Thursday, September 24, 2009

J.Cole Speaks on Drake


Nteague1 said...

Why do you speak in 3rd person?

Nteague1 said...

There are about 3 of you running this site, huh? I always forget..

Nico said...

Who is dude?
Like i dont know you.

steven said...

i appreciate j. cole's honesty and the way he handled those questions. clearly the radio host was trying make him say some all and all, j.cole is talented as well with the wordplay, flow, and lyrics. at least he recognizes drake's talent and lane.

Blaqphamas said...

@Nico, this is RocNation's 1st hiphop signing... in terms of lyrical skill he's up there with Drake but so far, my honest opinion is Drake offers more musically... I swear, my obituary will have a section that says mail my accapella's to October's Very Own just so I can do one song with him (Drake).

Peep this...
Jay-Z - Already Home (Remix) FT Kid Cudi & Blaqphamas

Joycelynn said...

Everday a star is born..clap for em...clap for em.

foxxy said...

and i LOVE that ppl don't know him. he's kinda where drizzy was a year ago. probably won't be as widely-accepted which he realizes, but that's fine w/me. less ppl to share him with lol.
can't wait til y'all work togetherrrr.

Finy Shaw said...

No diss to Drake, cause he's talented. But for the sake of conversation.. J. Cole has a better chance of being considered a Jay or a Pac or a BIG then Drake will ever have if you REALLY sit down and think about the shit. And for many reasons but ima point out the most obvious yet most controversial.. Drake isn't from the streets. Let me take that back, cause I don't know where the fuck he was at, Drake isn't 'considered' from the streets. So he will never have that appeal and that true emotion. Even though he speaks on shit we've all been through.. I don't think it'll ever get respected as much as when a person such as J. Cole speaks on it.

Anonymous said...

@Finy Shaw,
no shots at u or anything, cause you're just stating your opinion, and i respect that. but your comment sounds pretty immature.

i know when you say, 'drake won't be considered the next big, pac or jay' you're saying the next legend who came from the streets.. but really, who is checking for someone from the streets anymore? do you want him to be spittin about all the crack he sold or the shots that were fired at him? cause really, that doesn't seem to merit much these days.

or maybe you think that if you're not from the streets, then your life doesn't have that same weight in emotions and hardship...

all i'm saying is.. if the audience is checking for only artists that came up through the grit, then we all lost. gotta diversify!

with that being said, j-cole is dope. but ain't nobody fuckin' with drake or toronto.

Finy Shaw said...


You misread me. When I say from the streets.. that's exactly what I meant, from it. Not rapping about it there's a difference. J. Cole's from the streets, yet in none of his records will you hear gun talk or crack sales. But because he's actually from the streets.. his music appeals more true the Drakes. That's the error in the game I was getting at. Then again like I stated before, I don't know if Drake is from the streets, seems like he's not and that's just based on his demeanor not his records. Then again, that's an assumption.

J.D.S. said...

What would it be like to have JCole be your boss at J C Penny?

waytoobossy said...

First Off it was NOT funny when he fell and hurt himself on stage AT ALL! It wouldve been if he didnt get seriously injured but my love had to have freaking SURGERY cuz of it. AND he missed out on the rest of the tour so I didnt even get to see him in KC (which totally broke my heart!). 2nd off J Cole is right in saying that this is Drake's destiny and that all his stars aligned and thats why he is getting his shine on right now. Drake is VERY talented and deserves all of the success in the world.

And for those of all trynna say he will be or will NOT be the next Pac and Big... there will NEVER be another Pac or Big, or JayZ or Lil Wayne for that matter. The reason why is because they all brought something to the game that no other artist has and they are artists that cannot be copied. Just like there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson. Also Drake DOES NOT need to rap about drugs and voilence and selling crack to kids to be considered talented and worthy of his hype in hiphop. Drake spits the TRUTH! Whatever he has gone through or is going through is what he talks about. That is EXACTLY what I look for in an Artist, HONESTY. If I can't trust your music then I cant trust you or be a fan and Drake is one of those people that you just believe, he speaks from within himself. To sit here and say he has an emotional disconnect from hiphop because he isn't from "the streets" is complete bullshit. If you have EVER listened to the lyrics he spits you can FEEL that shit, you can feel his pain and his happiness. So ya'll are either deaf or ignorant.

