Friday, August 8, 2014

Lil Wayne ~ Grindin feat. Drake


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In this era of Hip Hop.....this shit aint going away, now its Drake vs Lil' Wayne, an epic battle look for both to go in. Will there be some sort of documentary/battle film of this tour??? Not too late to capture some this history, choice is now yours.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Bowl!

Anonymous said...

Marvin and Alf

Anonymous said...

Gonzo and ET

Brittney Ridley said...
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Kevin Gibbs said...

Realest niggaz alive dropping da realest music… what u expected!?
I just wish i had da bred to buy tickets for a show

Samuel Smith said...

Dope ass song man fr! Drizzy & Weezy best duo in the rap game!

honeyrasta87 said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Drake is so garbage. No wonder why he is signed to Young Money. Anybody who claims being a fan of these fools are internet trolls and don't read their lyrics. Listen to the instrumental instead. It sounds way better that way.

Anonymous said...

Many are still shocked at Drizzy Drake's success, what is rap and rhyming about these days

Anonymous said...

Dylan Reddy said...
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Max said...

I love this shit! Thank you Drizzy & Weezy :)

Tiz Reaper said...

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Anonymous said...

Brian is wack as shit. Idk why he's even in the video. I thought it was Drake VS Wayne.

Ronald Moore said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a shit about Drake. He's a fake bitch. He tries to steal American culture. He always pretends he's happy when he's really just a pathetic lowlife with self-esteem issues. Watch his next album sell less than 500,000. His career is over.

Rakgwedi Manet Ramphore said...

Had the pleasure of photographing Allan Rayman on his latest video, as if he was born into the sunset strip during the late 60's, raised in the concrete jungles of the 90's, next big thing from Toronto. An artist of rap n' roll, just won the worldwide Unsigned Artist Only contest for his LA NY CHI (Monopoly) song.

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