Saturday, July 9, 2011


Anonymous said...

drake pretty much just pushed that girl off stage lmao

Anonymous said...

Drop the singleeee!

Anonymous said...

Give us the single man please...

Kyle said...

single mannn i neeeeed it

@Poetik_Paradoks said...

Push a single out wen u ready. This live shit is wut it do.

Anonymous said...

been waiting since last night...drizzy said id wake up to good it man

Anonymous said...

What song is this it sounds familiar?

Anonymous said...

drake is a BEAST!! (:

Anonymous said...

What song?

Anonymous said...

wild fire remix

Anonymous said...

Finding a viable link for this is becoming difficult....

Great performance as usual though :)


Toronto City said...
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Toronto City said...

I picked the wrong night not to go WrongBar... fml... why did the hideout sound like a good idea? Life is hard...

diamondgurlash said...

Omg. that chick.. lol. she looked retarded! no wonder she got pushed out of the way. Anyways.. nice show, Aubrey, you should do that in LA!!! <3


I like the plaid... so you.

~YoungROI XOXO said...

COMMENT/FOLLOW PLEASE & I'll return the favor


Anonymous said...

check it out no hipster shit

Anonymous said...

LOL i was fucking dying when he pushed dat chick out the way, like "bitch fuqq outa here"

Anonymous said...

Drake - And lately i treat bitches the meanest .
Me - Oh i see lol

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

"Simply the Best".... better than all the rest (-- Tina Turner)!!!

Have to admit I've seen better performances but that track is sooooooo f_ _king hot -- I could give a sh_t what happened on stage (0_0).

Rock on Drizzy... and Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hey, Oliver, how about you talk with Drake about a business proposition??? Not what you think...

I'm an accountant and I'd love (since I'm a fan) to be his accountant, and the whole YM group actually, but we can start small. :)

Anyway, hit me up...

Contact me at

Shayla in KY

lukevoice said...

lmao @ the girl getting pushed. & lmao at the guy who tried giving drizzy five. ovoxo

Anonymous said...


k.p. said...

Ouch that sucks! I guess birds get no love, lol! Oh well she should have respected his space. Love the Ian M. Banks reference...

Anonymous said...

Lol my baby pushed her out the way but the stage was to close .. We all are waiting impatiently for that SINGLE !

Fireworks said...

Drizzy keep doing what u doing baby....You're the best....

Patiently waiting....

Luv u, Take Care....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol Its official Drake is an asshole I would knw right.....We were born october after all

RellyRellz said...

lol! Drizzy said "Bitch wtf you doing?"

totally just destroyed her dignity lmao

Fireworks said...

Hahaha....Drizzy can't wait to see u next weekend....FL

Anonymous said...

Drizzy when are you dropping your single?????

Anonymous said...

Trey songz would never do what drake did to that female just saying ! He pushed her aside like "get this garbage away from me" lmfaoo drake ur too funny Lmfao ! I love u tho ! <3

Aubreygrahamlover! said...


lady j said...

Wonder if drake would ever come to south africa #sigh

Oh well

poor chick she just wanted drake to notice her maybe hug her or something lol

Drake just stands for Do Right And Kill Everything.. love you drizzy

lukevoice said...

Who knows the sample he played on teh wildfire beat. that went "ayehhh, ayehhh". someone please tell me lol.

Anonymous said...

Lmao Drizzy hugs The Girl Then Pushes Her Off the Stage xD man I Would KILL To Meet Drake Whens His Next Tour ? Love From Vegas !

~Arlene~ said...

Lmaoooooo!! Classic!!!! Keep doin u!!
Times like tht when I wish I was from Toronto or at least there. We need u bk in LOS ANGELES ASAP! OVOXO!

Anonymous said...

Was Drake Cooking!? Drizzy Drake on his way to being a master chef?! #ucanfuggmabitchbasedgod

matthewlove said...

songs about teenage girls startin to bore me..

Malik Melech Solomon said...
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Malik Melech Solomon said...

The Weeknd - Paula Patton (Loft Music Remix)



RR said...

Wildfire has been on repeat for ages! Sick performance drizzy.

Now check out my blog!

cars, fashion, music, luxuries, sex & women!


Gina.G said...

Man I wish I was going on July 30th :( wish I lived in America - would be so much easier !

And wkd performance Drizzyyy! Come to England and light it up soooon pleaseeeee :)

Anonymous said...

Love you Drizzy.

Take Care... xo

Kathy said...

love you drizzy!

matthewlove said...

this is for all of ovo oliver, aub ;)

Anonymous said...