And Drake is lucky enough to be raised in Canada but also have roots down south in Memphis so he doesnt have to go down that segregated path of hip hop that so many other artist had to (ex. Pac and Big). Since he doesn't make it about MY HOMETOWN MY CITY MY WHATEVER he can appeal to a mass amount of people because there is not that regional segregation which is another thing that I love about him.

Anyways like I previously stated Drake deserves all of the success in the world. One day his shit may get so tight that we can say there will NEVER be another Drake. Who knows. If he keeps doing what he is doing then that all might fall into place for him as well.

(can u feel all the passion I got for ya boy? lol)

Jennifer said...

man.that interview pisses me off. but j cole was right. drizzy's stars aligned, and his flow (all aspects) ARE perfect to mainstream music. but he left out that there is something special about drakes music which draws people in. something that not alot of artists possess. Kanye is like that too. Wayne. Hov as well, to some, maybe not all. When i listen to drake i can relate to what he's rappin about and it sits within me. honestly i dont listen to much else anymore, with the exception of the few i listed above. but respect goes to j.cole for not bein a hater.

Nteague1 said...

I THINK what J.Cole said is necessary. People love Drake, and need to realize he is on The path to making it.

Mogul said...

Yeah he was dodging the question but I'm glad he didn't go in on Drake because he wouldn't respond anyway.

Finy Shaw said...

Guess it's a bit bios tryna' have a healthy debate about Drake on HIS blog. Not saying the nigga aint got no talent, or he weak. He's doing his thing.. as a true hip hop fan, maybe my views are a bit skewed to that mainstream shit. Never said neither Cole or Drizzy was the next Pac or BIG, obviously there wont be a next one. For the SAKE OF ARGUMENT, I said, J. Cole has a better chance of being CONSIDERED up there with them, then Drake does for a number of reasons, but I chose to disclose one. Not to take nothing from Drake. He's a GREAT artist but a good rapper. Cole is the other way around, and because of that.. He'd have a better chance. That's all.


Jealousy is too easy to read/watch through these days...period.

I don't feel J.Cole, he just doesn't move me, but that's not to say he isn't appealing [||] to others.

*He says, "the super duper buzz guy or to be over-hyped (hand movements included) or whatever the case is" and then people in the room laughed, and he laughs with them.

^J.Cole Not cool.

*Why does he say Drake is perfect for "Mainstream"? WTF! Nikka please, Drake is dope for anybody and he's just able to move popular culture.

^J.Cole Not Cool.

*And how does an artist say, "My buzz ain't that big because it's not suppose to be that big?" Umm...huh!? Nikka, go in [||]!

^J.Cole Not Cool.

Now though he rectifies himself by complimenting Drake, still, this nikka is suspect.

And REAL TALK, when Drake fell, I never laughed, what type of shit is that? This dude isn't ok with Drizzy's stature...but then again, who is, vvright?

A Drake Song > A J.Cole w| Hov ON IT; EVER!


retigitom said...

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retigitom said...

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BAUSTIN said...

Fuck where a dude is from. Its about talent and Drake is talented, bottom line. Who wants to be the next Big or Pac? You have never seen anyone that sounds like Drake witch means hes original and hes bringing something new.

J.Cole needs to mind his own and get his own.

See people stopped listening to Charles Hamilton when he was hatting on Soulja Boy.

Ms. Dramatic said...

First off, the interviewer was tryna get J. Cole to say some ish abt Drizzy, but he answered well. Everyone is entitled to their own view and opinion. But I didnt understand what J. Cole meant abt Drizzy, being good for mainstream or whatever???? Seems like a shot to me. Secondly, he is right that it's just Drake's time right now, you really cant fight the momentum. Lastly laughing when he fell and seriously hurt himself, is really immature and LAME. Shit is lame, lets hope none of them fall and get fucked up, cause they wouldnt want anyone to laugh now would they!

He is talented and getting his. Nukkas gon hate. Damn which newcomer can say they have , Kanye West, Em & Lil Wayne on one of their tracks????


Drizzy to the world!

Anonymous said...


donell said...

J. Cole all day.. fuck you talkin bout.. NamE ONE DRAKE SONG.. thats fucking with J. Cole's "Back To The Topic" freestyle. Bet you can't.

EQ said...

