Drake forecasts the nights events.

Monday, August 2, 2010

OVO FEST: Jay-Z & Eminem


Arun said...

Best Concert I've Ever Been To.

All I Saw Was Fireworks!

Anonymous said...

I Saw Fireworks!!!

jemuel said...

fireworks. best concert ive ever been to yet. drizzy was fire! em and jayz was off the hook

Nisha said...

Adds to the epicness of the concert. I love Em and Jay, I was hyped when they came out and I wasn't even at the concert (lol). (And I still can't rap all of Em's verse in Forever, I try to rap the whole thing whenever I hear his verse lol). The videos take a while to load though (or maybe it's just me and my slow laptop haha) but I'm pretty sure I'll have a longer comment once I watch the video lol.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep saying drake and trey songz are bisexual?

Anonymous said...


you doing another pokerstars event again?
I was so close to getting in last time, i got 3 outted in the qualifier.

I would kill to play with you.

Trilla said...

Congrats Drake!!!

Check out my blog We got new songs by Game, Wakka Flocka, & Nicki Minaj & Jay Sean!!!!!





Anonymous said...

i almost cried when eminem came out, that was the most fantastic, amazing, BEST FUCKING CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. i love you drake (L)

sa said...

FIREWORKS. From start, and especially to finish. These videos don't do justice to how intense it was!

Danica said...

Drizzy, you made your home town feel appreciated.

Thanks for a concert that goes down in the history books.

I think its time to thank you now...

Harshey said...

if this concert becomes annual.. you have my word i will move to Toronto just to go every year!

Anonymous said...


SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Gaaaaahdamn! I was gettin chills like I was there man. hahaha.

Shit looked like it was AMAZING!

You gotta come to San Diego one more time so I can watch you perform!

I love you Drizzy!

xo Nicole

Khadiijah said...

Best Concert Ever
SO Much Good People Were There
especially Eminem
Only If Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj Were There
I Just Wish I Got Backstage Passes

errol said...

simply beautiful. such a visionary. this is so big. thank him now.

Weini M. said...

I didn't tell my friends I saw a Rap Concert, or a Drake concert.... I told them I saw Fireworks :) Thank you for an amazing night, Drake. You made TO proud, and we won't forget any time soon. It was the best show of my LIFE.

Shakie said...

Drake..Most Definitely the BEST Toronto ever had.All I saw was FIREWORKS! You put on for your city and we are so grateful for all that you do for us, you have given this city someone to believe in, something to be proud of and your successes will always be in our hearts we're rooting for you..I'm still recovering

It's time to thank Drizzy now, dont cha' think?

Bj ''Mr2MuchSwaaG'' said...


Danica said...

So I am jealous! I missed the May concert in H-town [Baby!] and these comments are teasing, and the online videos... So October "its going down" as we say down here, can't waayyt :) {yippee} keep posting Oliver. I wanna be on tour w/ ya'll!! Looks like fun!
~God Bless

The Name$ake said...

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Anonymous said...

This is what hip hop shows are all about. Wish I could have been there. We got love out here in Cali for Drake!


Anonymous said...

best concert i have ever been to aubrey! you made TO feel so appreciated! love that YOU are representing our city =)

Amanda said...

It was AMAZING. Honestly the best concert I have ever been too.

Was a tad jealous of the girl you brought onstage...just a tad ;)

Jess said...

Opening with 9AM Dallas made my night complete within the first song! Never did I think I'd hear that, my fav :)

Bringing Em and Jay was unreal. Thank you SO much. It was a treat to tear myself away from the lakes for that, would do it a thousand times over, it ended far too quickly!

young spita said...

damn wish i lived in canada,nc sucks dick

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Anonymous said...

drake barely sang his own song

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