Its soo good to see Drake, building a relationship with good UK artist such as; Florence & The Machine, Jamie XX, James Blake, SBTRKT, Wiley, Sade. Its just a shame that other artist aren't as open minded. Maybe because he's canadian?

I cant wait for Take care. Since you favour UK musicians, i will return the favour by purchasing more than one copy. One for my car, a download for the Laptop and ipod, and one for the House.

OVOXO, Take Care.

Erika said...

Anonymous said...

I hate how people are just fake dick riding fans. Verse has been out for over a month.SBTRKT is dope too but chances are you have no clue who they are

dzigi said...

drop it!

Son!a. YMCMB said...

Yallah drop it already,J'en ai marre d'attendre!
Love everything Drake does, keep feeding our souls,you the bestest!
God bless our Drizzy Drake


Anonymous said...

drizzy doing his thing baby! : )

Touche' said...

nice to see Drake having fun and supporting indie artists.

someone says he favors UK acts but that aint true. Drake is versatile, is all. He has 8 Ball, southern rap legends on Take Care, as well as Wayne. He mixes it up.

That girl shouldn't have put herself in a position to get ushered off the stage like that tbh. She got her 2 secs of shine & should feel lucky.

Anonymous said...

stfu @touche.

talking like you know drake.

ud probably jump on stage to get next to him too.


Drizzy said...


FvNT.O said...

check it, from toronto

FvNT.O said...

check it from toronto

Anonymous said...

The girl that he said, "You look nice tonight" to, was the one that jumped up on stage.

How does one say, "I do this for the fans"; Blah blah blah. "I do this for Toronto", in one breath but not show it?

Didn't bother to thank fans in acknowledgements of Thank Me Later.

Doesn't shake hands, give hugs, take pictures, write signatures in person... Unless promoting for the media.

Won't interact with his enormous online fan base, even through this OVO Blog.

He is just not up to par with communicating as other artists do. Chris Brown interacts with his #teambreezy non stop, personally shouting them out wherever possible. Nicki Minaj interacts with her #barbies likewise. Tyga interacts with his #teamtyga, even putting out an entire mixtape devoted to his followers. Justin Bieber interacts with his #belibers, stopping to say hi to everyone he meets. Lil Twist interacts with his #teamtwist with on the regular UStreams.
Even Lil Wayne hand wrote letters to each of his #teamweezy, from when he was locked up.

Dnd Drake... Does... ?

Drizzy said...

i do this bitch...

Fireworks said...

Keep doing what u doing Drizzy baby

Luv u....Take Care

Drizzy said...

single tonight...

Fireworks said...

hahaha....Is this the real Drizzy or person from the other night?

Fireworks said...

If this is the real Drizzy, then give me a shout out at your concert next week at Universal Studios....

U know how it goes...Trust Issueslol

Anonymous said...

Yea thats him aight

Anonymous said...

Not very nice :( ... *Disappointed*

Fireworks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Drake's verse is legit... But still no single?

Erika said...

If you want someone who knows what your are really about...alister crowley..and alice bailey told me to tell you to go

SilverLightH said...

LMFAO ! Alright, him pushing that girl was the funniest sh-t ever ; Im hella weakkk. But I have to say Looks like Drizzy is havin a hard time adjustin to fame..maybe he forgot how it feels like to be a fan?

Drizzy said...

I love ya'll, shout out to some of these links yall be puttin up on here and keep up the great work i guess lol

check them and show them some love:

The Weeknd - Paula Patton (Loft Music Remix)

OVOXO nigga..

Anonymous said...

Damn Drizzy, the poster above comparing you to other artists got to you huh? You never post on this shit much less shout out other ppl's blogs.

Maybe that's why you keep talking about fame changing you in your lyrics, you forget about your fans that've been here from day one (ME!!) listenin' to your heartbreak drake mixtapes or seein' you cherish the record collection at you're crib when you lived with your moms and whipped your acura tsx...that humble ass Drake disappeared for sure.

Personally, I'd meet 40 over you in a heartbeat if I had to choose. That dude just seems so real and with all hes got on his plate...

The way I see it: I don't need your attention, I just need your music for those car rides in the suburbs blazin' Ls and hearin' good music - please don't stop.

Change my mind:

Danielle said...

(@anonymous who mentioned how much Drakes been posting)

I said the same thing!

But the Drake I watched interviews about living in his mothers house isn't the Drake I'm seeing any more. This seems like a smooth ass adjustment to fame to me.

From the way you present yourself, I'd think you would be the first to make yourself available to your fans. Which the blog is a great attempt, but not good enough.

