Thursday, July 14, 2011


Rosaa said...


Anonymous said...

Thursday needs to drop. ASAP.

Anonymous said...

he needs to come to new york like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I Love THE WEEKEND. But STILL no Drake single? whats going on

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's what's up & all, but can that "Thursday" drop already like...TODAY, lol. I check this site everyday like a 13 year old Justin Bieber groupie for that joint, lol.

Anonymous said...

Abel should drop "Thursday"!!

Anonymous said...

Abel should drop "Thursday"!!

~YoungROI XOXO said...



Cisco said...

California. Bay Area. NOW!!

Unknown said...

Umm I'm like a fan of The Weekend soo there needs to be a performance in Miami - please and thank you <3

Erika said...

fuck every bitch dat doesnt know how to be a bitch..
like getting your man up at 5am..telling him .....
work while you stay and clean a kitchen.....really a kitchen?...and your still bitchen? why cause oprah told you your life was wack? so you respect that? really ? does your pussy smell clean? ...cause thats all this means.

Erika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shayla said...

is this for real?

what does that have to do with Drake?

Anonymous said...

I should come to canada just for this show lol but Drake & The Weeknd should def come to Indianapolis & give a great asss concert. It just feels great to know that theres still good music around :) - Dee
p.s. Cant wait for Take care & Thrusday!!!

Erika said...

obviously this site has given people a platform for folks to express them selves...what does it have to do with Drake? creativity? EVERYTHING.

Kkk said...

Niggersssss and Spicks, zippers on dicks, dippers on chicks, and kickers on ticks. BITCH.....and i dont take it back...Bitch



MK ULTRA.....arial strikes

WMD's on your face!!

charliepoll said...

Why is everyone so impatient? Thursday will drop when it does, we got HOB less than 4 months ago- stop complaining. It's a smart move to do a couple underground shows before releasing it to get a larger fanbase.

RR said...

The weeknd & drake need to come to the UK more!

Now check out my blog!

cars, fashion, music, luxuries, sex & women!


WBJ said...


check me out on

Marley Blunts,


Ravi S said...

Im flying out from London to see him perform on 24th July.

Paying for flights as I write this.

XO til we overdose... Take Care til Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Fellas

A Princess said...

Thats wassup, The weekend is dope!

drue said...

delay it till 8th of aug, im flying from london !!

Anonymous said...

When is The Weeknd coming to the H-town?!?

Ravi S said...


Congrats! amazing shit!

Toronto City said...

MOD club eh...the main giant bouncer who lets girls down to the restroom around the back has a bad habit of blocking the door when you try and come back up and sexually assaulting chicks. I have experienced and witnessed it like clock work on a couple of occasions before I just stopped ever going there because of it. Plus heard redic stories from other girls who its happened to. So sexy ladies get a buddy system going on or pee before you come ha. Sept for that... can not fucking wait for this show!!

XoDaisyDukesXo said...

that bouncer you speak of...told my friend when she tried to come back up from the quote "lift up that skirt and im gonna eat your snatch out like a fresh bowl of poutine" so yea.. buddy system bathroom trips girls. ovoxo yo girl bustin it open at the weeknd weekend HOE!

hs said...

release a single please...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Drizzy this saturday....

Keeda said...

Drake my B-day is Saturday 16th shout me out on

PJ said... Stream and download new music!

Drizzy said...

I will be there.....and early happy birthday keeda...
Take Care.

Weak.End said...

xo xo xo xo xo xo UPDATE xo xo xo xo xo xo

Aite, so I went to grab tickets earlier today. Seeing as how the post for this was on Thursday and today is Friday.

I was ready to grab 5, assuming that maybe only a handful of people had gone to pick up theirs.


I was eff'n surprised.

The guy at the counter said that they had 500 tickets; ALL sold out within the first 90 minutes they got word out? Sorry, but wtf? I didn't see 500 people ahead of me rushing into the store. This seems kinda sketch to me, but theres nothing I can really do at this point.

FYI: At $20 a ticket x 500 tickets = Weeknd just made $10,000 in 90 minutes.

Erin said...

So jealous that I can't even stand it....but I guess it's only right that the hometown gets special treatment :)

Patiently waiting in the US....


Anonymous said...

I can prove How much AB Loves October. Do you even notice? ?

Anonymous Blogger, AB

{OVO} said...

Condolences to Drake

Best wishes to you and yours

Hope the family doing well under the circumstances, during what is a difficult time

Color Purple said...

legit shit,.. ifeelit

Shayla in KY said...

