Read it here. So Far Gone will be available shortly on Itunes and Best I Ever Had should be available as a single on Itunes even sooner. Here is the official single artwork.

Artwork by Darkie

Friday, June 5, 2009

Billboard Addresses Fake Drake Album on Itunes


DamnYoToesTasteGoodAsFuck said...

i knew it! i posted a review on amazon yesterday saying it was fake since there was no update on your website or your myspace.

Kiana F. said...

good shit.

Del said...


Kendall said...

The cover is actually pretty good idea wise but it seems to empty
I still like my cover better tho lol

Kola said...

Good riddens to all these Fakers trying to be Drakers.

Adonis said...

Fantastic NEWS!!!!!!!

Adonis said...

I just want to buy his music. I want official versions though even if they are on a mix tape. I can't believe someone would steal like that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i was one of the idiots that bought it off of iTunes trying to support Drake. Just to find out it was a fake but apple was very understanding and refunded me the $10. Cant wait for the official release so i can show my support!!

Syl DuBenion said...

I'm looking around for the artwork like "Where is it" and it's right here. I have to admit, that's creative. I can dig it.

Speaking of Best I Ever Had, though, I read that went to #1 on the hip-hop / r&b charts. Wiki is unreliable, though...

Adonis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adonis said...

#1 BB Rap Singles
#3 BB R&B 100
#18 BB HOT 100

Kris Leslie said...

Not trying to be funny cause I'm a Drake fan but isn't the album art for the single using copyrighted icons lol.

Unknown said...

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