Monday, October 22, 2012


Keystone wireless said...

Used to stay up after 12 now your worth like 12 million ..

Anonymous said...

DRizzy Drake! I am dying to party with you in a hip hop club in the!!!

Anonymous said...

Drake is mad comfortable on stage now. That's great! He is well on his way to becoming a really great entertainer. Love his glasses look :)

Sethy Alan said...

Drizzy knows how to inspire the kids!!

Anonymous said...

he inspires me and I am ancient.

Anonymous said...

Drizzy drake big the fuck up to drake and repsup TO OVO

Anonymous said...

I got a wittle ittle feeling dhat Drake likes to wear dresses and slow dance... LOL

Anonymous said...

And wikes to act a fool. hee hee =D

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Duchess said...

I'm mad they cut it when he was just about to go ape shit.! lol Thats my boo man..he went from being this little shy thing to being the man. Never lost himself though and thats what its about. #AndThatsReal

My bday was the day after this was put up! 10/20 Snitches!

*OVO Forever Im Loyal*


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bansh said...

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