Sympathies to Drake and his family during this time...

matthewlove said...

what's good with that invite to BG?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi i just wanted to stop by and say that I heard about your loss and Im praying for you I wish you nothing but the best. Sincerly, your #1 fan Erica!

Anonymous said...

where the hell is Drakes single??? Its the 16th man..... Ive been checking here literally over 100 times a day..... Damn man.

younger Thoughts said...

You can expect a song like "fear" now..
Its sad but i really see that happening...
"and know i pop bottles cus i bottle my emotions, atleast i put it in the open"....
"and my uncle aint even messagin me.. and him missing in my life is kinda messin wit me..i hope this isnt one of those forever things..its funny how money can change everything"

Anonymous said...

To Drake: sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle and the loss of Nicki Minaj's cousin.
I will be lifting both of the families up in prayer. Be blessed....

Aubrey's rose said...

FINALLY...LOl I'm Back on the blog, Haven't been on for weeks!!!.. (Internet issues) lol Forreal doe

But i'm glad to be back...
It's been some time DRizz I missed you! And the whole OVO team I love yall...

Forever Byrd
PS. A Back in the Buildin ! lmao hahaha

Toronto reps up!

Aubrey's rose said...

@Drizzy, @40, @Oliver, @ Niko @at the whole OVO team.....

As a real fan...I would like to apologize for not being on here...reppin like I use to for the whole team and not being a dedicated fan like I'm suppose too. I haven't had any access to Internet at all!

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry...and I love you guyz and I will alwayz and forever will rep for you...until the day that I die! I said it before and I will say it again, to the whole muthafuckin world! =)

Forever Byrd
P.S. Drizzy drake is the muthafuckin best...fuck all the rest!! Shout out all Drake fans..

oh yeah and I will leave comments on other post as well..ily OVO

Aubrey's rose said...

@ Drizzy

LOL HAHAHAHAHA...HEHEHE I was lookin at the older post from two weeks ago! lol Bitches was talkin reckless, it's like I don't even have problems wit Bitches but bitches got problems wit me!!

Ask me if I care...mmmhhhmm (let me think) Do I actually care about deez SEa MOnKEys lol uuuuhh (NO!)

I'm on this blog to talk about Drake and his success so thats all that really matters lol So I don't have problems with any body...really

I just need to light ONE up for all DA haters!!


Aubrey's rose said...

Shout out to all Drake/OVO fans that's been holdin it down, showin love and support!
-Drake's Fans
-40's fans
-Oliver's Fans
-Niko's Fans
-OVO fans
It's all about the Fans....and without the fans support, there would be nothing!
The Fans are appreciated by others fans..yaaayy..=D lol (God I'm so fuckin corney)

Forever Byrd =)
P.S. Sorry if I'm taking up all the space on this blog, I know how it can be annoying.but I haven't been on here for along time!
Sorry =/ today will probably be the last day that I'm I'm sorry again. =(

Aubrey's rose said...


Mann... i remember when Drake was on and my mom was tryna get tickets for his concert! LOL
That mess sold out about a week later =( I didn't even get a chance to pay for the tickets. LMAO Dis nigga got some many DAMM fans it's ridiculous LOL!! o_O
Though I was so watch one of his Concerts on Cable! He's amazing....every time I watch it, I feel like I'm there with him! Every time he performs, it feels like he's telling his own story! Even when he releases singles or music on the Internet, for's exciting =D Because the stories that he tells i can picture it in my mind as if i was watching a movie.That's why everytime ...after I first listen to his songs I read the lyrics afterwards to understand the story better. It's funny in a kind of way..because it's like i study the meaning that is behind the lyrics..I study it as poetry!
I study his life... It's kind of like I study him... I think his life is very interesting! I can't really explain what it is about him
(Call me...crazy) lol but to me he was born to be "AMAZING". I feel like that would be very disrespectful for me to put him in the same category as other rappers!! Because in my eyes... he's way beyond than just a lover, an artist, an actor, a writer/poet, or a storyteller! T H I S M A N W A S B O R N T O B E A M A Z I N G..... :*) Like i'm dead

It's Crazy, lol I probably sound a bit Obessive... but I speak truly from the heart. It's just me being Brutally Honest in a positive way! ;)
I love OVOxo
Forever Byrd
P.S. I thought that I should get that off my chest...before today ends. I just hope that Drizzy is okay, I love him with all my heart! Hope he reads this and I shall call it a day! I love the OVO team.

I will be back soon...
But my last words shall be,DRIZZY Drake is the muthafuckin best, fuck all da rest!!!!...OVOxo muuuahh ;)

DreamsComeTrue said...

