Friday, June 29, 2012


dxntkare said...


colgate said...

thtas dope where r yall?

colgate said...
and oliver ur the shit , i dream of kicken it one day and maken some shit ,if u ever stumble across this check it thanks ovo 4ever _colgate

XOtilOD said...

let me cry...

Taylor said...

What is this?

Fireworks said...

Wonder where this is at??? Drizzy looking cute as ever...

missjudyyxo said...

where is this at.. looks beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

Is that Drake's house?

Anonymous said...

its drake's crib in hidden hills california..

Anonymous said...

why does the video quality look like crap?

Anonymous said...

Thats his cribo? Damn and he never spends time there what a damn shame.So does this mean he is in Cali??? :D

Anonymous said...

Must be nice rite...

The_Realiest_Lady said...

I wish I was there with you.

Anonymous said...

Partaaay!!! Where is my invite dammit!??!!

RellyRellz said...

The video looks like it was shot from a Nokia. Just terrible. But that looks like a good place to blaze out to (tho i don't smoke lol) But damn, listening to Vybz makes me wish he wasn't in prison =/

Anonymous said...

I will blaze one for u right now @ rellz

The lighting is low so that would explain the bad lighting but towars the end the lens blurred on purpose i think. He aint tryin to put his ish out there i suppose. A teaser if u will :)

Anonymous said...

I like the tables. Flippin restaurant mmmm I bet they gets down in his kitchen. yup.

Anonymous said...

whud do u mean he aint puttin his shit out there? He just posted a video on Blogger genius.

Anonymous said...

Oliver posted the video cornballs!

Anonymous said...


Monica said...

is that gianni's house?

Anonymous said...

I'm just as fucked up as they say
I can't fake the daytime
Found an entrance to escape into the dark

Got false lights for the sun
It's an artificial nocturne
It's an outsider's escape from a broken heart

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Hiding out in the back together
Hiding out in the back forever

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I make all that I believe
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I'm as fucked up as they say
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Found an entrance to escape into the dark

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I’m as far gone as they say
I can’t fake the daytime
Found an entrance to escape into the dark

Got false lights for the sun
It's an artificial nocturne
An outsider's escape from a broken heart


Anonymous said...

what is the name of this song?

Anonymous said...

What is the name of this song???

kareem said...

the song is Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero

Pashun Cartoll said...

Drake and his so cute!!

kellee said...

its gianni versace's old house in Miami....pretty sure


Fireworks said...

What you all think about "I don't like" remix Chris Brown's diss on Drake??? I think it's horrible!!!...can't believe he would put that shit out...
We all know Drizzy will definetly kill him with his lyrics...

Anonymous said...

@ Fireworks

Well, duh. Chris Brown is not a rapper, even though he dabbles. Drake has been rapping way longer. (Chris' freestyle wasn't that bad though, I thought. Ain't no worse than other stuff out there...)

My issue is the "pussy nigga" throwin' bottles stuff. Breezy has the truth on his side on that one. There's multiple witnesses saying that Drake started that whole bottle throwing bs. Drake has continuously demonstrated himself to be a selfish coward (ie Punkd, etc.) who can't even man up one on one to Chris Brown of all people, and Breezy calls that out in the rap. Besides, what kind of bitch ass person is gonna deny any involvement in the fracas via his publicists...and then turn around and try to capitalize on it at a New York concert? That's some "fuck nigga" shit...and everyone knows that.

I appreciate Drake, believe it or not. I really like his mixtapes and pre-Young Money work...and many songs on Thank Me Later and Take Care are obvious jewels. But because I'm just a fan,Drizzy prolly won't give a damn about what I say or think about him. That's cool.

But let's see what Drake says in response, if anything. Let's see if there is any true courage in his perilously fragile ego.

Anonymous said...

the song is metric nocturne

Anonymous said...

where is the celebratory verbiage re: Noah killin it at ASCAP ? Pls post pics

RellyRellz said...

@annonymous and Fireworks,

First and for most, anytime I hear Chris Brown "trying" to rap, I stop the music or skip his part. I've never respected him as a rapper. But i went back and listened to it just for this purpose and that shit was lame at best. CB calling Drake pussy is like having a turtle call a snail slow. Being rugged is neither's persona. The fact that CB is taking initiative calling Drake pussy is outlandish. If Drake responds to this he's a dick too.

My problem with the whole bottle throwing thing is, if anyone else did it, like Meek, it would be considered G as fuck. But its associated with Drake and therefore it has to be a "puss" move. In this society, where Drake is making hit after hit, he'll never be able to truly win.

@annonymous, EVERYONE* denied involvement in that case, not just Drake. Who wants to act as a scape goat for everyone? And that PunkD thing, are you seriously suggesting the way he acted was not reflective of the situation? I'd be shitting myself if there was an earthquake and I was in a parking lot. Just saying.

