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Anonymous said...

No Australia??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ily. Can't wait. Hope drakes gonna be w him at least for LA show ah!!!

Tito Nixon said...

March 14. Juss know

Anonymous said...

where do i buyt the ticket

Unknown said...

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Lakisha said...


Anonymous said...

Excited for you to come to Orlando!!!

Anonymous said...

Drakeeee are you touring with him?

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Unknown said...

Come to BRASIL Drake!!!

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@scorpdaboy said...

OMO Ferina forever

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Anonymous said...

woah woah woah ... no toronto );

Unknown said...

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Cara said...

WHEN DO UK/EUROPE TICKETS GO ON SALE? Someone tell me before I pass out

Anonymous said...

ticket info here

Anonymous said...

100% Loving this new soundscape. Keep evolving, keep growing!

Anonymous said...

100% Loving this new soundscape. Keep evolving, keep growing!

Hip Hop said...

Is drake going to be at any of the stops?

Unknown said...

Please somebody get back to me where I can buy tickets to the London show... I can't see anything on the internet, I need a link or something. HELP!!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

i love PNDCOLOURS but I'm still waitin' for the track "Dreamin'" Could be my all time favorite song!

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Anonymous said...

How long are the concerts?

Anonymous said...

How long is the concert?

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