Love both Drake and J Cole!!

He handled that well. The interviewer was madd shady.

Watch yo' back Drizzy!

Aaron said...

good interview.. glad J.Cole (even thoguh iv neevr heard of him before) didnt go out and try to be all big and like talk shit about Drake - respects on that!

Joshua Vazquez said...

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

Some of you guys are really sensitive. J. Cole didnt mean anything by the mainstream comment and Drake is GREAT for mainstream meaning he will be more successful then most artist b/c he's blending genres. Drake is a multifaceted musician and it comes across in his music and the fans see that and at the end of the day that's what'll make him successful. and lol laughing when he fell... not like dude was there watching him he probably saw it on youtube like 99% of us did and its easier to laugh at the fact when you know the person is fine.

Justin. L. Cabrera said...

What is J.Cole Doingg.
Octobers Very Own posted his freestyle it was Fire, thats equivalent to showing him love.

and now he comes at drake like this. yeah the talk show guy was asking questions on purpose, but as a artist you should know how to dodge those questions. he didnt even bother and laughed.

In all honesty this could to were Roc Nation and Young Money get into a Battle to hype the listeners up while making money off both drake and J.Cole when theres really not beef.

Justin. L. Cabrera said...

I'm taking a few of those words back, re seeing the vid. jcole is complamenting drake

Fuck LA Leakers tho.

Sup Oliver :D

Sammy said...

drake all day

Jeremy said...

Both of them are equally as nice. Each one has their own lane. Respect it and get over it.

And yes, I do agree with J. Cole. Drake stars were already in alignment (i.e. The Degrassi) so people where going to listen intially off of that. ... whether to slam him or not. Moreover, Drake openly admits to that which is why people love him---> Honesty.
Not discrediting Drakes talent, because believe me I'm a BIG fan.

But, you can't deny the fact that his buzz already had somewhat of a foundation. That's just fact and you can't argue with that.

So please people, don't create any confusion and let a man have his own opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own.

And honestly, whats the benefit of posting this on the site anyways? Some shit could be started off of this.....

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Malcriao said...

Yo Drake, how you doin man, Im a graphic designer out of Boston, and I was wondering if you were interested in a design for your blog spot. If so, you can have someone hit me back with an email and let me know if you diggin the thought. Much love



Dot Tha Great said...

I do think that J.cole handled the questions well. The interviewer came out and stated that he didn't like Drake and J.Cole held him down without putting himself down.

And to be real, you can't compare Drake and J.Cole. They are two different artists who represent two different areas/styles. If you ever truely listen to their music, they rap about different subject matters, which makes them both unique in their own way. Its kinda like comparing Hov and Nas; you can't in the end, cause they both rap about different things with different styles but are considered the best in their own right.

In the end, as long as good music is still being made, I can care less who is next up for the crown. Cause there will never be another Jay-Z, Nas, Pac or BIG.... Let Drake be Drake and let J.Cole be J.Cole, so people can say, who is the next Drake/J.Cole

dubfifteen said...

this post was blogged by Oliver numb nuts.

S.Williams said...

Seeing how yall dont know who Jcole is proves that drake is great for mainstream because honestly alot of us can say we started checkin out drake because he was on degrassi jcole came from nothin and honestly no hate drake is one of my favorites right now but jcole is better and its because drake doesnt really have issues venturing outside of relationships and how ppl feel about him jcole talks about stuff i can relate to more often then drake does but shout out to both of em they doin they thing and jay co-signed drake jay actually SIGNED this dude

S.Williams said...

But I admit that the radio host guy is trying to start something/

Blaqphamas said...

People are SO defensive, fact is Drake IS mainstream... period, that doesn't make him wack.

J said...

Lemme tell you what's making Drake so hot right now as a new artist:
His voice (tone and flow), swagger, honesty, and the music/beats behind his lyrics.
J. cole was right in saying that everything is aligning for Drake and all those things are pushing him to the top.

Jeantrell Byas said...

^^^^^^^donell. That's a freestyle key word "free" Not a real song at all. Now say it with me now "So Far Gone" Drake put out that mixtape how long ago...and now its being sold in stores and on Itunes being bought by all the little white kids who are jocking off Successful...

Chavis said...

