Thermochromatic fabric. The molecules of the micro pigments encapsulated change the direction of light and vary in tone depending on the temperature. When exposed to cold, the camouflage print will fade away and the garment will tend to get dark grey.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stone Island EST 1982


Nisha said...

Oh wow it changes color? How fancy haha. That's awesome. I kinda want one.

KelvinAlf said...

Damn Nisha that was quick.

Eitay said...

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
Where can i get it from...........

Aj said...

yeah it changes colour but it looks gay in all of them

ilovedrakeeee said...

if that was in pink ... it would be mine :]♥

the_blue_sprite17 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chantii said...

It changes colour?! That's. Sick.

Probably costs a lot...Can't lie, I kinda want one, lol.

Jennyfer said...

they should make a female versionn of these ..its crazyy how technologyy influencess fashionn!

hitman13 said...

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jose said...

" Oh you fancy, haaa..."

Nisha said...

Lmaoooo Kelvin shut up, I'm just fast like that...pause (as u would say) :) ahahaha

Anonymous said...

Id prolly buy it just don't like the army colors when it fades good idea tho

noelle said...

Princess, WHO is gonna wear that? Cept Ye??


noelle said...

Can you REALLY show someone a good time in that??? Alaska??

noelle said...

It's ok oliver, when I move to CO, we can hit the slopes...................... my log cabin vacay house in the mountains, lol.

noelle said...

That's aside form my real house there, u know

ρ h i l s k i ' 8 2 said...

...yo sour, i need one of dem

Qustom Queen said...

like my color changing custom sneakers

kramerica said...

fashion changes with technology? they've had this technology FOREVER. my mom had gloves that did the same thing back in the late 80s early 90s

Agence d’hotesses Paris said...

Too superb and nice blog about fashion.

Reggie Reg said...

A living jacket...

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