@Aubrey's Rose... Welcome to the blog. LOL isnt that what we all feel? Just take those words and apply them to everybody else here haha we all feel a special connection

Aubrey's rose said...

I'm sure...that's what alot of people feels lol

Apparently, I'm not the only Drake fan...if you did read others comments that I've put on here! LOL But I guess you probably just focused on that single one. LOL That meant the most to me!

Actually,I think I should be welcoming you to the blog..because I've been on here plenty of times way before I ever notice your name. I just haven't been on here for a while! That's why I have all the comments on here because I have so much to say LOL Damm is that a Bad thing! Does my comments affend you??

No disrespect,but maybe you should think before you speak...because I'm just trying to be a dedicated fan, just as much as you are! =)

God Bless
Take Care ;)
Forever Byrd

P.S. Drizz, why do people always have something smart to say..when I'm just tryna do the right thing. LOL wow...Okay that was weird!

Aubrey's rose said...

I'm not even gonna trip off of other peoples comments....LMAO xD

Cause I'm about me and my business and Ima do What I wanna do and say what I wannna say..

Ima do me like always..
Ima keep reppin for Drizz all day every day..because thats what a fan does.

Forever Byrd
Shout to all Drake fans... lets keep reppin for Drizz =D

Dreams Come True said...

@Aubrey's rose
Lol ok well did you take that the wrong way? Haha cus i wasnt trying to be mean or anything i was just trying to basically say i feel like that too and that i understand where your coming from..haha :) no harm intended!

The "welcome to the blog" Comment..that was just for kicks :D so please dont think i was trying to be rude or anything like that!!

Aubrey's rose said...

@Dreams Come True

oh okay I'm's just that people on here sometimes tries to get under my skin...hahahahaha lol

But yeah...I'm glad that you understand! Because I feel like sometimes a lot of people don't! So that's kew that we share that in common... =D

Thank you for sharing that with me!
God bless

Forever Byrd ;)

Aubrey's rose said...


Forever byrd

{OVO} said...

im standing on a field full of landmines
doing the moonwalk hoping i blow up in time

who said a black man in the illuminatti
last time i checked that was the biggest racist party

so get up off that slaveship
build your own pyrimids write your own hyroglyphs

@drakkardnoir @theweekndxo


Xo said...

Only Canada understand the Muzik that Weeknd does. They been making music for years. your just listening to it cuz ur on Drizzy's Dick.

-Till we Overdose

-oVoXo, your Girlfriends at our next show!!!!

Xoxo said...

@Xo so im guessing you cant understan the rest of the world's music? So Your not allowed to like any of the legends from the US :) because your from canada

Aubrey's rose said...

Damm..I went back on here, I notice dat @OVO had post a comment of lines on the same post of my comments.

I hope things are okay....Especially for Drizz, I'll just keep postin positive things on other post as well!

Forever Byrd
I love OvO fam

Aubrey's rose said...


Damm..those are some nice ass lines..I wonder if that's the lyrics to Drizz single.

I feel like it's gettin close to that time. The single, I'm still patient O_o I can't wait. (smiles)

Forever Byrd
P.S. I apologize again for taking up the blog space. lol ( I'm such a Drake head)

Mia said...

Drizzy you are in my thoughts.
Was looking forward to seeing you in concert yesterday in Orlando, sorry about your uncle....

True fans understand. Take Care

Her said...

Non-Fiction claims your life, you wish you knew what it was really like.

To sip this wine, and get treated like a know his name, and beat him at his game.

To hear first hand of his love, and lust for be the girl you would die to be..

Just a lil freestyle..

Anonymous said...

This is coming from one of your fans.. actually a group of fans.. we are sick .. tired .. fucking pissed off -
Drop your fucking single you little bitch... i hate you ..

drop the single

Black&Melo said...

Well guys i know Drake said he'd drop it 1-2 weeks in July but how about we give him leaway and wait till July is over! Only 13 days until July is over so he HAS TO drop it sumtime between :)

Drizzy said...




Danieladp21 said...

Patience is everything and every single is delivered with Care. Take your time. Prayers to you and your family.

Lenny said...

@Drizzy you are fucking unlikeable.. There is a youtube video interview where drake said the official single was gonna drop first two weeks of July. Get with the fucking program and stop yapping because right now i wish i could fucking kick you in the nuts like a fucking field goal.

Anonymous said...'ll do nothing but hand bag like a lil bitch . Drake would Clean sheet and brace his hits into you face when they come out like a striker. Olympic goal

Lenny said...