They both nice...J.Cole is in tha same position drake was in when he dropped Room For if j.cole is gonna blow then he will have to show it whenever he drops a cd. Becuz Comeback Season and So Far Gone got drake to where he is now...and thats "CONSISTENT" lyrical ability and songs that people could feel.

But Check out my boy Jim D mixtape..boy got bars and delivery is on POINT!!

Jskillz206 said...

damn..there are so many more ppl on this blog now since last year...i remember when there rarely use to be comments is a beast..Drizzy is a cannibal....eatin everybody in the game right now...the future looks bright.

foxxy said...

what in blue blazes... olivier, see what you done started?

Nteague1 said...

Your show is on, I am watching it :)

Anonymous said...


waytoobossy said...

I love to see Drake smile and in this interview he is all smiles and laughs (in his cute stripped shirt and his tea)!

Nteague1 said...

Can one of you post Drake's video??

Nteague1 said...


Anonymous said...


Adonis said...

The first single from Thank Me Later is called Shut It Down and features The Dream.

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...
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*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


kaysheezy! said...

Drake does the hook on a Jay-Z song.
J. Cole actually has a verse on a Jay-Z song.

Just sayin'...

Fire Boosh said...

check out my HIP HOP blog/ site


SumLite said...

Damn I guess this blog shit really does work.. hmm Let's Do Lunch @ btw Blaqphamas..i peeped the already home joint..we should talk.

YumDiddy said...

you cant compliment a guy...and then diss him right after. fuck that DJ for publicly hating on anybody let alone the only dude really makin good music constantly right now

J said...

"u kno i fucks wit da gucci mane and shit but when it comes down to it drake sets a whole different level in hip hop"

Saw that comment on youtube and about died. Something about the first line makes me laugh like no other.

I second, the second half of that comment.

LMo said...

I used to be the BIGGEST Drake-Head for years, but something changed in his appeal to me this year. Maybe it was the crazy hype he got,idk.

But what I will say, is J.Cole is THE TRUTH. If you are just commenting on this thread without listening to either The Come Up or The Warm Up..then I'd seriously consider taking a look at those.

To me, his content is way more conscious than Drakes. I can appreciate Drake's flow and his lyrics: he's dope. But man J.Cole is really sick wit it.

Anyway, I liked the vid. Word.

p.s. @kaysheezy!: i noticed that same ish! lol

astoldbybrody said...

J.cole kept it real and clean...but that dj was tryna get something started lol..somebody said j.cole has more of a chance being a Jay-z, pac or big...not true at all, the reason why all 3 of them are as big as they are is bcuz their styles appealed to everyone...drake has that and j.cole doesnt..dont get me wrong, j.cole is talented as hell but no girl is going to pick up a j.cole cd over a drake cd...simple as that

Anonymous said...

lol @ people getting all sensitive and choosing sides. nothing J Cole said was wrong or malicious. that bitch ass interviewer was tryin to start shit

this is why the media is so fucked up. u cant have a britney without a christina aguilera, a Pac without Biggie, a Brandy without a Monica.

you can like BOTH artists. the media tries to play up to small minded ppl and pit artists against each other and thats what this lame DJ was tryin to do and i think J Cole handled himself VERY well

and for the ppl saying they didnt laugh, y'all are lyin thru ur teeth! of COURSE its not funny when anyone gets hurt but im sure a lot of you laughed when Scarlett took a damn tumble. Shewt. When you know there was no damage on a grand scale a chuckle aint bad ... J Cole was in a bad position from jump with this interviewer. shit was tense and he was tryin to dodge some tough questions. maybe he needed to laugh about it to get rid of that tension.

p.s. i too, remember when no one was checkin for this blog & there were barely any comments made, LOL. funny shit.

Jai. said...

Shout out to LMo and Foxxy! lol

I too was THE biggest Drake-head ever!
Been on this man since 2004 musically!

But J.Cole took Drake's position as my fav. rapper but people arent giving him the chance he deserves.

But people will jump on eventually.
I did the same ish with Drake years ago; trying to tell people about him and they wouldnt listen until Wayne co-signed.
Sadly, alot of people only jump on the bandwagon when that beesh is at capacity.

