Tuesday, November 1, 2011


BonafideSexyG said...


momillicopado said...

2nd bitch..
spanish girls love me like im on twitter..
te amo..
rest in peace mac dre_
thizz face bitches.
I feel u drizzy.

or have yet to-
POWER 106!
OMG Becky look ! her butt.

TIGGER!! dont go drizzy!

Anonymous said...

" spanish girls love me like im aventura "

RellyRellz said...

^^^Lol that pretty funny

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

does anybody know what Adidas jacket the weeknd is wearing on his of the initiation song?

Brimonide Tartrate said...

Exactly what I was looking for. I found your website perfect for my needs. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...


Brandon Ande said...

She got me all up in my Zone

Anonymous said...

this joint has a rich hil feel to it (pause)

Anonymous said...

Awesome !

Unknown said...

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Yung Crow said...

I always ask what is love what is affection/ But it will come when i start to have a connection/ If love was food i would die from starvation/ but if that was to happen this is reincarnation/ Damn..... I just lost my mind right there/ this aint nun but a scarry ass night mare/ When i was five always wanted an acousic/ But i am impatient so it prolly would be useless/ Unh... I am sittin inside a whirlwind/ nnd my mothers livin life wit her new girlfriend/ i cant pretend/ that it isn't in my skin/ that my mother had kids from nine different men/ letter check i just read i gotta write back/ nnd my cuzin tryna steer me on the right track/ neva knew that rality likes to bite back/ but imma fighter nnd a fighter loves to fight back-Yung Crow

ynfmusic.bandcamp.com said...

We're doing things..



Amir said...

Satan Worshiper. Member of a secret society. The Zionist branch of the Illuminati that controls the media. Shame on Drake for selling his soul.

songs for tap said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

A$ap is gonna be the next big thing!

Anonymous said...

Got to be washin the range at Denny's

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