@Anony I am not playing Fucking games here. Your a Fucking #2 Uno card messing with a fucking Wild card. Get your fucking floss out and wipe away all the bullshit you just said before i fucking uppercut your chin like a young Floyd maywheather.

Anonymous said...

@Amateur...I'll just counterpunch you down into a TKO within the 1st round #BUSTED

~YoungROI XOXO said...



Lenny said...

I am fucking displeased with you. I will break  your fucking jaw before you have time to scream for your fucking uncle. Your fucking grandmother would quit baking cookies if i asked her to. No love, no respect, all i got for you is a fucking bullet with imprints on it that would read "Son"

d said...


_/ \_

^^ thats my "ohh my god, beef!" happy look lol

Drizzy said...


_/ \_

^^ thats my "ohh my god, beef!" happy look lol

Lenny said...

@Drizzy You are fucking repugnant. Your obsessiveness with fucking Drake is like a fucking fat kid's obssesion with fucking lard. Get your fucking act together or I might just have to fucking cut you diagonally and fucking scream Bingo.

Emilio Cuilan said...

I had already purchased my flight from NYC to Canada. Im In Barci right now though flying home to see the show and its sold out. The Flyer said tickets at the door which is why I did not buy prior and now I hear they are sold out? I contacted the MOD club as well and was told to call someone else? Is it possible to still some how get tickets so my trip to Canada is worth wild? If not I might as well cancel my trip. Could you please email me back?

Chrissy said...

UGH I wanna go but I LIVE in CHICAGO
I still LUV him tho LOL

Anonymous said...


Man shut the fuck up, I Don't know if your trying to be like creative or some shit, but you sound fucking retarded.

Anonymous said...

DRAKE when r u comin to SAN ANTONIO baby I LOVE U and ur MUSIC MUAH!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

stay strong

Lenny said...

@Anony Stop your bullshitting. I am fucking disgusted with you. I will fucking skin you alive and fucking eat your skin like fucking beef jerky. You are a fucking 9mm messing with a fucking Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Sucks man..I work on Queen West and I was only seconds from running out from work to grab a pair of tickets only to hear that they're all out.

connect said...

i got an extra ticket if anyones interested. but what u willin to do for it?

DrakesBeautifulStripper said...

Heyyyy Drizzy this is your mistress.. i made a new account bc i wanna be the main girl not the sideline LOL :) && i saw yhu in houston, & i said 'hey drizzy i love u' then u took ur sunglasses off && said 'well your beautiful i love yhu too :) then u had 2 leave but i was so gassed.!!!! LOL i KNEW yhu loved me, && guess what.? i love yhu i will FOREVER be yhur #1 fan, so fuck ALL the haters bc they can catch a bouquet :)

SORRY I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE AUBREY BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU i KNEW youd say that because how u were staring at me from afar<3 yhu have my heart && so now im wifeyyyy<3
buht only ONE erotic tale each week since thats why i got grounded lol.
buht with a freaky girl like MOI as ur wife, u dont NEED a mistress anymore ;)

DrakesBeautifulStripper said...

All ive been doing since ive been away from yhu Drake,
is work out be pretty && think about u, this P is still yours.!!!

I hope you've been having fun && i hope your ready 4 my 5 erotic tales this week LOL drake i cant do just one, so ONE for each day i workout

i will ALWAYS rep team drizzy && ignore the other girls that are jealous bc they dont get the attention i get, I LOVE YOU && IM UR BIGGEST FAN

&& Im gonna do another poem, about what id do 4 yhu && what id let yhu do to me :) F U N.

i'll leave more love in a half hour BABII *Muah* We have something special, i wish u werent in such a rush that day though, i couldve got ur # && we coulda REALLY did some things ;)

but its true said...

and rihanna is fugly. i dont have to wear lots of make up like her. i see why drake dislikes her. theres 10 year old girls that look way better than her, and 90% of highschool girls are wayyy cuter, even if her stans have told them otherwise. that fact still remains and lingers on..........

theweekndxo said...

danny fernandes
got that xo fitted and xo tank,

get one too.

Jay Emmay said...

:) #leggoooo

Anonymous said...

@theweekndxo xo tanks! drop thursday and some merch. are tickets gonna be sold at the door....

Anonymous said...

so uhh,

what happened to "GoodFoot" downtown??

these xo guys pull a takeover?

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Anonymous said...

2019 update: look how far Abel has made it... over a million dollars made per show. 2 mixtapes, 3 albums and an EP later we’re here!!! xoxoxxxooxxo