Wednesday, October 26, 2011


TheMrHyde said...


martin said...

cool lol

Trey said...


~Arlene~ said...

LOL! Need 2get tht ASAP.

Josh Newell said...

Cat wait for Take Care...and Echoes of Silence

Follow your boy on twitter!!

MarieElizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

Ok forget it ..I like u I didn't always thnk u were so hot but always like ur tunes I'm not jockn u no mas and this is not niki

ForestMather said...

Eff these other twerks up there, real talk, you should go freestyle on the that mary j blige song that just leaked. you killed it already, add that flavor over the whole track. make it most dope.

RellyRellz said...

Lol you can tell Drake is about to drop an album. Suddenly he's all over the place, its crazy but I love it! Drizzy can't do wrong at this point, and that verse on Mr. Wrong was ill, d-d-d-damnn! get these other rappers a body bag lol

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm.... Illuminati

Fireworks said...

Nov 15 is taking forever to come...

Love Drizzy's verse on Mr. Wrong...
Don't think there's any song that he does not sound good on...

Take Care

Emily said...


Anonymous said...

Love it!

mobabyz_ said...

ive been trying to get through him!! i really need to get to know him!!! SERIOUSLY.... i dont want any trouble or anything tho

Mizzy said...

Lol hello gorgeous

BonafideSexyG said...

I have a confession... I absolutely ♥ MJB... She is the Queen of Hip Hop and Soul. I think she is a beautiful person inside and out. The woman is phenomenal. I'm gonna torture EVERYBODY with her song!!! :)

Mr. Wrong

Don’t it seem like, like I’m always there when it matters
But missin' most of the other time, a terrible pattern
The rewards I see from working made me an addict
There's way more people that want it than people that have it
I dont get it, I would hate to think I tricked ‘em
They fall victim to my system, guess I sure know how to pick ‘em
And I’m always her regret, yeah, I’m always her regret
And I always make it harder on whoever’s coming next
It goes up and down, it’s just up and down
She’s crying now but she’ll laugh again
Cause we on the rise and she here with us
In expensive shit, just keeps happening
She loves it, she stares at me like who does this
And we hold hands while I pray that she’s not the type to hold grudges
I’m wrong..

[Mary J Blige]
Bad boys aint no good
Good boys aint no fun
Lord knows that I should
Run off with the right one

Me and Mr Wrong get along so good (so good)
Even though he breaks my heart so bad (so bad)
We got a special thing going on
Me and Mr Wrong (mister wrong)
Even if I try, no, I never could
Give him up cause his loves like that
Aint no way that I’m moving on
I love my Mr Wrong

[Mary J Blige]
Hung up off your good
You calling, I run
My fan is screaming at me don’t do it
Dont do it baby
I guess they never had none

Me and Mr Wrong get along so good (so good)
Even though he breaks my heart so bad (so bad)
We got a special thing going on
Me and Mr Wrong (mister wrong)
Even if I try, no, I never could
Give him up cause his loves like that
Aint no way that I’m moving on
I love my Mr Wrong

When he put that loving on me, I can’t think of nothing
That’ll make me walk out
I’m holding on
I love my Mr Wrong

He be kissing and touching on me
I can’t help but love him
I must be out my mind
For going so strong
I love my Mr Wrong

Me and Mr Wrong get along so good (so good!)
Even though he breaks my heart so bad (so bad!)
We got a special thing going on
Me and Mr Wrong, (mister wrong)
Even if I try, no, I never could
Give him up cause his loves like that
Aint no way that I’m moving on
I love my Mr Wrong...

I ♥ my Mr. Wrong!!! Have a great night.
Love ya,

b.rumi said...

tell drizzy to check this out!!
make it his avi pic for twitter!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous <3

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! arrrr :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love this guy. His voice is just enough. Dope artist who needs to do a concert in the DMV so I can sit front row lol.


Furree Katt said...

Anonymous said...

mselwinc said...

I love the creative control Drake has! His way or it ain't hapnin'! :)

wendyjoanna said...