All in all, no one wins in this situation, so the best thing for Drake (and CB) to do is move and and pay their dues if it comes down to it.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Drake is sending Brown a message with this, and if you look closely, you can see it...After checking out the Birdman interview, I do understand why it was done, and I think it's fitting(though I'd likely have kept things more professional). You've gotta admire YMCMB's savy, professionalism, and depth as people dedicated to their craft and it's artists. I'd love to work with them if I ever go the chance.

Anonymous said...

You lied
You hid the skeletons
I shown you mine
You woke the devil
I thought you'd left behind
I saw the evidence
The crimson soaking through
A million promises
A million ways to lose

You hold that and all
You were careless
Let it fucking fall
You held it all
I was on your side

See us fall a part
Hate you
Chase you to no end
Emptiness no word to defend
You'll never know
I became myself because of you
A million promises
A million ways to lose

You hold it and all
You were careless
Let it fucking fall
You held it all
I was on your side

And you held it all
But you were careless
Let it all fucking fall
You held it all
And I was on your side


Anonymous said...

Are you part of the firing squad, or in the line up? @drakkardnoir

breezy said...


Just over two weeks since the highly-publicized donnybrook between the two artists’ entourages at New York City club W.i.P., Brown became the first to break silence about the situation, dissing Drizzy on an unofficial remix of the G.O.O.D. Music remix of Chief Keef’s, “I Don’t Like.” The freestyle was released by DJ Orator randomly on Saturday afternoon (June 30).

After Game drops a verse in the beginning, promising his hometown Los Angeles Lakers will beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals next year, Breezy chimes in with laid-back fury.

“A fuck ni–a that’s that shit I don’t like,” C. Breezy spits. “They throwing bottles, I’m throwing models, just cause I gave a bitch long pipe.”

Of course, the “throwing bottles” reference was an insinuation that Drake’s crew threw bottles at him and his entourage during the June 13 melee, Breezy even tweeting a picture of a nasty gash he suffered.

But although Breezy decided to diss Drake, he did show love to Young Money boss Lil Wayne and YM’s Nicki Minaj.

“I be doing shows in soccer stadiums so that’s dome right?,” Brown continues spitting on the track. “I be singing, he be singing, so its on sight/But hold up, I ain’t give a nigga no green light/This head up my bread up, one on one what you scared bruh?/Matter fact take care, bruh/You a pussy nigga…My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice/Shout out to Nicki, man that ass tight…Them eye brows, man them shits is yikes/OVO, you overdose screaming ‘Y.O.L.O.,’ no I lived twice.”


Maverick said...

It's the Versace Mansion in Miami...

Anonymous said...

very kewl

Anonymous said...

Creepy wasn't he shot at his home?

Fireworks said...


Yeah, I know CB is not a rapper...was referring to the lyrics duh...bottom line they suck!!! Don't get me wrong I'm a CB fan too...I went to his concert last Sept. but all this bottle throwing drama is stupid...none of us were there so we really don't know what happened!!!
As @RellyRellz said "EVERYONE" denied involvement not just drake... I hope Drake doesn't respond to this shit...
It would be best if they both move on from this...when it comes down to it it's real stupid!!!

And as far as that Punked episode could see Drake's fear and confusion in his body language and in his that situation anybody would have acted in that making reference that he is a coward is crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

dancehall hero

Anonymous said...

Drizzy I will marry you mj

Anonymous said...

he is upset that drake is pokin rihanna lol he shouldn't have beat up the poor girl.

Anonymous said...

wow drake gets the best male hip hop award. that's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

chris brown is a brat with anger management issues

Anonymous said...

He should stick with singing and dancing.If he was smart he would lay low & not bring anymore negative issues to the table.

Anonymous said...

hi drizzy, Im in the mood to listen to "Think good thoughts" i remember a tweet from you, you were on a plane and said you figured out 3 things to tweet about, or was it 5? and you tweeted about sunchips lol too funny. How do you like Cali so far? is the mexican food any different from Canada? you gotta try pupusas...that's not mexican food though it's salvadorean, same things they both use tortilla. okay well bye

Anonymous said...

This looked fun & it also looks like when they were in Miami filming 'Pop That'. #Kartell

hirvin paredes said...

Drizzy best rapper out the! Fuck what they all say a fights a fight whatever goes in a fight. You and your music shall always be respected.much love Drake!

Nate said...

my god this child has the versace mansion in south beach 0.0 look at the picture and watch the video look at the pool and then do the research

caldas said...

Drake!!! ♥♥♥

caldas said...



oj payno said... quit playing take a listen for some dope shit.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Dear Drake,

Squash whatever 'beef' you have with Chris Brown, privately.


Your no. 1 fan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

U found me :D

Anonymous said...

What's up with the South Central Cartel hairdo?

brittney ridley-wharton said...

Hey, I haven't been on but I just wanted to show some love before I leave later Arizona with my cousins

:( I just found out that my Grandfather is dying from cancer... so I'm goin to be out there for a be by his side because I don't know if he's gonna make it or not!