But all in all, I'm gone hold you down regardless because you're the rapper that's been needed in the industry years ago! And I'm most def. a fan!


lady j said...

I guess you guys are right drake ain't the same dude we all know lol but he still putting out some awesome shit

Interacting with with his fans or not we still love him right lol forever his devoted fans "drakkonians"

I guess he don't have the time for us lol...

Whatever , love you drake<3 OVOXO

Anonymous said...

Oh! & I hope yall know thats not drake if it was it would have the (ORANG AND WHITE B) beside it.

A Princess said...

I love it, it was really hype, I love the remix, beautiful moment :-)

Son!a. YMCMB said...

Drake changed? Really? You people are talking like you know him... And if its true, we all change anyway, let him B!
No other artist can speak to my soul as he does,Drizzy Drake all day, all night
He said " don't get impatient even when it takes too long" but man this is not" too long" this is " eternity" drop that single awlready , pleeeease!



Erika said...

Yay! <3..<3......<3

Erika said...

you guysss.... come on dont be so silly, of course fame changes people..its suppose takes ALOT of energy to not only create music/art but then having to give energy to the business side, promoting, shows, and actually meeting fans...and trying to make everyone happy...on top of making yourself happy (which you always get put last) and those closest to you cant be h8ting when you dont really understand what it means to actually do something productive for yourself and those around you....most of us complain about working all day and having to go to the store after to get dinner (jst an example) really?

Get a ball and go outside and play. Or better yet take a class and learn how to make your own you you can learn some appreciation for what it means to be an artist. Even if what you makes is crap at least you did something and you will be less likely to judge someone you dont know.

Anonymous said...

Thats not Drake, ,Oliver or 40 leaving comments guys.

Noel said...

LOL I have to say the funniest part of this video was Drake pushing that girl off stage...cold world!

GoodWill said...

check this kid out

Anonymous said...

When he was just 'Wheelchair Jimmy', you could go to the Shoppers Drug Mart in Markham and walk into this guy and get a picture with him, and shake hands.

When he started getting serious as a musical artist, you could go downtown to clubs like Lucid or Circa and run into him and still get a picture with him, and shake hands.

Now that he goes by name of 'Drizzy', when you go to the Champs at Yorkdale Mall and see him with Niko buying sneakers, if you even try to say, "Hey, I like your music, can I get a picture", he smirks and walks away. While his entourage of one will try to tell you "No".

I agree, the transition into fame does change a persons persona.

But if you say, "I'm a humble person", in the media and, "I do this for the fans", then show it.

Other artist, with a much larger fan base and are just as busy make time for their fans.

The Royal Couple, who are a million times more famous and busier than this guy, shake hands and say "Hi" to each person they come by.

...The music is great, Drake as a person is not. #justsayin

Clarissa said...

Drake kilt it!! That crowd went crazy!!! Awesome <3

~YoungROI XOXO said...

lol its funny how people for the last two days thought it was really Drake/40/Niko commenting and really trying to get into a convo lmao..

K.P. said...

@ Anonymous Your assesment of "Drizzy" is duly noted. However, you must understand there is a difference between Drizzy the persona and Aubrey "Drake" Graham the person. Fans see an artist perception of a particular character, therefore expect the artist to be that persona, also assuming a position of entitlement to that artist through purchase of their music. Did you ever think perhaps he would like to spend some time to himself to enjoy the fruits of his labor? Was your approach in a rude or demanding way? In no way am I justifying his decision to act like an arsehole if that was the case. The situation could've been handled differently that's for sure... When you're famous, although you love your fans, you crave those moments to breathe and be in your element. You've got to look at things from both ends of the spectrum, and not judge a person based on a single interaction.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't drake not give that dude dap that's suppose to be one of his fans. I hope DrizzY doesn't take this stuff for granted. There's people in this world that will kill just to be that close or just to get a glimpse of their idol/artist.

Sometimes fans are afraid to meet or know an idol or artist of theirs cause you can truly see who they are and 9 times out of 10 it isn't good and this can cause fans to less-appreciate the artists music or can be hard to listen to that artist music cause you'll end up thinking of that artist tru-self while listening.

Erika said...

I dont know, I am pretty satisfied with the shout out I got. I guess someone being a good or bad is relative to the person judging.

Im down with dude.
*Get some inspiration in your life and make us something pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Look drake TELLS you exactly who he is he says it in his songs he says it even in twitter like when he said im sorry if you ever ask for a picture or autograph and i cant do it because i dont have the time i hate being that guy. The mans busy and more truthful in his music and personality then any artist is. No artist let alone rapper can pour their heart out on a song like he can the man touches your soul when you truly listen to what he has to say. Enjoy his music for what it is when someone shows you there true colors believe them. They know themselves better than you do. He says hes having a hard time adjusting to fame and i believe him. Love his music Love what he does and Aubrey "Drake" Graham is alot different than drizzy.