Omg drake you look so sexy,,,
Love the magazine cover,
<3 I need to get myself a copy
& 19 more days til

Anonymous said...

drake imma take u to see this when it come out lol. u know itll be good, ill take u for ur bday

Anonymous said...

rep that jew blood, brooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

ok!! leaving school bye drake, i aint wanna work today looooooooooooooool. class is Over;)

dandan. said...

lookin' hottttttttttttt, as usual!

Faythh said...

gorgeouss <3

Anonymous said...

Every Drake fane needs to watch this :

Anonymous said...

Why is that girl puttin their business out there like that?

Anonymous said...

Wow was everything that girl said in the link above ^ true ?

Anonymous said...

I just do not understand how you would not want to transition over to mother when you know your child is gonna be cute! I just don't get it. Has she seen his baby pics?! She is a damn fool!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Fatal Attraction?!

Anonymous said...

Drizzy Drake Swagg....November 15...take care!

Anonymous said...

Who is Kanye And Jay-Z?
Man! they entertain me,
I am the King they please with their Musique.
I call them ménestrels, bouffons à la cour des Amours,
Nous sommes les rois qui les payont pour nous divertir.
il costo è costoso ma abbiamo gusti di lusso.
Be the emperor of your soul.
You can be what you embody,
That ideal you dream of like a King...
Embrace it!

Anonymous said...

"ovoxo nigga". I love Drake - Dee ;)

Anonymous said... said...

Drake Covers The Source.. check out the interview Bitch said...

Check out Toronto's very own favorite artists, news,gossip,new music and more! Excerpt from Drake's interview with The Source

Fireworks said...

What happened to the post with the OVO spray painting building???

dnyx said...

What happnd to the OvOxO gif animation ... ???

Aubrey's Rose said...

Hey OVO back on again.

I was suppose to be on here all this week..but things didn't work out. Work and School is workin the shhit out of me as usual but

any ways I just wanted to come on here and show some love. It's getting closer to that day.

Wow, it seems like I missed out on alot but Ima leave comments every where just too catch up. :)

I love you guys

Forever Byrd
P.S. Drake you are the most sexiest man I've ever seen...O.O

yeesssss... O.O lol!

Anonymous said...


Aubrey's Rose said...

@ anonymous


its sad how you have to hide behind annoymous

Bitch.....what the fuck is up with all them bitches that be runnin at the jaws!!! Bitches need to calm the fuck down with that shit! real talk!!!

.....Bitches are gettin wwwwwayyyy to fuckin comfortable with that shit!

Forever byrd

P.S. I can't stand goofy ass I don't know what that shiit means!!!

stupid fuck..

Aubrey's Rose said...

I'm done with people that wanna talk if they wanna talk. Ima just let them and laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

lol hahahahhahaha xD

P.s. I love the OVO team!
They are so much like family.
Can't for the album

Take care

Aubrey's Rose said...

can't wait for the albumI mean *

Forever Byrd

Anonymous said...

drake these are so comfy they're crochet, i'm going to buy you the beige pair LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

ShahidaDoodles said...


Kooky_Kidd136 said...

Is it me or does this picture blow you away

S said...

I realize I'm rather late in wishing you, but happy belated birthday, nonetheless. I don't doubt that it was exceptional, much as you are yourself. You are a rather intriguing personality, aren't ya? Everything about you just seems too perfect, ya know? You don't necessarily act the part of your usual superstar, and it's almost too calculated. Recent events, things I've heard about you lately (you know what they are), lead me to believe so. If this is all an elaborate game, props to you for playing it amazingly well.

