RIP Shyann Charles & Joshua Yasay


Friday, July 20, 2012

P Reign - Angels


Josh said...

May they rest in peace. I hope the violence stops...never the way to solve anything.

HaveFaith said...

Keep ya Head up.. RIP

Anonymous said...

This made me emotional and I'm not even from Canada. Cant imagine what you guys would be feeling.

Stop the violence.

Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that violence doesn't prove anything. May these two rest in paradise& justice be served. <3

Anonymous said...

i used to work in this neighbourhood...i worked so hard to help those stay away from the gangs...this is so sad to see, that is escalated to this point, lost souls making bad decisions...spreading sadness..hope it stops

Chris Wright said...

Funny how Drake can put out lines like "Don't make me catch a body like that", or "Same nigga's that'll come off of the hip for me", or "Might look light, but we heavy though/You think Drake will pull some shit like that you never know"... All of that big man, gangster gangster talk, and then when shit really does happen in Toronto (Scarborough), he keeps mum. What a fucking hypocrite. This guy is wack as fuck. I fucking hate Drake and all his fucking followers that support violence. Mother FUCK you. Shyann was cool as fuck. She had no reason to fucking die. She went to West Hill, and had her head on straight. Josh was one of my best fucking friends. A true friend. He was about to become an officer. He wasn't a gangster at all. He had no right to fucking die cause of a bunch of wanna be thugs that thought it'd be cool to pop off at a fucking barbeque for the community. FUCK THEM ALL. He was about to open up a fucking barber shop in Ajax. FUCK. Fuck all you gangster gangster wanna be's. And all that violence gangster gangster shit. If that's how you wanna live your life fine. But as soon as you involve everyone around you, and innocent lives are lost, I for one will fucking stand up to your wack asses. You are not grown men. Your not even worthy of being called human beings. AND A BIG FUCK YOU DRAKE FOR CONDONING VIOLENCE CAUSE YOUR A PART OF THE PROBLEM AND JUST AS GUILTY AS THESE FUCKING WASTES OF LIFE.

Rachael said...

Wow. My heart goes out to them and their families.

Anonymous said...

gwisz.. madness in people's mindz.

Fireworks said...

So heart goes out to their families...

Sidney said...

thats too crazy. R.I.P to both of them. the world is too crazy it's been alot of murdering going down recently.

The_Realiest_Lady said...

Damn that's crazy. R.I.P...thats really sad & pitiful that this happened to these innocent young people :-/

The_Realiest_Lady said...

Violence is everywhere. There are some crazy ppl in this world. Drake is bringing violence to awareness bc a lot of young ppl hang with the wrong crowds & its important to sense Danger when it comes your way. We can't bring the dead back to life. When its your time its your time. You can't really blame innocent ppl either until proven guilty. Whoever killed these innocent ppl are gonna pay one day. They'll get caught or they'll go to hell for it. I hope ppl think before they do things. Decisions change everything. We only got one life. People have to think about consequences these days. Violence isn't cool. It only makes your life and everyone elses life around you more harder...think. R.I.P is all I can say..

Angel Cisson said...

Sorry for your lost....the song. Was beautiful

1Ggirlfly said...

This song brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to P Reign for writing it. It was much needed at this scary time in Toronto. Guns are not a new thing in this city, but when did recklessly shooting into crowds become ok? If the gangsters want to be gangsters let them have a showdown in a pre arranged place on an empty street, like in the olden days. Don't come to a bbq where innocent people come out for a fun time or the Eaton center...Seriously, whats really going on in our city? I no longer feel safe to attend urban events (smh) This is so sad, so, so sad....

Anonymous said...

This is said and i feel for the victims and their families.
Chris Wright - this is not Drakes fault. It starts at the parenting level. Also, Drake did his part - this is after all on his web page.

If you want things to change it starts with us. You message doesn't send out a good image to the youngster under you. How many times did you use the F word and show anger to another person? Again, be a leader, you want change, you need to bring change and set an example. Swearing and carrying on, isn't a good example for anyone.

Support for families of Danzig Shooting said...

To Nahom Tsegazab and the other gunmen, it's only a matter of time before consequences catch up to you.

To the families of those departed, my condolences.

To P. Reign, thank you for putting together a vigil for those lost.

To Chris Wright, hope you get through this excruciating time.

To Drake, perhaps your words can help bring peace to all the chaos going on in the city right now.

To the bloggers, continue to show support and hopefully justice will prevail sooner than later.

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kills xx said...

Cocaine kills.

Anonymous said...

eve apple adam

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song; God is with us always, through tragedy, through pain, and loss. Rest in peace Shyanne & Josh, pray for us...

