Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne


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Massoot Mohammed said...

What the hell is this supposed to be

LMFAO! said...


Capcom bout to pull a "DefJam Vendetta" move and release a Street Fighter OVOXOMOYMCMBMMGDreamville Edition.

Drake's supermove will be like E.Honda's "hundred-hand slap", just like how he do on stage


Weeknd's will be like Blanka. His supermove will be his hair going super saiyan 10, electrocuting his opponent into powder, then sniffing them up his big nose


PARTYNEXTDOOR's supermove will be a fucking whale mating call



honeyrasta87 said...
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ashley nuno said...

cant wait to goo!

Brittney Ridley said...
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Dylan James Reddy said...
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Dylan James Reddy said...
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Anonymous said...

Ben Aubrey Davies

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Anonymous said...

yo quiero dem legs poop head.

Chris Peterson said...

youtube.com/watch?v=Gh3j3Y-VeqU … Check my Brand New Video!!!!!! Trophies Remix #Drake #OvoSound #OctobersVeryown

Anonymous said...

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Rakgwedi Manet Ramphore said...

Had the pleasure of photographing Allan Rayman on his latest video, as if he was born into the sunset strip during the late 60's, raised in the concrete jungles of the 90's, next big thing from Toronto. An artist of rap n' roll, just won the worldwide Unsigned Artist Only contest for his LA NY CHI (Monopoly) song.

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Kar Lin said...

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