Saturday, September 26, 2009

Money To Blow


dai said...

where the money at???

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

Only one glitch...."Comin to you live from ....HOUSTANATLANTAVEGASTORONTO"

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

Twitter pic is too sweet...awwww

dai said...

scorpios da gods.

HeroHalo (H2) said...

If you like "Forever" by Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem, check out the DOPE remix HERE:

If you liked that one, also check out my remix of "Run This Town" by Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West HERE:


sequo!a said...

cool beans

stephen said...

drizzy go hard...

JS1984 said...

best drake video so far...hook is badass

remedy said...

liked it better when it was drake's song...

Jane said...

Ok it's a good video but Drake it's a bit cliche, you know rapping about the money and the things you buy. You're really a smart guy and you could be part of changing this rap game. You could actually throw in some lines that comment on the world around you, ya know. Your smart I hear it in the interviews so show us what you really got.

vcad said...

Not my favorite track, i like the more real shit, you know you can be different and better than the rest of these rappers

waytoobossy said...

Ha Oliver! I posted it before you did :) Your slipping on your pimpin slacking on your macking... or something like that!
Anyways what the fuck yall talking about? I love his video. 1st because Drake is finally rapping directly to the camera (he usually is in profile) so I can see all that sexyness and I love every moment of that. Isn't that Birdman's daughter in the video too? She is way cute. Ugh and i think Drake can get away with one song about money... its not like its this big trending topic for him. He deserves his success so I think he should be able to gloat at least on one song damn give him a break. My brother just turned 23 and I sent him a text that said "I am on a 24hr champagne diet, spilling while I am sipping I encourage you to try it!" LOL and he LOVED it.... I hadda give props to Drake cuz my bro knows I cant rap. Anyway I love it. My Fav part is Drake's verse. And ya'll gonna be alright if ya'll put Drake on every hook LOL

Nteague1 said...

Speaking of blowing, I saw a picture of you with a Black & Mild in your hand, and that brings a continuous flow of tears to my eyes, because Hey! I do that , too! I LOVE the video, btw.

Nteague1 said...

I was like, can you believe it?? Drake blooows

sweet*17 said...

I love this vid! =]

JasmaineDrizzy said...

I Love It Love It Lovvveeee It!

D Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy said...

Great video and it says alot about Drizzy musical talent in general. Note that this track was once his, but if he feels secure enough to donate a certified banger to enough artist....

It shows alot of confidence and how secure he is as a artist...

Can't help but to appreciate that.

JhuntdaProdigy said...

Yall are talking like Drake is just another stereotypical rap artist. So what if he comes out with a song about his money every now and then. As long as he still continues to deliver a steady amount of real shit in his music, what's the problem? We need ice rap, just a much as we need introspective rap. Tight video Drizzy, can't wait to hear shut it down with you and Dream.

Lexie_chicago_xoxo said...

So Drake, if you got money to blow why don't you blow some on me? :( xoxo

Nteague1 said...

I am with above, Drake can you blow me, too?

Nteague1 said...

money on*

Nteague1 said...

Because I like you, you like money, and I like you, too!

Ill Will said...


StarofDR52 said...

woord, Drake definitley can have some songs about money, I just can't wait until the reeeal songs come out on video! I been on this song for a while and I love the hook.

Fire Boosh said...

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Nteague1 said...

Drake, I KNOW girls give up the digits, but imma be different. What's yours?

Nteague1 said...

Because, your song is on in the club. Actually, Young Money's shit..yo shit :)

Nteague1 said...

Lets be ooonest..:)

J said...

Stepping stones my friends, stepping stones. This is only the beginning for Drake. He's getting his name out there and collaborating with as many artists as he can and when the time comes his OWN album will be dope.

Ill Will said...


Aaron said...

Good job wit the Vid... and Drake actually loooked at the camera ha! glad to c him more in the vid

but Birdman Sucks... needed to be more Drake and Wayne... but glad to c Jay Sean in the vid! - can't wait till that Jay Sean and Drake Track!

CheezyDoDo said...

Drake killed this shit,this shit goes so hard in the ride !!!

Wayne did his thing also,but thats akways

birdman is ight also

Ernst said...

I'm not knocking the video. I like it. I just thought it was funny that he made it rain in the video right after he was just in hov's song saying that he was "off that." lol. But w/e man. Your music is dope.

spareld said...

I should have been in this video

HeroHalo (H2) said...

If you like "Forever" by Drake, check out the DOPE remix HERE:

If you liked that one, also check out my remix of "Run This Town" by Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West HERE:


Ill Will said...


J Storm said...

Hey, I wrote a verse to this - it fits in Birdman's part...Let me know what you think:

Suck that rubber band off my dick like I got money to blow
White lines look like football fields use my money for blow
It’s my money you know
Cuz it’s cash like Jessica
Alibi when they find me cuz it’s young like Selena (sell-in-a), haha
Yeah, I’m on a roll with this money
Fronted, but ain’t frontin’ hit behind with them honeys
My money rainin’ so much it’ll never be sunny
And call me Plaxico cuz I will always be gunning, yes sir
This is, my shot to be a star
I put my appendages in e’ry pornstar
Yes, so far gone go so far
With help from CS, we driving rental cars
Don’t make sense so I’ll explain the last bar,
Need rents cuz we touch down in er’y city like Brett Favre
Ha, we so money never have to charge,
And we will drive that money to forever make it ours!

The Heap said...

Stopped listening/watching after Drake's verse. I'm sure Lil Wayne's is cool...but it would've been better just with Drake on the track by himself. And why y'all ever put Birdman on the track? SMH!

Nteague1 said...

Hello sexual..sorry I am high :P

eknowsnas401 said...

thumbs up. i would have tweaked a few things though lol. either way drake's verse is my SH*T!

Kevon said...

stop hating on birdman....he made it possible for wayne...and wayne helped make it possible for your dues and respect..if you got nothing nice to say....don't say anything

Antwan said...

The video is nice, the powder milk came out dope... lol
The Line "and we gon be alright if we put Drake on ever hook"

KierraSophia said...

I agree w/Remedy I liked this song better when it was just Drake's. I have a feelin that Young Money is about to milk this cow (Drake) for all it's worth.....I'm starting to think Young Money was a bad idea....

waytoobossy said...

Yall are fuckin trippin if u think Lil Wayne is taking advantage of Drake. I mean SERIOUSLY u are fuckin delusional. That is one of the biggest insults that I have heard ever directed to Lil Wayne and I do NOT appreciate it and I am sure Lil Wayne and Drake would not appreciate it either.

Nteague1 said...

KierraSophia, Drake is not out of his mind. You sure he isn't the one pimping Young Money?? I mean, think about it. He is the one in demand right now, he is the with the highly anticipated album about to drop, he is the one that got picked to work with Jay-Z. When Wayne worked on American Gangster, he broke records once his shit got released last year..think about it.

Nteague1 said...

Sure the revenue will be a good look for Young Money, but Drake had a pretty little contract package agreement..did you read the fine print??

waytoobossy said...

:) i found a website for the Drake fans. It has alot of his interviews on it that I think gives a lot of insight into Drizzy.

I posted one of my favorites on to my blog too.

Thank Me Later :)

Ill Will said...


Marki said...

What's those boots Drake had on?

SumLite said...

this video was tough. Check out Let's Do Lunch.. at

h.douglasII said...

exactly what i wanted from a "Money to blow" type video

Ill Will said...


LMo said...

Why is this now Birdman's song?! Im confused.

Ill Will said...


babiigurl508 said...


Jesse said...


Badí said...

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