If this is really you, then I am truly impressed by the masculine yet wonderfully humble and caring person that you are. You are the just the right amount of reckless, with just the right touch of diplomacy and the perfect caress of kind-heartedness. When you talk about never allowing yourself to feel like you've reached the top of your game because you don't ever want to stop growing, you inspire me to be a better version of myself. A better woman. You remind me of a youth, I'm letting slip through my fingers, yet at the same time, you push me to transform from girl to woman, and even to fight for my dreams chivalrously so, not unlike you. ;)

If there was a way I could describe it; this ability you have, this very being of yours, you'd be the best scrabble player ever. Maybe, you could even beat me at my very small and ordinary game. It's more than just your lyrics; it's more than an ordinary word query, or a task of unscrambling the most amount of words into coherence in a predetermined time frame to get the most points. That's how I'd describe every other game player out there. No. You are a scrabble player. You are complex. You're not just making words, you're carefully placing them on the board in a very tactful way, both in your music, and in the way you present yourself to the world. Everyone might be watching your game, but you're planning your words two steps ahead; and they're unaware that you're sneakily watching them too, aiming to elicit the desired response.

There's not a man I respect more than one who can play a good, clean game, or better yet, change the rules before anyone catches on, and consequently win every single time. You see, men often make this mistake...the way to a woman's heart is not by laying the world at her feet, or by bringing her the sun, the moon and the starts, but by being the kind of man who can find a way to love her more each time, by being the kind of man who can love her in a different way every time, by being the kind of man who doesn't spend the money, but puts in the effort instead.

I can't explain why I'm writing this, certainly not because I think you'll read this. I suppose I'm too old to believe in silliness but young enough to look up to a man only two years my senior, :p. Probably, more so because I needed to put the words out there, to believe that there's finally somebody in the industry who speaks to me in such a way, and so influentially that it motivated me to find his blog and comment on it.



Anonymous said...

My baby doin it xoxo

Anonymous said...

Soo...what's up with the special edition? Is it gonna be dvd too behind the scenes:p

Anonymous said...

Soo...what's up with the special edition? Is it gonna be dvd too behind the scenes:p

Fireworks said...

True or not heard that Drake is dating Nicole Scherzinger...Hope he is...She is real pretty and a great look for him...
Who know's we might hear it in a song...

Take Care...

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

Drizzy u killin' me w/the face u makin' on that cover -- LMFAO :-0

Anonymous said...

the video floozies. ewww unprotected.

Anonymous said...

I hope who ever he decides to settle down with,that he is happy. The End.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Graffiti bit?

Tixe Prince said...

SPACELYS CALL DIBS ON A TRUST ISSUES CAMEO if they do a video. *If Drake approves of course!

Anonymous said...

Drac look lika pirate with an eye patch. I bet thats what he gonna be for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Arrr, Matey! lol maybe he shoulda just kept it bill cosby? lol its coo its coo

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of being a pirate, or a vampire. I hope so...Special edition!

Anonymous said...

Drake was still hot as a werewolf

Anonymous said...


@Drake likes putting things in his mouth eh LOL


Elysium Artwork, LLC said...

One eye huh

Yours Truly said...

Take Care will be more successful than Thank Me Later...Drake you have evolved into one of the most innovative and original artists of our time and you continue to be the inspiration to all my work and I will be forever greatful to you for that...

With Heart...
Yours Truly

Anonymous said...

I love you Drizzy! I masterbate almost every night to your picture on my wall lol

Joe Martinez Productions said...

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Anonymous said...

I imagine my pussy in your are sooo good smh

Anonymous said...

Swallow that mean cock mmm :-P

Anonymous said...

I'm only easy on you..if your easy on me then both of us are easy :)

shardae said...

best cover yet

mimi said...

is there a place to get pink ovo shirt like that

moncler piumini said...
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moncler piumini said...

Anonymous said...

I miss Comeback Season Drake :(

xl pharmacy said...

one of my friends is crazy about Drake, she thinks he is one of the best singers and I always tell her that no, he is not!

nailah mychele said...

"Not only [am] I one of your biggest fans but I [am] truly in [love] with you. I [love] the way you [carry] yourself, the way you [dress], the confidence with which you [address] passion and relationships in your music. I [say] to myself that even if we never [meet], I want a [man] in my life just like you" - Drake. The way you feel about her is the exact way I feel about you. Your biggest fan, and your #1 supporter. <3

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