Fireworks said...

@ Anonymus

Well said!!!....

K.P. said...

@Anonymous I totally agree : ) If people show you who they are who are you not to believe them.

Anonymous said...

just because he says no to some pictures sometimes doesn't mean the fame is getting to his head. EVERY CELEBRITY out there has said no to fans before. i'm sure he loves his fans, we made his dream come true. he is a CELEBRITY, meaning his privacy and everything is gone, but maybe sometimes he just wants to go to a place as a regular person and not be bothered. he's a human being, meaning sometimes he wants privacy. in the video above, he took a picture with the girl (you saw the flash go off), then he pushed her off stage. if you look at when other celebrities fans go on stage unexpectedly their bodyguards handle them and they get put back in the crowd. he actually did a nice thing by taking a picture with the woman. drake still is the same person he was when he first started, just because he says no to some pictures and to some fans doesn't mean he has changed. he follows fans sometimes on twitter whens he's on. every celebrity has said no to their fans, but drake's the only one who gets blamed for changing. smh. if the people who are with him everyday meaning OVO crew say he hasn't changed than he hasn't. END OF DISCUSSION.

Anonymous said...

As long as the OVO boys still rock with him (his real friends from toronto), who gives a fuck what anybody has to say? His friends and family keep him grounded.

Damn, sometimes i wish the OVO site never got so mainstream. Too many silly teenagers on here.

ObsessedwithDrizzy ! said...

Ppl Change and it's okayy ! The same old person is still inside him ! Bow wow changed too but sometimes he shows us his old hilarious side ! But I still love em both !

Anonymous said...

Okay, look.

We went to school together. We've been to the same high school parties together. We've been in the same high school play together. And I think he started getting cocky ever since he got a part on Degrassi.

He started wearing watches worth seven thousand dollars, showing off his air jordans, and dissing the friends he used to talk to.

No one from OVO is in our yearbook.

ForestHill_inthisb--- said...




Anonymous said...

oooo drizzy !!!!! dats right baby daddy get dem hoes out da way!!! keep that energy for when we meet up !!

Anonymous said...

i heard he got robbed by bishop brigante for a watch on youtube or sumthin


Anonymous said...

This still doesnt explain why he couldn't give that dude dap.....forget the chick. It could of took a sec just to give dap. it doesnt look like he was busy....he was done with the wildfire performance. but why diss that fan......specially a fan thats in your city TORONTO. Thats suppose to be the LOVE to the fans in TORONTO. I just hope DRake dont take his position for granted and that goes for all the good-hearted artist,stars in general(Celebs) out there like him in some moral similarities.

A Princess said...


Anonymous said...

Man you guys bitch too much let the guy be, he doesn't really care how much you hate on him he even said it
"I can tell, I can tell, I can tell certain people don’t like me no more
New shit don’t excite me no more
Guess they don’t really make ‘em like me no more
Uh, you can look me in my eyes and see I aint myself"

Drake throw that single out already, if you didnt give me any dap idc im still a fan for life.

OVO all day

Anonymous said...

You look like Daddy Yankee when you dont have a beard when you were all thugged out in "Replacement Girl"

Anonymous said...

Drake...were patiently waiting Take your Time with the single....OVOXO your gf at my next show ayyee!

Take Care

sophia said...

lol watch the video again.
he had his hand around that girl but she was ignoring him and was too focused on being on the stage so he pushed her away. silly girl haha

Astrid L said...

lol the two girls at the end completely shunned.... I love my drake, he stays being the best the game has got.

Anonymous said...

Drake iz dattt niqqa btt iswear he did daa grip like 2 timez

Anonymous said...

Drake I dont know if your are reading this but I agree with some of the people here, I think you (Drake) have changed man, I can't really hear truth or life and that hunger that you used to have when you first came out with your songs. I think you are getting lost along the path of fame and forgetting how you were once a fan and forgetting how you got to where you are right now. I miss that drake that came out with songs like "Fear", "Special", "Fireworks". Anyhow I hope that you understand what I am talking about. peace

Anonymous said...
Up all night - Drake ft KidNamedGoD(Remix)

Anonymous said...

Sophia has it exactly right about the girl and why he gets impatient with her.

