hip hop. now he, being a Scorpio himself, might be biased but he raised good points and i came to my own conclusions.

'take care' features the internal conversations that most men think but never utter. its the ugly, not exactly polite, but very real truths that travel as thoughts around the mind of a man at an interesting crossroad. yet people are so eager to write it off as soft. why? are we so conditioned to think a rapper has nothing to offer but party anthems, angry tantrums, and the constant stream of overly-available 'model/actresses' that strut about, hoping to be drafted by a 'team'? this is not to say that these things aren't necessary or exist. we need party anthems, the catchy, celebratory bursts of fun to momentarily dance away troubles and just vibe to some good music, happy people and a damn good vodka; we need the angry tantrums to give voice to the people who wake up everyday to a new struggle built not by them but by the under-handed circumstances that superseded them, and i'm not just referring to the government -not everyone lives in an episode of the Cosby show; and the women...well, bluntly put, there would be no 'bitches' and 'hoes' in rhymes if there were not 'bitches' and 'hoes' that walked among us in real human form with obvious agendas that are easily ignored for the low-low price of free pussy, bragging rights, a couple of flights, and shopping sprees from a child support check. All of these things, however necessary and/or prevalent, should not solely define what hip hop is. It should evolve.

With all of that said, hip hop is largely missing a serious moment of reflection not just a song or two. What happened to telling a story? What's realer than real life? Why not talk about women, they're there? What really happens when 'all' of your dreams come true? What happens when a person or group finally 'get there' after grinding so hard, late nights in the studio, the love of good music keeping them up at night and away from good people? What happens to them? Remember, these are real people making the songs that put an ear mark on your life, admit it or not, its true. Real people, real families, real relationships, real experiences. Will they remain the same 'them' through the glamour?

'Take Care' gives (in my humble opinion) a complex answer: I'm 25. I miss home. I love my job. I love/hate the hours. I want to build a legacy. I love my team. I know I'm good. You know I'm good. Thank you. I like this girl. She likes my life. I want to succeed. I want to love. I've seen a lot of ass- and they all look a like. But she sure can suck a dic! I love Toronto. I love my Mom. Fuck love. Wait...fuck it, I want REAL love- u can't get what you don't speak up and ask for. I see some bullshit. What's a hater? I can't see them...I talk shit. Don't ask me to be honest and not accept my honesty, so just accept my apology. I like to party. I think I should party. I won't forever. I'm horny. *Drizzy voice*What if kiss you right now? Leave me the fuck alone. People around me are changing more than I am. I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing. I have a plan. Did I just get played? I can't trust everyone. I'm not ready for a woman to trust me. But I don't trust a lot of y'all muthafuckas right now anyway. I fucked her. It felt GREAT (#winning!). But i don't feel great about it. What's my Dad doing right now? This is all very tricky. If just being me got me here....why change?

I know I said a lot but it was heavy on my mind and my man is tired of me talking to him about another man...fucking jealous ass Scorpios(lol)...but I know a good man when I see one.

Okay, so that's all. Glad i got that off my chest. Y'all have a nice evening and a great week. Thank me or forgive me.


Mrs. Jones

Anonymous said...

where can i find the full article for this preview by rolling stone?
UK Fan.

Roman In Moscow said...

love this one

xo said...

Happy birthday to this one @thisisterrion, wildlifexo

Anonymous said...

hbd young kingsxo @thisisterrion


Anonymous said...

counting all these xs and hoes

clarkie said...

HeatherNicole said...

jay z ego and a charlie brown soul. lol

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good article. The diamond tear drop immediately made me think of the song Her Diamonds. It's a good song:

Terell said...

Holy shit!
Check this niggas!

BonafideSexyG said...

Btw.... I loved this performance.... This is on fire....You should work with Tyga more. ♥

Tyga, Drake in Toronto

B20 said...

Dewy Sinatra said...

I remixed "Look What You've Done" check it out

Anonymous said...

Does anyone read those long ass posts?

BonafideSexyG said...

Take Care is #3 on MTV. :)

Anonymous said...

Futher to this Kid Cudi is going

to be releasing Dose of Dopeness

for free, in exchange for an STD

Wait for it. Haaa. OVOxo.

One time. Twice over.

Anonymous said...

Platinum is on the rise, fuck these other guys. I gave them a chance to decide, now it's something. You know.


Anonymous said...

NEEDKOOOOOO!! did you text future nd ask him if he's having fun in africa!! tell him take care!!

Anonymous said...

tell him i'm making my trip soon!! his photos look splendid!

Anonymous said...

how long yall all been friends?? i didnt know south africa had black people; )

Anonymous said...

niko what happen 2 courtne twitter???? did she get caught up shminking?


Anonymous said...

Take care take care care care take care take take take care care care

Anonymous said...

Take Care

Anonymous said...

thank me later thank me later *yawns* thank me later thank me later *takes nap* thank me later thank me later *competes in triathalon* tml.

Anonymous said...

NIKO should i get barrel curls (-.-)§§

Anonymous said...

do court do her own tracks?
can u do it?

Anonymous said...

check this kid out youngin killin shit like mr ripely!!

Anonymous said...

Drake thought I was fucked up..yea im fucked up alright just like he's fucked up & got me fucked up smh lol

Anonymous said...

That's a fake picture of him crying, he doesnt give a fuck smh

Anonymous said...

I believe he doesn't have any consideration of anybody's feelings

Anonymous said...

He's a rich, cocky, arrogant person

Anonymous said...

It's obvious why he's single

Anonymous said...

He's a dirtbag

Anonymous said...

With nooo heart I hope he keeps crying forever!

Anonymous said...

Hope you liked the new song kid! Keep killin it

Anonymous said...

Im not a stupid bitch..

Anonymous said...

with your wack ass south dakota phone

Anonymous said...

The realest asshole

tawny said...

oh my god!!!! Ms. Jones your post is so true!!! I love how you summed Take Care the way you did!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I'm literally bout to break down for real ... Can't believe this is happening DRAKE + SOUTH AFRICA = WHOOOOOOOOO PARADISE
Bummer i won't be there , guess i'll have to hang round metro to spot him ...
Drake Believer
Lotsa love for you Drake

Anonymous said...

Drizzy taught you well.


yung06chick said...

Keep doing your thing sweetie!!!!!!

*Much Love Sent Your Way*

Take Care OVO said...

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love (featuring The Weeknd)
5. Take Care (featuring Rihanna)
6. Marvins Room / Buried Alive Interlude
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We'll Be Fine
9. Make Me Proud (featuring Nicki Minaj)
10. Lord Knows (featuring Rick Ross)
11. Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her (featuring Lil Wayne and André 3000)
14. HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right) (featuring Lil Wayne)
15. Look What You've Done
16. Practice
17. The Ride
18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. The Motto (featuring Lil Wayne)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Drake PLEASE make a mixtape/album with The Weeknd. That shit would be so real.

Anonymous said...

So real..

Tastee said...

AWW I have this issue Rolling Stones gave him a really good review on Take Care <3DRIZZY

Anonymous said...

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