I drove by Swansea Muse today, a small projects in the west end of Toronto that i grew up close to. When I was a young kid in toronto Crooks were some of the only people in the city doing rap music. I used to always look up to them, and wonder, how they did it. Gotta pay homage to those who came before us. Shout out Kevin M, Adam, Jr and Jr.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crooks Of Da Round Table


tommy said...
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ChantelleTU said...

love you 40 :) ok bye lol

tommy said...

It's nice to pay homage to Canadian artist especially in the HIP HOP genre as HIP HOP was not excepted back then as it is now. YZ was my favourite Canadian rapper with the hit single "Thinking of a Master Plan."

Black Berry Productions

Nisha said...

LMFAOOOO Chantelle omgsh you would be the one to post that u love him on here. I can't. Lol anyway though. Yess I agree with tommy it's nice to pay homage to these artists. I didn't really listen to them but I kinda like the song that you've posted here.

Jason said...

Love Drizzy, big props 2 the Canadian artists grindin hard out there. Peeps don't know how hard it iz 2 make it main stream comin outta Canada. Keep it up, let em know Drake!

Robby G. said...

40 I met u at the Drake concert at Oakland University in Michigan. U kept it so real man. U honestly were one of the nicest people I ever met. It was so cool cuz u were walkin down the center aisle an I was the only one who recognized u so u chopped it up with me for a minute Lol! Man thats gonna stick with me forever! Ur too dope, an I respect u way too much...I feel like we honestly need to just kick it man. Maybe you could give me some advice, I'm 19 an have the world on my shoulders...sound familiar? OVO ALL DAY! u should email me 40, it would be an honor to get to know u better an be ur friend.

tommy said...

Lets not forget Maestro Fresh West. Maestro put Canadian Hip Hop on hte map.

Black Berry Productions

Anonymous said...



Suraya said...

good song!

datrawhiphop said...


Bombchell said...

nice song!

long time no post.

sam said...

just want 2 say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out streetwearcouture.blogspot.com and let us no wat u think. thank u

ChantelleTU said...

hey 40 you are missed on twitter. :)

Ivy aka Karma's blog said...

what year was this track released?

Mack said...

**Swansea Mews

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