Sometimes when I'm filming, i switch to camera and take a picture. Almost all the real life pics of drake posted on here have been shot that way. Its cool to know there's footage to go along with all the pictures.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real Life Pictures


M!XX said...

i think i could be a valuable asset to the team... you need someone from chicago anyways..

Angel said...

hey you guys are fuckin awesome i swear
keep up all the work so far ive been liking all of your producing 40 and drake tell him to keep doing what he does! - Martin

foxxy said...

and that footage will be available....?

thisis Jordan said...

Thank Me Later.. anticipating the album keep Making that real good karma music. T.O Stand up!

Girls and Stereotypes said...

looks like drake is hard at work..i actually can't wait for the album to come out..i noe its gonna be legendary....keep up the hard work and continue reppin our city.. Toronto is where its at.. ps.40..i c u..ur work is amazing dude!!
-holla at my blog..just started it and i got some great photos of Drizzy from the America's Most Wanted Tour in Toronto

- GoodLuck with everything guyz :)

Agent M said...


Y'all need to make a section for those type of photos and videos. It's interesting to see y'all putting in the work. So pls more behind the scenes!

Keep up the hard work!!

Toronto holla at your boy!!ALREADY!!!

Bombchell said...

so what are you filming

ps: blogger has videos ;) lol

cj said...

i expect there to be a behind the scenes 'making of TML' type of thing to come along with the release of the album. I am as much interested in the album as in the process that went along with making it

naschek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naschek said...

lets hang outttt

Joycelynn said...

wow look at the big ass minute maid lol and i like u 40

G. Ness said...

If that's the case ya'll should do a "Fade To Black"-Esque DVD to go along with the album. call it "Before You Thank Me" or something along those lines....

StephsWorld-x said...

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Playa Rabbit said...

Keep Grindin

LiLMeXiCo said...

is that right, u should share some of ur footage too.. although y'all do have a lot of ish on youtube too lol I see y'alls brain food, chips N minute maide lemonade ha lol

GRL1da said...

james said...

Did someone say Documentary?

I could see TML having a deluxe edition with some of this footage you have. That would be NIICCCE!!

Fresh Cut said... Aint tryin to jack the comment subject but Check me out peepz! If you want any muzic writin hit me up on the blog spot. Will be recording soon so ill let you all no. BIG UP DRIZZY DRAKE THE NEXT BIG THING SINCE PAC N BIG FLOWIN SICKER THAN SWINE FLU haha !!! Get at me Bro Peace.

Dee said...

Oliver!!! Tell Drizzy I forgive em for not coming to Beaumont,TX last night cuz! Jan 5th to be exact LoL!... I went see em in Houston too, but he couldn't come "Put On" from where his Uncle is from!?! HaHa Sup wit dat!? DeeWorldIsYours.BlogSpot.Com

Nteague1 said...

Besides your sexcapades, what do you film?!

Nteague1 said...

I heard Willie Mitchell died. Did your dad know him Drake? How is he taking that?

lawanda said...

drake, drake, drake drake drake..... lol! i wish i didnt miss seeing u when u came down to mississippi... (if u showed) i wanted 2 call in, but u no how dat go... gotta get dat mula!


lynow said...

40 I see you! ..Oh I see you homie!

Brittney said...


btw 40 your are so dope!

cruzgonz3 said...

ur such a hard working man!!!...keep up d good work!!!

cruzgonz3 said...

what a hard working man...luv it

Tk Hero said...

C'mon 40. At least give us a TML teaser of somethin'

MaLLY said...

You need a maid.... ha

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

Lava Lamp - Classic! lol.

Check this out:

(Toronto Based of course)

Jay said...

"Cause I was staying home
When they was having fun
So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won. "

There's nothing like life in the studio. Respect. I've got some beats I'd love to share with you, 40. Hoping you have a minute to listen. Straight out of the DMV. Keep the music flowing, brother.


brea said...

i love you guys<3

biejansky said...

it's funny that you call them "real life pictures," maybe that was without purpose, but i like them alot more than the posed fake life pictures.

brea said...

you guys are the best team.

Fire Boosh said...

" What you mean you ain't heard?
I come highly recommended
Everybody my friend, even if they been offended
They ain't really got a choice, it's an obvious decision
You tryna make a come up in my city, it's a given
Plus a nigga famous
Plus I got a vision
Not to mention havin' bars like a mothafuckin' prison
They takin' too long
Their records on hold
They threatened by my presence
'Cause I make them feel old"


Trevon said...

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Say cheese said...

See this the type of joint you gotta dedicate to somebody
Just make sure they that special somebody

Say cheese said...

See this the type of joint you gotta dedicate to somebody
Just make sure they that special somebody

Ana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Heap said...

One question...where's the footage? That's what we all wanna know. We all wanting to see that footage!

Mrs said...

When will you be coming to NYC or Nassau Long Island on Tour you have fans here too :(

nee said...

pretty hot! good way to look back on memories.

Nico said...

Will a DVD come out, cause I will be all over that.

starr said...

if only i could introduce myself 2 the mastermind behind "comeback season", but im 2 young 2 meet aubrey.

Maiyya said...

you guys are so real :) i lovee it

V said...

This is just an ill ass pic, point blank.

plz follow me @

Tadasha said...

-The Best :)

Austin! White said...

it's a very inspiring vibe that particular studio puts off. I like to write and produce with my "glade" air freshener on that also glows a multi-colored neon spectrum. I agree with what M!xx said. Cept the whole "valuable" asset part. I do however think you guys should have a session listening and brainstorming over one of my Instrumentals. For real...

lovebug77 said...

Hello! he's a mac person and I'm a mac the picture. wish i was sitting right next to him and see what it's like...
ps- don't work too hard, ur music/the beat/the sound/the lyrics are very different, very nice, words can't describe

lizzyhazard said...

I love how Drizzy always seems so focused.... keep it up ;) nothing sexier then a hard workin man...
and I think it's cute how there a lemonade bottle instead of some name droppin bottle of alcohol

squeak said...

Drizzy hard at work:)

Fire Boosh said...



IslandChynaDoll said...

40 - your beats are awesome - hope you will be doing the majority of the production on TML - your beats fit Drake's rhymes - raw, real and honest.

Love it. Keep up the good work -

Btw, please swing by Jersey City (a show at the Garden, the Meadowlands or the Nassau Coliseum will suffice) - we want to see you!

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Sandra. J said...

Cool Pic. Them large candles go a long way.

Anonymous said...

i like any picture as long as it has drake in it!

Malcolm said...

How does nobody notice the BROWNIES on the table haha

viagra online said...

If that's the case ya'll should do a "Fade To Black"-Esque DVD to go along with the album. call it "Before You Thank Me" or something along those lines..

Anonymous said...

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Gigi said...

It's great that Drake has a brother like u documenting all his journeys. He will definitely appreciate it when he gets old and is looking back @ all his precious moments!

Thanks for keeping us up to speed with Drake! I appreciate it! :)

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