Monday, November 21, 2011


Anonymous said...

great interview

(FIRST! - I've always wanted to do that, no matter how dumb it actually is.)

Jakes_de said...

Are you kidding me, Drake doesn't sing. He slowly brings up your soul :x

Love the Album Drizzy, even though you probably won't ever read this ;_;

Jakes_de said...


Check out the article here for "Drake, a Rapper who sings"

Anonymous said...

Take Care.

I hear u Drizz.

charliepoll said...

Please bring the Club Paradise tour to London UK, but after March 17th so I can queue up all day <3

RellyRellz said...

Thats a nice article, Drake is all over the place now, I wonder how much he will sell first week.

BonafideSexyG said...

I just wanted to say... Saw you on American Music Awards last night, and "Headlines" sounded good... The only bad part was your voice was gone. I think they had the Google Music Launch on Saturday night, then Sunday the AMAs... After hours of performing, it's a wonder that you even have a voice left! How are you feeling today? They have you on vocal rest yet? =)

We used to do honey lemon tea for sore throats or chicken noodle soup (hot fluids). When I was a little girl and I had sore throats, my dad would stir a couple of tablespoons of molasses and hot water, a molasses tea, not the best flavor, but it's sweet and coats the throat. You need a humidifier, Vicks. Salt water gargle with warm water, that might help too.

I liked your interview. Not very many people are self-motivated and driven like you are. I can't believe the things that go wrong live on stage and you just pull through every time. I'm thinking, the way I OCD, I would freak out, but you just stay cool and work through it... that's a gift. :)

It's sad when you make it that friends who weren't there, didn't believe in you want favors... or worse, I think when you have more money than others, you don't know if people really like you for you. It creates a trust problem. They say when people get wealthy, they are more likely to isolate themselves from other people (family too), become less trusting, and more towards groups of the same financial standing, some even slaves to the money. Everyone handles wealth differently. Then add fame on top of that suddenly... Yeah. Lol!!! =)

It's too bad your dad and you weren't closer when you were a child. The interview:

"He chose to not be a dad at times. That's something I'll never be able to respect that much. But I'm dying to be a great father. That's why I don't have kids yet and, God willing [knocks the table], I won't have any unannounced babies at the wrong time. My dad is a great writer. Naturally talented, naturally charming. He embodies that back-in-the-day cool."

To me, that's the saddest part of the interview...You were such a handsome little boy when you were small... Your dad really missed out. It could have been worse. My dad's family was mainly overachievers. My father was never satisfied with me. I wasn't "living up" to his standards. The last time my dad talked to me was New Years 2008. He was calling me names, and telling me it's another year and I better not be a fuck up. I hung up the phone. That was my last conversation with my dad before he died. I wish I wouldn't have hung up the phone. I will regret that forever.

You should forgive your dad for not being around and spend as much time as you can. You still have time to experience a good father-son relationship. I will never have a dad to spend Father's Day with, no dad to walk me down the aisle if I ever get married, no dad to call... I don't have what you have. You should consider yourself very fortunate. Your father loves you very much. Focus on all the positive things that your life has given you. There are many.
Love ya,

lols at these toronto kids said...

List of Fuck ups:

1. "Club Paradise" Tour; the name stuck but you fucked up by cutting one of the best/heartfelt songs of your career to date from the album since "Fear.

2. Subliminals; after your verse for Luda's album "Battle of the Sexes" didn't make the cut, you decide to take it personally and throw jabs at an icon. Keep in mind that you have only just released your 2nd album, and are nowhere near the status of Ludacris. Oh yea, and whats "Young money" to a guy whos worth more than 60 mill easily by Forbes?

3. Subliminals part 2; Wayne and Hov have choice words and you decide to pick sides without thinking of consequences. Now Weeknd is brought into the mix, and with all of Hov's connections in the music world, if he ever had a chance of going mainstream... it's OvOr. Ahem, I mean, over.

Fireworks said...

"If we talkin bout the numbers, man it looks like 700- They Know!!!" Drizzy...

JennBunny1721 said...

I love the way you seem so poised in your interview yet so raw with emotion at the same time... Never feel bad for being "emotional." Hell I wouldn't even call you that... idk what to label it but I think everyone needs an outlet for their feelings; your outlet happens to be music and people happen to love it. I agree with your comment about our generation and how everyone knows what we are thinking because we constantly post our thoughts but aren't you doing the same with your music? If your music illustrates to your audience personal experiences then couldn't we just assume that you are letting us know what you are thinking? I know I asked a lot of questions and Idk if you blog much or if you will respond to them... but thanks for putting great music out for us to hear and thanks for sharing your thoughts, dreams, hardships and feelings with me. "That OVO & XO is everything you believe in, I know..."

Fireworks said...

Drizzy fans...check out my recent drake concert pics and video...

Amazing experience!!! Best concert I've been to...

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i just want u to kno that i care so much and it hurts me alot..ty

Sara said...

nickii is also a rapper that sings :)

~Arlene~ said...

Woooow... WSJ!!! Love how ur so grounded. Keep it trill. BTW... Loved seeing u @the AMAs. Such a high....

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Drake i need my fucking eyebrows done lol~

Anonymous said...

Sara, 50 Cent be singin'! Ja Rule be singing!

Anonymous said...

you mean a Singer who "raps." Seem more appropriate.

Cicely said...

I listen to So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, and Take Care on shuffle all day at work. Might get fired because I don't get anyhing done but I can't turn it off! Lol. Please don't stop making music, you're gifted. Your fans appreciate you. Keep telling your story! :) Oh,...and take care.

Alis volat propiis * said...

iLove Love Love when Drake sings on his tracks. Keep it up and I'll happy keep listening . And why shouldn't you sing anyways .? They know, iKnow , You know YOLO . Might as well make it count .
O V O X O ♥

Jamel said...

Gordon "Drake" Graham!
Bravo mec!
Music is good! Thanks for the melody gifts and for puttin a light on Abel and his twisted world.

Viva Toronto! proud of me through you!

yung06chick said...

That's what's up!!!!!!
*Much Love Sent Your Way*

mj said...

Drake lets fornicate

DDBLG said...

Appreciate the hustle, but give your fans some more depth homie!

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

Megan said...

Everybody! Check this new rapper!
Just click my name.

Chearavanont said...

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