Anonymous said...

lol i think im going to stop listening to hip hop for a while because all this talk about "you cant be considered a legend if u aint from the streets" thats bullshit plain straight forward u can talk about shit that you see with out actually living it everyday and oh because hes educated and doesnt speak always about the oppression of the hood hes not considered to be Legendary one day ? LOL well if thats what yall feel is hip hop then you all can keep that shit because its about Musicianship not about where you come from period...kanye is from the southside of chicago one of the most deadliest places in the country but he doesnt speak on that shit and so is common like ive said thousands of times before people need to stop paying attention to the lives of artist current or past because it tarnishes their music

Joseph!! said...

J. Cole is talented fsurree. but they each have a different style. Drake has those clever lyrics that make you think. i remember someone once said "Drake sucks cause he only raps with one syllable" e.g (rap and crap). and i thought about this and who ever stated that to be good as an artist you need to have multi syllable rhymes. yknow? Drakes strong suit is his metaphor. He raps about life, real shit.

No offense to J. Cole he is dope too. but his day will come eventually.

one more thing. if i were a rapper it would be a HUGE complement to be called the next pac or big. but that wouldnt be enough for me. artist these days should start trying to make a league of their own

Sean Yates said...

just celebrate good music folks, jcoles dope, drakes dope, cudis doing his thing

young dudes on the come up, hip hop aint dead


AddyNightLife said...

I like How he didnt take sides and just spoke his mind..

L.Vicious said...

the same reason lil wayne is considered hotter than jay z is the same reason drake is considered hotter than j cole. "quantity and style" over "quality and substance" is where the industry has been moving and will continue to move.

but talk to somebody who doesn't suck the radio teat, and they will tell you otherwise.

yall notice whats lining up tho?

kobe vs lebron
weezy vs jay
drizzy vs cole

i just wanna see all three.

Mark said...

drake is the best rapper alive

Corey said...

Drake used to rap completely different from the way he raps now...Not saying he fell off but I dug the more soulful Little Brother sounding music as opposed to his new music like Money to Blow or even some of the songs on So Far Gone...Im not sure if it was a business move or what but whatever u gotta do to get your money...Dont get me wrong he still dope...But J. Cole just has that below the radar appeal that drake used to have when he dropped Room For Imporovement...Both talented artist

Aaron said...

i'm sorry but anyone who says drake will be one of the best is stupid.
he hasnt even come out with a real album yet. i swear so many people act like they know hip-hop. Drake grew up rich and he was acting in the show degrassi as a guy in a wheel chair and you are just going to hand him the reigns after he had only a couple good tracks like best i ever had and forever but really when you think about drake isnt rapper he's a pop star. hip hop isnt about choruses its about telling the story of the struggles of themselves and their people ever since hiphop became about chains the whole purpose of it became diluted .
now j.cole hasnt released an album yet either however he has great lyrics much better than drakes and he was rappin on many classic beats in the mixtape the warmup and he did as good as andre 3000 on the beat,listen to cole's song i get up (he produced himself) he actually raps about real things drake doesnt talk about much at all (and he doesnt produce and he doesnt write his music well if at all) if j.cole started to make choruses like drake then he would be undoubtedly the better of the two but for now he is just a little bit better because hip-hop is all about lyrics without it there will be no substance therefore it would not be a legitimate genre but FOR ALL FANBOYS WAIT TILL THEY BOTH RELEASE THEIR OWN ALBUMS BEFORE YOU JUDGE WHO IS THE BETTER OF THE TWO and dont just follow drake because he's in young money being a media whore actually listen to j.cole's stuff and stop being ignorant you might actually like his stuff if actually try...

Josh1 said...

Why do people wanna stir up beef between two talented rappers.. J.Cole and Drake are the future and im happy for both of them. i hope they take the game to another level. Me being from the south is glad that we have someone like J.Cole and also Jay Electronica to rep us, and show the fact that we have good hip hop instead of these wack ass shit like OJ the Juiceman or Wack Flocka, shit even Gucci Mane.. Wayne is good dont get me wrong but these dudes talk about better things... THE END ps. Big Sean, Wale, XV, and Cudi

Anonymous said...

ummmm i wasn't even able to watch the whole thing because that just made me so flippin mad!! don't talk about drake like that at all!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

both of them are really different, a lot of people have their own confirmed bias showing, but for real both are talented just enjoy both of their music...just like enjoying jay, lupe, common, nas, pac, kid cudi, kanye, mos def, taleb kwali, the roots the rest of lists goes on.

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