Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jamie Foxx talks Drake on Conan O'Brian


Bawitdaba said...

anyone know where to download/buy Best I Ever Had by Drake?

beast said...
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Just Millz said...

I'm not too sure Conan was aware of what went down.

Syl DuBenion said...

Yeah, Conan wasn't up on Drake, ahaha. But it's cool to know he's got support from cats like Jamie. Just a matter of time...


there's a link on this same page to download his whole mixtape with that song on it

Madame said...

Jamie knows what's up ... lol

SoPastElle said...

Oliver was on point with these posting...

Time wasted is fame lost eh Oliver??



you may now proceed to throw yo panties on the stage... Drizzy is in the muthafck'n building.

kaysheezy! said...

i graduated the other day (:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

so tight. props. been a fan for awhile.

foxxy said...

much respect to jamie.
conan: get up, son.

Adonis said...

Drake is still trending #1 for Billboard's HOT R&B Chart with Best I Ever Had

soda said...

Keep it up Drake. Peace!

Booger Snots said...

Jamie Foxx was so hyped up in this interview, like a little kid on ridelyn. The mention he gave Drake is incredible. I wonder if Paris Hilton is a Drake fan, she was in a skit earlier on that night.

wti said...

Yessss Degrassi Marathon on Noggin. get up on Jimmy Brooks. Lovin me some Jimmy pre-wheelchair days!!!

Aubrey is also going to be on BEYOND THE BREAK for an episode.
Yes more acting Aubrey. We love Drake, but some of us love Aubrey and want to see him in more tv/film roles.
It's okay Aubrey, I know your workin on it

Cookie chrisp said...

jamie is cool!!of course drake is the futur!!!

Adonis said...

The Young Money song with Drake in it called "Every Girl" is finally on ITunes! This song could possibly hit #1 on the Hot 100 at the rate its going. It's already #12 @ Itunes...

The reviews on this song @ Itunes are all wondering where Best I Ever Had is at?

Young Che said...

Drizzy is gone...

Anonymous said...

I agree with with wti.

I love both.

Nicollette said...

Can we get an update already!! I know big shit is going down with the Best I Ever Had video!!

Adonis said...

Mariah could blow Drake away. Her new single comes out today and if it's good people could be saying Drake who? He had a ready made #1 single I hope he can still get it even if Mariah's song is fantastic.

B-nease said...

This has nothing to do with this post but......I just realized this nigga Drake mentioned Houstonlantavegas on "Money to Blow." Comeback Season is the best of the 3 in my opinion, so I'm kinda surprised I didn't catch that.

Anonymous said...

jamie foxx is THAT DUDE
he's amzing, mad respect here.

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