I'm praying that...God will give him at least one more year ;( to live some more life!

But yeah....I wish each and every last one of you--a happy 4th of, party it up.....and PLEASE TAKE A SHOT FOR ME!



You only live live as if it was your last....

Take Care and God Bless to you all

-Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd

P.S. I love you Drizz... :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that ^

Chris said...

What song is this?

Anonymous said...

Its louis armstrong feat morris day called what do i do?

NO_LIE said...

Drake you be having TOO good of a time ...
Whats up ???

Lex said...

"Dropped Take Care, bought a motherfuckin crib, and I'm picking out the keys to the shit right now."

Anonymous said...

I love that little boy in HYFR video <3

Anonymous said...



1) You say that everyone denied involvement in the case, not just Drake. Um. Who else besides Drake tried to use the event to score some points for himself in a New York concert after the fact? (I'm sure you've seen and heard it by now) That doesn't strike you as problematic And please don't forget that some of the people hurt claim that Drake started the fracas. That will be coming up big with the legal process for this whole thing really gets underway. It's not about finding some scapegoat.

2) I can guarantee you that if Meek Mill had thrown a bottle and then allegedly run to the bathroom afterwards, denying all culpability...instead of squaring up with his opponent dead on...that would NOT be seen as G. They would just say that Mill did a bitch move.

3) About the PunkD thing. No one is saying that having fear/terror in such a situation is wrong. Our limbic brains just do what they do. What is being said is that Drake obviously didn't have the courage to push through his fair to act in the best interests of a tazed pregnant woman, even after getting out of the vehicle. Nor did he have the courage to allow CJ to help the woman at first. I don't believe that you, RellyRellz, can convince me that you would be so heartlessly pussy that you would IGNORE the call of a husband seeking help for his tazed pregnant wife even during an earthquake and then tell your homie to do likewise. I thank heaven that CJ sure wasn't.

4) I must emphatically say I am NOT a hater of Drake. His talent, frankly, is obvious to anyone who has heard his music or seen his shows. But talented virtuosity and character are two different things. Between the..

a) Drake tattoo on crazy girl's forehead because of "Free Spirit" / Drake's threatening the tattoo artist debacle [ "goofnugget" ]

b) PunkD exposure [refusing to help the pregnant lady]

and now...

c) bottle throwing silliness

...I don't see how anyone who is a fan of Drake wouldn't be somewhat disillusioned by some of this narcissitic, fake-ass behavior. I'm sure I cannot have been the only one disappointed.

I understand that he "don't really give a fuck" and his "excuse is cause he's young"...but many more of these kinds of actions could mar his career irretrievably. I definitely wouldn't want that for him.

Neither would you, I suspect. :)


@ Fireworks

1) Cowardice exists when a person in a difficult situation cannot move beyond their fear/terror and drive for self-preservation to perform action that is right/helpful for others. How is my characterization wrong, given his treatment of the tazed pregnant lady?

2) I've got one question for you. It's an honest one and I want to genuinely know what you think:

Imagine you are on a date with Drake...and suddenly both of you are caught in the grips of a natural disaster, whatever that may be. Given what you saw with Drake on Punkd, would you genuinely trust him to act courageously on your behalf to protect and keep you from harm's way in the midst of such an emergency? Yes or No.


With respect to fellow fans,

Anonymous said...

To Aubrey's Rose, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, sweetie.

Keep living life! ;)

Believing the best with you,

Akeem Deacon said...

Vybz Kartel in d background

Akeem Deacon said...

Vybz Kartel in d background

brittney ridley-wharton said...


Aww....Thank you baby, I really do appreciate all the love and concern. I hope the best for you too! ;)

God Bless and Take Care
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I feel like it's another closed chapter in my life..

Feeling alot better...
Going back home tomorrow night... and let's just say that It has been a crazy week for me! All I can do is wash my hands and leave everything in God's hands!

My work here is done.

Can't wait to get back to Long Beach....

Take care every body

-Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd

I Here By said...

dont dress like that

Anonymous said...

OMFG STFU about CB and drake who gaf that shit went.down june 13 almost a damn month and its july 11th tired of hearing about that funky ass fight the damn club probley smelled like sweat and balls anyway people still crying who gaf shit make no damn sense people acting like this happend to them stfu not even your fight shit and cb had to do a damn diss 2 weeks later wtf over doing it idgaf if he threw i damn bottle put the damn diss out all late shit be different if it was 3 days ago must took his damn time to really diss that old funky fight

Anonymous said...

“The Weeknd” has finally been exposed! Here’s the writer who wrote songs off his “House Of Balloons” project and gave him his style. His twitter is

faan said...

Drapple is Awesome!

Tanner Mangum said...

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Anonymous said...

CTFU smelling like sweaty balls :-P lmao dying laughing XD

Anonymous said...

thats the versace house .!! same pool 8:24

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