Drake seems very nice and even keeled. He shook my hand, said what's up and gave me a smile on his own accord when he arrived at the club. He seemed pretty even keeled and nice. As far as i've heard socially he's very generous with people he's out with and shows them a good time and is patient and giving to his fans when he HAS time.

Michelle said...






Janet said...


{OVO} said...

Condolences to Drake

Best wishes to you and yours

Hope the family doing well under the circumstances, during what is a difficult time

Anonymous said...

the whole ovoclan doing it big toronto stand the fuk up

Anonymous said...

wha u talkin bout willis? drake and josh r the best???

Unknown said...

lmaoooooo we throwin bitches off stage!


Aubrey's rose said...


Baby...I'm not gonna be on here as usual cause I'm at my dads house...we have internet here!

It won't be like this for long...=( I still rep Drizz all day and toronto Canada... Just wanted to let you know before I go back home.

Keep your head up boo,I seen your video..every time I see get better and better each time
I love you Drizz...and OVO team I will be back on soon xoxo muuaah

Forever Byrd

Anonymous said...

Drake is pure bitch made for pushing that girl... She obviously was a fan. Wayne aint the only reason you at where you at right now nigga.. & if it wasnt for that bodyguard somebody woulda rocked his ass... Well maybe not in Toronto but in New Orleans that woulda been his hairy ass.

-Sincerely, A Drake fan.

Anonymous said...

lmfaooo, damn drake pushed that girl off stageee. lmaoo

{OVO} said...

so get up off that slaveship
build your own pyrimids write your own hyroglyphs

@drakkardnoir @theweekndxo


Anonymous said...

he defietly did just push dat chic but fuck it u cant be up dere wit him..the boy swagg threw the roof too much for u!

Josh said...

Drizzy, im sittin here at work in this cubicle and your music is deff an escape 4 me bro..keep doin it big my dude, you on top of the game !! OVO all day homie !!

sKarwana said...

legendary shit..ovoxo need to come out to jersey

Anonymous said...

LMAO them girls getting pushed off the stage have some class ladies... drake great performance LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

yo you should check this remix out of marvins room if you like the uk bass thing -

Anonymous said...

man, if you act like a groupie hoe and your hoping on the stage during a performance you deserved to get pushed off. and drake didnt even push her....just guided her off the stage with a little nudge....getting a push from a dude and shes so small and frail..she wouldve broke her face lol....thats great ..birds get treated like

Anonymous said...


rarebreed1 said...

geez did he have to push the fan? lol what song was this?

Andrea said...

Damn. sick

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan B said...

White power

Danny said...

hahah yo I know the girl that got on the stage! haha hilarious!

kdot said...

haha @the dumb broad that gets shoved off stage!! LOL drunkie

JessicaFreeAgentWilson said...

You have such an awesome personality, sweet plaid shirt!!! Nice way to handle a fan, im sure she sill felt special... Definitley a good track, You should release a newer mixtape w all the stuff that doesnt make it on your main CD lovie! Drizzys pretend wifey forever =)

Ravin said...

Yooooooo Drakes a Bicth! lol
he was chill about it and then he had to remember where he was and show out! so he pushed her off,ppft and then look back to see where she was!

I hate how drake is pretty much fronting!
Ill always be a fan of Drake but he needs to stop lol

Kingsmusic404 said...

That shit was tooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

chelsealeighh94 said...

its that OVO && that XO<3 said...

Wow, there is really much useful info here!

You CAN get that girl said...

Damn, everytime I see footage of this guy it looks like he's in a movie. Dude has massive presence. said...

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Kels Graham said...

i love drake so much , i really love him ,i mention everyday , i listen to all his albums "take care,young sweet jones,thank me later,Seasonal Intuition,Heartbreak Part 3: The First Semester,So Far Gone,Thank Me Now,Heartbreak: Part 2,EP:So Far Gone,Comeback Season,Room For Improvement,&other songs he been featured in. I been liking Aubrey Drake Graham since he was jimmy brooks off degrassi ,i followed his club paradise tour & attended all the concerts ,i also buy drake cloths.I have plenty off OVO & Take care , shirts, poster,buttons , and wristbands , . i REALLY REALLY LOVE DRAKE !!!! ill do anything to met him , i was going to get "drake" tatted on my forehead but drake didnt to much like that ,so ima just hope to met him another wayy , wish me luckkk !!!!!! DRAKE #1 FAN !!!!!! <3

Unknown said...

I am big fan of him.The music he composes is really impressive one.I am making new and best collections of Drake Mixtapes.Can anyone share his best song stuff with me.

forevaeva21 said...

Forevaeva21 said...
Love alwayz

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