Anonymous said...

I understand your upset losing a friend is so sad & hard. At such a young age but you have to remember this is hip hop not saying he should say anything about guns and stuff but he's selling music to those that appeal to that life style, drake honestly has nothing to do with that your just mad and looking for someone to blame.

Anonymous said...

Every one is trying to blame Drake knowing he honestly has nothing to do with this. May these two young people rest in peace

genesis..... said...

Rip, your both now in a better place and in gods hands.

Anonymous said...

I second that..drake didn't pull the trigger just because he's from Toronto doesn't mean he had a hand in this, he may rap about violence, but he's not a violent person..why?? Because he's intelligent and understands that he has power in his words..he doesn't need violence..weak ass niggas resort to violence and Aubrey Drake Graham has NEVER struck me as find someone else to blame..better yet..go to a grief counselor and get some closure..may God be with you <3

Fantasia said...

I second that..drake didn't pull the trigger just because he's from Toronto doesn't mean he had a hand in this, he may rap about violence, but he's not a violent person..why?? Because he's intelligent and understands that he has power in his words..he doesn't need violence..weak ass niggas resort to violence and Aubrey Drake Graham has NEVER struck me as find someone else to blame..better yet..go to a grief counselor and get some closure..may God be with you <3

Anonymous said...

"but he's not a violent person.."

um... him and his crew didnt throw bottles at chris brown in the club?

couldve sworn like 16 eyewitnesses fingered him

Anonymous said...

Is that the reason that these people got shot that night? Cause Drake and his crew had a miunderstanding one night in the club, and someone decided to throw bottles? Is that what happened? So people had feelings about that situation, and decided to shoot up a party on Danzig?

Cmon people...this is a tragedy, but in no way does this have anything to do with Drake or his Lyrics. Are you saying that Lyrics or the Batman movie made that kid go into the theatre and shoot that up? Nobody is writing on a blog somewhere that Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is the reason that this guy shot up the theatre....its all entertainment. If you think entertainers havethat much influence, maybe there should be a ban on all media that shows gun violence.

This is a tragedy that starts with parenting and support for kids without role models...not rappers and actors. Look within your community before you blame entertainment figures.

mobabyz_ said...

To be honest.... everywhere you go there is VIOLENCE! It's not just Toronto...... I live here in Vegas, and it's crazy out here with a whole bunch of ghetto fabulous people that are haters.

And I was in LA for my 3-day vacation, and I was in downtown LA.... It's crazy down there too. And I was told a crazy story before my grandma died 2 years ago... don't ever wear red or blue out there because of certain gangs... so I wore red, and nothing happened, but still you NEVER know about people walking up to you. VIOLENCE is everywhere. has nothing to do with Drake's lyrics. It's all entertainment. Trust me.

vas006 said... - Something I Set up to inspire change - Lets Inspire Change in the world...If you can find the time please Like and Add Positive messages that you have found inspiring...

H the Bear said...

July 16, Fuck dread that's my birthday. The opposite for these kids. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Here are some facts:

1) Drake released a song called "Free Spirit", in which, lyrics for the hook state:
Tat my name on you girl
So I know it's real
Tat my fucking name on you girl
So I know it's real
After which, a fan got 'DRAKE' tatted on her forehead.

2) Heath Ledger quotes, from his role as the Joker, that there should be a better breed of villian who is all corrupt and not about pety things like money or respect. The shooting that took place was all corrupt, in that, no one can yet place a motive for the shooting other than the person that did it is "evil".

Movie stars, Music stars, anyone in the entertainment business should know that they do have a huge influence on the people who take heed to their art.

jesse said...

um... a more positive way to think about it is to look at the nice things drake has 'influence' over... like best i ever had, or successful, or find your love. people are influenced by these songs... i dedicated best i ever had to my ex, and find your love to the one im with right now. successful is my fave though, like anytime im down i press play and it brings me back like motivation.

i disagree/agree i guess... drake does have major influence over people through his songs and his actions. like if he dropped his new album today and told everyone to buy it, they would. i would. then if he goes out and becomes a bad boy, and starts beefing with people or w/e... now everyone that he has influence over is going to look at that and think its okay to do the same thing. like the next time some guy who idolizes drake gets called gay or sweet, he's gonna react in anger the same way drake does. if drake goes out and starts being a player and trys to get with girls who have a man, then guys will think its okay to do the same thing.

the part i disagree with though... is that everyone has there own mind and should think for themselfs and not be so easily influenced by these superstars. its funny how the mind of young people work. drake should either use his influence to be more positive and show these young people how to deal with there issues in a positive way, or clearly tell them not to blindly follow his lifestyle just b/c he says something in a song or does something in real life.

id be cool to see drake be the hiphop manly version of ladygaga though. just look at lady gaga's fans, the little monsters or whatever. they arent afraid to be who they are and they dont put up with being bullied. its such a positive thing. but yea...

jess said...

