Nom De Guerre

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nom De Guerre Fall 2010


Nisha said...

Nice. Every one of those pictures has a story to tell. Well you know what they say though, a picture's worth a thousand words. I really like the last two pictures for some reason. And I like the first picture with the feather.

Shannon A. S. said...

All of these pictures are very chic and elegant. They show that black is beautiful from the male perspective and not just from a female standpoint. Beautiful!

Nteague1 said...

damn booty draws, he not even cute..LOL. Jk, he a model. And not fat, on top of that! Ok, gotta get up and get some shoes. Mom called from NY to make my appt. for me, smh. She just hopping states like Kanga..

Nteague1 said...

Done, and even got snacks for the dogs!!

Erin Pea said...

wouldn't mind seeing your nom de guerre wardrobe all over my bedroom floor.

rhea said...

what pea said.

Danica said...

wow, this is intense. Pro: kept my interest, I want to know more. Con: we're missing someone, Drake! your needed on set! ;) tee hee... I see the fashion forward attempts, and love the risks taken, and attention to the cut. Tailored well, cool style, interesting statements, best wishes you guys:).
~always love what you do!

luciano said...

i love the darkness from a strength and aesthetic aspect. every piece looks defined and tailored for that specific individual which makes this collection stand out.

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Josele said...

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