Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake - Digital Girl Live On Conan O'Brien


Joycelynn said...

you posted that quick olivier

Anonymous said...

drake is a beast is verse is mad dope

Mr.Big Dreams said...

are you kidding me............ lol wow like i hope no 1 ever does another verse to that song ever ever lol wow kanye verse is nothin to that DRAKE doin his fuckin stuff man...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh I watched & recorded this! Completely freaking outtt while at it too.. Hemakesmehappy :)
Sexy mothertrucker, you must MarryyyyMe!


dearly beloved. said...

Ooooh sir oliver does not play...

Drake kilt it... once again!

Nicollette said...

Drake kilt it and looked amazing doing so. Def the best part of the show!
I see you got yo Yeezys on!! Hey hey hey hey!!

foxxy said...

lol saw this coming... that performance was a giant step for drake.

Chanteezy said...

watchin conan rite now! jamie just said drake was bouta perform wit em, i was like wait did i hear that right?! came on here and you already got it up hahaha

Freddie said...

photoshop line. and the last line. SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Stadium Music said...
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Stadium Music said...

WOW! Drake will be forever Ill!! Great work man.

MaLLY said...

He came hard...I have to give it up...he had a nice cameo verse that night...

Oh and I want those fucking yeezy's man...the greay preferably...

Keep doing ya thing Drizzy...

Anotha Time,


TRiNDi Couture said...

Drake goes in!!

omg...we all know the verse was hott. but, you have to watch his two step at the end. i think thats my favorite

Adonis said...
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Adonis said...

Drake is trending #1 BB Hot R&B & Hip Hop Tracks as of today. Hopefully, he can hold on to it. Coincidentally, Young Money Every Girl is currently trending #3 BB Hot R&B & Hip Hop Tracks.

CheezyDoDo said...

Peep How Drake's Networking Wit the right people (Lil Wayne,Mary J Blige,Kanye West,Young Jeezy,Jay-z,Oliver(lol j/p),Jaime Foxx)

dude is working wit the biggest names in the game,on top of having a classic mixtape and smash single its no doubt in my mind that he will be at the top in a matter of time

tazzysmith said...

drake that verse was tight

remedy said...

loved the outfit. great performance.

Ash "Oh So Fabolous" P. said...

Very Nice....Drake and Jamie....Nothin but Dope!!

Anonymous said...

yo this shit is just too ridiculous haha this guy is amazing. he inspires me too keep writing. i wrote a poem for school and i wrote who inspires me and my teacher was like are you serious, a rapper cant inspire you haha. he loved my poem until he heard drake inspired me. I got a C. Im not even trippin hahaha. Drake Keep Doing Your Thing Cus Im Striving Myself Because of You.

can anyone help me out in trying to get tickets to see this amazing lyricist haha. hit me up on

please yo :)
Much Appreciated

Ronald said...

Drake Went Offf.... Amy She She used To Aim, Drake Wat happened to "Paige who use to page me, until we got cell phones now she kalls me".... No1 steal my line lol

Ronald said...

Drake Went Offfffff....Photoshop couldnt even change me, Amy She use To Aim Me....

Wat Happened To "Paige who use to page me, until we got cell phones now she kalls me, my pic on her iPhone so she could touch me"....dnt steal my lines lol

Nior said...
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Nior said...

Damn drake you demolished Kanye crafting a verse around the theme of the track is always ill though and highlights the talents of punchline/wordplay rappers straight fire though line for line drake 1 kanye 0 on the same track of course lol

MurguiaTheGreat said...

I'm still on that Mary J Blige verse,

"...cautious of a flood so I always lay the right pipe"

Where's the download for this song at???????!!!!!

jeezimfresh said...

drake as roastin' chicks

FraNcis James said...

thanks for posting this !
Great performance

Tony Billz said...

@4:12 He says thank u Jamie Foxx, then @4:15, Drake expects him to say his name...but then Conan doesn't. Lmao. Its funny. Drake's the man though.

danny gaeta said...


Drake is the new lyricist of hip hop
lebron james of the rap game
and im the biggest drizzy fan for real lol

Auri dee Light said...

Draaaaakeeeee i love you , but youuu were looking down the whole time

but you looked beautiful as usual

Nelle said...

i feEL likE a proUd mothEr oR sumThin...DrakE u caMe a lonG way and pRouD isnT even dA woRd...i LovEeee u mR. auBrEy graHam!

Madame said...

Hot performance!

Mz. SunShyne said...

