Friday, December 30, 2011


Anonymous said...

The Weeknd is killin it...Xo :)

Ps: Drake I LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Love the weeknd ovoxo .. :)

SunTura said...

Anonymous said...

check this kid sounds like young drake

Brice said...

These Niggas are the shit!

k_taylor88 said...

House Of Balloons landed at #1 for Complex's albums of the year list....incredible!

Anonymous said...

whats the name of this song?

Anonymous said...

The Weeknd, hah. You listen through this mixtape once and you'll overdose because these lyrics are too real.

Anonymous said...

Too fucking in love with this song and the mixtape as a whole. It was very worth the wait.

spiritsentient said...

Ballin' track.

LOVE the take it, why / talkin', why / sayin' nothing, why Flow.

So good.

Anonymous said...

hey oliver and the rest of the gang! not much of a internet person so quick message for your boy aubrey: tell him to read letters to a young poet. it will help with those crazy days.

Anonymous said...

drake heard you comin to my neck of the woods, birmingham uk; apparently we have a mutual friend in common mr david brookes aka the gully god. email me lets meet up and discuss we can have a proper conversation better than the one we had at ati.

sophia said...

Loving this. XO till we overdose

DJ Spectac said...

Haha doing it big just like drake!..making a big mark with the free mixtapes...then taking over the world :)...of course "40" behind the scenes killin it!..XO!

Anonymous said...

The Weeknd because I leave in England. I had no idea who he was until I saw the OVO blog & bough Drake's album. I love Drake .. I can't wait for the Club Paradise tour. ovo'xo ♥

RellyRellz said...

Hows this man not signed yet? I kinda like it that way though. He's gonna do big things.

That's assuming we don't get the news that he Overdosed in a crack house or something and died.

Anonymous said... of the illest lifestyle magz online

BonafideSexyG said...

The Weeknd -- Outside Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I let you show me his moves
Let you do what he taught you
Let you reminisce how you used, to do
Girl I’m open to anything that would get you into that zone
Baby I can stay up all night
And understand that we’re all alone
So you can slowly take off you’re clothes
Baby you know what’s in store
Baby I can stay up all night
I’ve been goin’ hard since last night
And I’mma go harder tonight
Wish you can see you through my eyes
Ooh I’m tellin’ you this ain’t the same
And I know he’s still in your brain
I’m ’bout to burn that shit into flames
Once I’m in you

I can’t let you know
Make yourself at home
‘Cuz baby when I’m finished with ya you won’t wanna go

[Verse 2]
Find More lyrics at
And I’mma work you like a pro, baby
While, you gon’ take it like one
Yeah you gon’ take it like one
And I’mma give it like ya asked for it
Why, cuz you been talkin’ ’bout it
Know you been talkin’ ’bout it
Ooh baby when I’m done with you
You ain’t sayin nothin’
Yeah you ain’t sayin nothin’
Ooh baby when I’m done with you
You ain’t sayin nothin’
Yeah you ain’t sayin nothin’
You gon’ make me show off
All the pain that you feel you can tell that we ain’t makin no love
But I’ll pretend
Oh girl, I’ll pretend
If you pretend then girl I’ll pretend
Let’s make it seem like we’re all we need in the end

I can’t let you know
Make yourself at home
‘Cuz baby when I’m finished with ya you won’t wanna go

BonafideSexyG said...

I listen to songs three times before I ever say anything about them. "Oustide", I think this is one of the most professional pieces I've seen from you. The vocals and percussion were terrific. It's brilliant. I think the tempo is a little slow, and it's lifeless. It needs CPR! The vocals were fine as far as tempo. The percussion needs to have more energy. It seemed like some of the beats were slow and dead.

The song itself is hot, and this is a good attention gainer. I don't think it has a good enough hook though. I don't see a climatic point in the song. There's no building of a thought, it just rambles on and on. It could have more imagery. I do like the plot line though.

1. Need a better hook, something catchier. You need to say the hook at least 3 times just so people remember it, not repeat like a broken record player, but you know what I mean, a few times.
"outside... outside... let's go outside?" Idk! Find the words you can't forget in the song that's prob going to be your hook. :)

2. The song needs to build (Crescendo) and end quickly (Decrescendo -- which I think this song did).

3. Faster beat, not too fast, but a lift (Allegretto/moderately fast).

4. This is where I'm real curious... In the song, who's the "other guy"? Why is this song about another guy? Who gives a shit about him? This is your song, and it should be about you. Be confident.

Your direction is good. You're an inch away from nailing it so keep going. This is improvement and you're progressing.

Best Wishes for the New Year to everyone at OVO,

Anonymous said...

May your neighbours respect you
Trouble neglect you
Angels protect you
And heaven accept you


Mr. 40. Watt said...

Dis joint crank!!!

Anonymous said...

im fond of him/them , oliveeeer. is it a group? i know nothing about him/them, just that i like some hiss stuff

Oliver El'Khatib said...

Yes, it is a group by the name of The Weeknd. Their followers call themselves X'O (derrived from the letter salutation for hugs & kisses). You can also follow up with the most recent news coverage and free downloadable mixtapes by tuning into or via

Brittney " Byrd " Ridley said...

Just wanted to show love in different places. I just hope that your happy.
And That this year will be an even better year for you.

I'm so happy for you and your success... I still can't believe that I actually seen you at the Cali Christmas concert. I didn't get to talk to you but I saw you. I remember when I use to pray about that shit. That was my Dream and it still is... to me that shit felt so unreal.

Take Care

Aubrey's Rose/Forever Byrd

Alis volat propiis * said...

I think I have Another Favorite Artist .
It's creepy yet Addicting _________O
Not just the beat but the Lyrics too .
Can't wait to hear more .

Anonymous said...

Drake & The Weeknd crack the top 10 in the "Top 25 Records of 2011"

Anonymous said...

the weekend is fire! "crew love" is my favorite on take care too ;)

Anonymous said...


ashley said...

me and my girl are coming all the way from NY to Florida to see you on the 15th for my birthday!! hook it up with backstage passes?! we got the blunts ready ;) ahhh i wish you would see this!! i'm trying so hard for you to -_- ovoxo<3

Kuba said...

Nice... OVOXO :)

Anonymous said...

Love this track. I did a hot remix too. Check it here.

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

... and the hits just keep on comin'

OVOXO till I die!

Dutch said...

OVOXO that's is all!

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