Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Anonymous said...

Ima first... I would be drinking sangria out of that cup.

Anonymous said...

Yo thats dope. I would be dinking that purple drank fo show!

Anonymous said...

shut up.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dope!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!

Anonymous said...

purple drank? Kool Aid?

Everythingishere said...

where can i get this

Anonymous said...

is he the mexican that cleans drakes house? haha

Anonymous said...

Why does drake need such a big house anyway?

Anonymous said...

He should move into a 3 bedroom in a Jewish community haha

brittney ridley-wharton said...

Hmmmmmm......I wonder what that guy is like? lol

He's looks like a nice dude!

^^^ Ugh! Damm He's lucky, he probably meets up with Drake all the time.

Hopefully I'll meet Drake one day....I don't how I would meet him but if I do....O.O man that shit would be the best day of my life- like literally!

-Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd
P.S. OLiver...Budddy,can you introduce me too Drake. PLEEASSE LLOOOL O.O

brittney ridley-wharton said...

Last Show of Club Paradise.....

And Do you know what that means---Drizzy is gonna be working on some new shit...I'm excited! SO happy...that DRAKE AND 40 is gonna be working on some new music! FInally at last...the third album is being made.

YES..... Thank the lord--for the summer time! I needed this!!

I can't wait until he releasees the name..I wonder what it's gonna be.

-Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd

Anonymous said...

new album? Nice :)

Anonymous said...


RellyRellz said...

Lol who the hell is this random ass person? That cup would look cooler if it was black with the gold emblem.

Anonymous said...

!!! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Chocolate Kitten said...

wow can u really throw that away I word sell that shit on ebay for real. ;)

{OVO} said...

Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing melee in New York City club W.i.P last week doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. The latest after-effect of the fight, which left a handful of people injured, is seeing yet another innocent bystander take action: NBA player Tony Parker.

According to TMZ, the San Antonio Spurs guard, who is claiming his cornea was scratched as a result of flying shards of glass during the brawl, is suing club W.i.P for $20 million. In a lawsuit filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Thursday (June 21), Tony claims the downtown Manhattan venue was negligent in security and supervision which resulted in his injury. The lawsuit also alleges club management continued to sell alcohol to both Drake and Brown although they knew there was “bad blood” between the two and despite the fact that some were “visibly intoxicated.”

As for whether Chris Brown or Drake will be added as defendants, Parker’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, told TMZ he’s waiting for the results of the police investigation and also wants to review the surveillance tape before making his decision.

Parker’s injury could affect his NBA career, and, more immediately, his performance in the Olympics with the French national basketball team. Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard were among eight injured during the fight.

Nasir said...

you cock back
you thought you had it planned
you thought you had your man
he saw you comming
he ran when you tried to bottle a man
missed him by inches he ducked
some of his entourage in the club
was who the glass entered
a few of them pulled through
but one didnt son got chinned
you took the fortune of him
the part about it thats crazy
is that you was aight with him
tight with him why was he in the way
why was he standing next to the enemy that specific day
his style never hollas loud stays reclusive good dude
got that look like he always about to do shit blonde hair nose ring dope shit
one eyebrow raised
got into it with dude who still tried to live out his old wild out days
they never had no probs
somehow they rubbed each other wrong like a bad massage
these two different personalities had to collide
over one broad niggas could of died
and you ask why

Anonymous said...

loooool nigga
that ovo that xo is everything you believe in
throw a couple bottles and niggas start bleeding

take care looool

Anonymous said...

why does this dude look familiar?

Anonymous said...

why so mean?

Candice said...

Lemme get a cupppp fullll

Anonymous said...

naw I aint being mean just sayn u got jokes... shit a bitch do too!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey can all of ya'll get on and help drake with this fandemonium challenge? we're losing really bad

Anonymous said...




"Former MuchMusic personality and CBC-Radio head Denise Donlon and Toronto’s favourite mysterious musical son, The Weeknd, are alumni of West Hill CI. Indy driver Paul Tracy’s nickname is “The Thrill from West Hill.” Scarborough Historical Museum. Statement. June 23. 2012. West Hill, Toronto.

frank ocean said...

hey, fuck weeknd.

channel orange. 7/17/12.

I Here By said...

You die

Anonymous said...

much love from New Orleans!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday morning!

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spread love
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God bless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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krisz mazerati said...

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Anonymous said...!/YOLOfastfoodbar


#YOLO #Inspiration #Drake

Thought it and achieved it- opening soon! Oldham UK

Anonymous said...!/YOLOfastfoodbar


#YOLO #Inspiration #Drake

Thought it and achieved it- opening soon! Oldham UK

sophia said...

who dat?

Anonymous said...

October's Very Own: theOutcome


Twitter: @the_Outcome

Fabien Abou Moussa said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh shit nooo is it?

Anonymous said...

Ctfu @ all yall

Anonymous said...

Just because ol boy got a big head that don't mean its Ronaldo.

BCovo said...

is this drake's ghostwriter?

Anonymous said...

hahaha... U think Drake has a ghost writer??!! Drake is a ghostwriter!

James Andrews said...

Grab that Club Paradise OVOXO Shirt at & use promo code DRAKE for 30% off.

DICE THE GOD said...


Rolando lopez said...

On me I jus pour mE up Sum Lean

Hhaa haaa

Smoke my WweeD and Drank my Drank

ImmA smoke mY liqor
Imma sipp my drOooooooo :) l
Sincerely sayZ

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The Great Deity said...

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