This was a good look and in the words of Teyana Taylor, a big fu*kin sh*t!!! Drake was soooo good. Loved his verse so much. Hope it's on the official release of Jamie's "Digital Girl." Drake has some ill lines. "But, u, u, u, got me open girl, why lie? We ain't even tryna settle so why try? End the night with a kiss and a bye-bye. No strings attached, your love is so WI-FI!!"

Anonymous said...

Verse 1
\i got friends, wit money, and friends, wit benefits/
hop up in the latest machine and start reven it/
.yeaa and everybody spending cash so/
all we talk about is the cash flow no hassle/
wen it come to getting money we getting it fast yo/
white widow northern lites grand daddy hash dro/
respect my conglomerate im apple you just Hasbro/
homie im the shit and yes im straight up out the asshole/
lyrically im getting it, getting rich and shit/
.dats ya girlfriend, ima hit and quit/
. don’t get it twisted I aint a quita/
\cuz everytime I deliva im flowin like a riva/
getting sicka and illa/
…and im the man in command/
yes ima leader, so follow my demands/
we getting money while you getting all of our metqaphors/
let them haters hate ima do me who is it better for??/

verse 2/
yea motherfucka im back naa I never left/
when it come to runnin this shit nigga I never sweat/
new jays, hoodies, fiidits levies sweather vests/
call me the illest in the game..beta yet/
.the realest in the game I keep a hunad/
. if she pitch that pussy, ima hit it and run it/
.never lick it or bunt it, unless she clean though/
.then I’ll show her my tounge game is mean yo!/
. yea and if she want she culd get it/
. she on my head like a cincinatis fiddit/
.and she do it just rite she a professional/
yea she gave brain now that’s intellectual/
. yup call my beads rosary/
I will destroy any motherfucka whos approachin me/
..mess wit the money, and u just toast to me/
.congratulations, lets toast to me/

David Mwansa said...


Cookie chrisp said...

so goooood!!!drake with jamie is a great duet!!

k-rowlyn said...

that performance was so good...ya'll have a great chemistry and Drake it never fails ever track you get on, its jus amazing ur flow is jus so sick!!

becksta said...

baby keep doin dam dang! your verse was bangin :D!!

Princess said...

loved it! Just mad I missed it live!
Drake is blowin up so big its crazy!

JDawn said...

Way to go, man!

$uccessfu! said...

Ok im blown and irritated that the video kept pausing through out so I didnt even get to see Drake come out yet. Im going to have to wait to see it later on. :-(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hot performance drizzy you never settle for anything less than perfection.... real hip hop

Esoteric said...

hot performance my dude

D Brown said...

I know Kanye is your boy....but ummm your verse was 90834098320598 times better than his.

Congrats on the performance Drizzy....I love seeing you on in interviews and such, you look so excited and so grateful and so "in the moment"!

D Brown said...

ohh...and that song with Mary J. is hot as hell...working with the Queen herself w/o an album...or even a record deal. You're on a path to total and utter greatness my dude...please stay as humble and eager and excited as you've been. much love and respect always xo

VogueEgo said...

nice..i just hate that he looks down while performing..he doesnt look at the audience much..

but hot shyt..keep up the good work drake..

Justin. L. Cabrera said...

He did keep his head down, but u gotta understand its nerve racking know millions of people and your closest friends are watching.

The Verse was Dopee Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

itz titi from brooklyn im so glad I watched this on tv not gonna suck drake off but ima suck drake off ((get it)) he iz d truth and he became my favorite rapper in like a day lmao

Alyxis Gabrielle said...

ohh snapss.! lovee itt.

MC Sleeps said...

i said who's that peaking in my window/
you should let some more skin show/
and if one of these websites get the info/
we can work it out no nintendo/
i just hit ALT TAB/
switchin in between two convos/
i should just call cabs/
and bring em both here to the condo/

now formally it ain't a question/
we would cross paths like an intersection/
but u just too far away for affection/
so i pray that we never loose the connection/
cause i remember stacey, she used to hate me/
she used threaten she had a man to replace me/
she talk that shit i just hit the escape key/
then she get mad and wanna go and erase me/
i remember amy she used to AIM me/
she stayed up late , she used to be blame me/
she said im too wild, she wanna tame me/
i told her even photoshop couldn't change me/
but you you you,you got me open girl voila/
we ain't even tryina settle so why try/
end a night with a kiss and a bye bye/
no strings attached your love is so Wi-Fi/

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