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Friday, October 29, 2010

BlackBerry Photos


cartoonboy09 said...

share some of that wealth. - Obama. LoL

Zeke said...

Nice Bron got the custom fit on that, I need that too! 40 and bottles on ice, stacks on deck as well!

Elizabeth said...

you like the Lucky Nites?

wish I was gonna see yall tomorrow in Houston :(



hustleGRL said...

I love how Oliver titled that photo with all the 1s "Blowing Money Fast" lol.

Michael Oz said...

That was at King of Diamonds Miami for Drake's Bday. It was off the hook. Shout out to drakes management especially the girl thats name I didnt catch but she was running around holding everything down that night for Drake and his peoples. Good Job if anyone knows who Im talking about let me know.

Anonymous said...

hello Drake!!

$exyRed said...

Drakkke when r u comming to the south? we love you down here too!! well keep up the good work babe...

Adam-Conrad-Rutter said...

id do anything in the world! to get on a track with you! ill get you into the worlds best travel club exclusice lifetime free!! pay u five grand just for one song no joke!!! plz hit me up aubrey we can make some tight music i know youll like my style especially mixed with you and me together?? plz ill do anything.... anything!!! FREE WEEZY>>>>>>>>>>>>>FREE WEEZY>>> forever the music legend more then pac =]

Anonymous said...

Met Drake last night in Houston,you must write your lyrics from the heart"And people seem to notice every time I do smile.
I guess that mean they come few and far between" so true, never seen anything like your life.

Anonymous said...

http://modelbubbles.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/Modelbubbles

noelle said...

Here is a treat, i don't believe in tricks, ;)


Unknown said...

fuckme thats a beautiful shot. upscalelifestyleblog.blogspot.com

nick jasien said...

bring OVO to houston.
i was at reliant to see drake on friday and i got to meet 40 and CJ, they were good people.
houton loves drizzy, and the H would love an OVO fest

Anonymous said...

Drake come back to T.O love yah ;)

randy hargrove said...

Fanned Drake u my myths loving dude I hope I get a chance to c u b4 I die. I ducking love whAt u do. Tell it boss to step aside its ur time to shine hit me up on face book I live ur lyrics every day I love u man rankenco1010@gmail.com

g said...

im gonna check that book out cuz im going crazy now a dayz i dont know if its me or if im just that insane!!haha omg. that studio is so nice very pretty the wood o. so classsy -.- an dark :) haha

g said...

"G" yes!:)<< amaretto is good especially in cakes LMFAO.

G said...

im buggn out! anotherr daay of nothing. u know what i say when is what..this life what am i doing what am i here for.. well that was more of when i was younger but why is it taken so longg wtfk is goingg on...?? its the worse i wont get into thiss.lmao omann life is sobeautifuL.

g said...

w inthehell

Anonymous said...


beastin-on-the-rink said...

damm mad money haha! when r u comeing to the bay area so i could buy tickets?

beastin-on-the-rink said...

when r u gonna be in the bay area so i could buy tickets.

Anonymous said...

lebron is a traitor and cleveland is still about to do it big without him. you break promises you break support. such a big "important" man needs all the support he can get.

Anonymous said...

u spending that Fancy money, huh 40? see u in NY.

Anonymous said...

" Precipitation " lol. Love it.

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