"starts with parenting and support for kids without role models...not rappers and actors"

^...agree. but the truth is that kids spend more time with entertainment listening to music or watching tv, than they do with there own familys. children watch dora or barney or sesame street to learn fundamentals. theyre introduced to computers early on, and smartphones, advertising, and then as they grow up, the pattern of learning from media around you continues. so. if the entertainment world could put out more positivity, maybe that would be more support for the next generation.

id be interesting to find out what type of music the shooters listened to and what kind of movies they were into...

brittney ridley-wharton said...

We live...and we die...

Today is Not a Good Day for me
@ 2:00

Rest in Peace

To my Grandfather
David Michael Wharton

-Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd

P.S. By starting today we can all create a culture of honor --TOGETHER

Anonymous said...

I get you're mad but you can't blame Drake for this. The fact that he's from Toronto and he has always supported Toronto is all the more reason you can't blame him.. he alerted everyone about the shooting through his twitter. I being the avid fan I am actually found out about the shooting through his twitter as I check it daily. He never said people should shoot one another or violence is the way. Never. He doesn't abuse the power if influence he holds. Sure he said "tat my name in you so I know its real" but people should also have a mind of their own. You can't just randomly start blaming people.Nevertheless... R.I.P.

Stephan Ledain said...

Toronto talent.

DeAndria Butler-Keyes said...

Just when you think that ther's no way out think about how much more worse it could be... R.I.P to the body but rejoice 'cause their is a HEAVEN...

Admin said...

In a pipe fly to the Motherland
Or sell love to another man
It’s too cold outside
For angels to fly
Angels to fly, fly

[Verse 1]
We vow to live our life to the fullest
Now we ball for the nights that we couldn’t
So that be anything besides a nigga that pulled it
But in the hood even Ne-Yo couldn’t dodge that bullet
I was told the game’s cold who the fuck is you telling
See they threw me in hell but I reached for the heaven’s
Said my past was trash well my future is bright
And life’s a gift I’m just busy unwrapping the present
Divided my soul left it all in the streets
I’m just caught in the game where they playing for keeps
I try to put the piece down while I’m praying for peace
But cold hearts won’t allow me to part with the heat
Say you eat what you kill well they killing to eat
Say you live and you learn well I’m dying to teach
I never seen a sunray that couldn’t beat the shade
I pray God will never give us more than we could take


[Verse 2]
At 16 I was selling weed
At 17 I was running with thieves
At 18 my OG handed me a half V and said G’s get cheese
But I don’t think I slept that month
We was busy hustling hard trying to get it in
And I could finally buy an outfit
So tell them niggas fit in it
And everybody in the click loves you
Me and Gilla like your big brothers
Had a load of niggas steal your dreams
But they could never take your smile from us
Just seen your mom’s like the other day
I told her hold a little money for you
And you the hood’s little baby girl
So no matter where you at I know it’s sunny for you
RIP Chi RIP Josh
I just wish I wasn’t there when they squeezed off
Mean I wish them little niggas would of eased off
But I’ll guess they’ll answer for her when they meet God
Now watch the cops blame this on us
Someone should of warned us about them corners
They rather mourn us before they join us
It took 23 peeps to get shot before they noticed
Damn, My OG lost his daughter dog
My lil’ cousin lost his close friend
But he couldn’t tell his momma y’all
Said he was fishing for the words but they wouldn’t swim
He told me P. I brought him to the hood
It was just supposed to be a BBQ
I told him don’t beat yourself up
There ain’t no way that you could of knew
I try to tell myself shit happens
Just trying to make myself happy
Spent my last years trying to earn cheers
But these young boys doing the wrong clapping
That ain’t the applause that I been working for
Worst shooting my city’s ever seen
And I guarantee you you’ll be hearing more
If we don’t start inspiring these kids to dream


Lexicon said...

I'm sorry that this had to happen but please don't go there drake is a great person I am proud to be a follower of his

Anonymous said...


febuarym said...

this is relli sad....Lovely song...#DRIZZY ALL DAI!!!!fUCK ALL DEM HA"TRS

Anonymous said...

i love osato....she used to live wih mi...but nw She is in school!!!!!!!11

Anonymous said...

This still cuts me up. Rip said...

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