Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wildfire Chopped~Up Not Slopped~Up


Anonymous said...

I like his remixes x) Just wanted to ask, are y'all gonna stream the OVO Fest live on any website? Unfortunately can't make it there :/

Anonymous said...

I'm tryna go to the fest! Bout to get a passport and make a mini trip out of it but I don't know anything about your town.. Could someone from your squad show me around? How about a good time? I need to change my senery.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, forgot to sign off

Anonymous Blogger!

aSpaceApe said...

i want to go to OVO Fest

Anonymous said...

Just put on my Beats by Dr. Dre... this on volume...amazing shitttttttttttttttttt


Beg Drake and The Weeknd to come London! That shit need to happen.

Anonymous said...

Good job i like this remix !

Anonymous said...

Clarissa said...

I like this alot, it was very interesting to listen too.. i enjoyed it very much <3

A Princess said...

Oooohhh :-)

Linette said...

My boyfriend reminds me of Drake. Never met Drake but through his amazing music and lyrics one can get a sense of where he has been, where he is, and where he plans to be in life. See, it was early 2009 when I met my boyfriend. The first thing I learned about him was that he was musically talented. Now, with this, you know you cannot argue with a musician when it comes to music. I remember when he “put me on Drake” and the first song I heard was ‘Best I ever had’. It was funny back then when people started talking about Drake months after my boyfriend had discovered him. And through his lyrics is where he relates to Drake. Every single song reminds him of not only something he would say, but situations he has been through. My boyfriend was very open from the beginning and told me about his player past. He wasn’t just any player though, he was a hopeless romantic. Every girl that came his way, any girl he had a chance with he thought she was the one, or had hopes that maybe she could be the one to steal his heart. In every song, Drake is always talking about some girl that did him wrong and broke his heart. Now that he’s on he has a list of girls that perhaps regret ever doing him wrong. As my boyfriend heard Drake songs, he became more and more anxious to produce music like Drake. He then told me about 40 and how he was Drakes partner in music, that 40 was the one that made Drake’s beats. So we got the mascine. I remember the first day he sat there, so excited to start making music, but when he tried to make a beat, nothing came out. He didn’t know where to start, he didn’t know if he could actually do it. I told him practice makes perfect, and in due time, your beats will come to you like nothing. Now, he averages about 10 beats per week when he really has the time to do them. He doesn’t wait till he has a few free hours, he makes sure that the time he has is long, with no interruptions. This is his dream. Often I am jealous that he has such guts to chase his dreams, something most people do not do because they rather live the safe route, like me. And Drake said it best, “I’ve been waiting way too long long long long, tellin’ everybody that I know we about to be on on on on, I ain’t tryin’ look like I lie to these niggas that I came up with that’s my team,…”. That’s exactly what he’s working for and that’s exactly what he plans on doing. The craziest thing is that people have idols, people they look up to, people they want to be like, but him, he looks at Drake like his reflection in a mirror. Drake is the super star he plans on being. He sees himself through Drake and he could relate so much lyrically. His dream isn’t only to become known, or meet Drake, but he does hope that one day in the near future he could be able to produce a few beats with Drake and work with him side by side. Many people want to be rappers, or want to be producers, and want to do this because “everyone is doing it” but my boyfriend is musically talented. He has a gift that no one will ever be able to take away. His heart is in it. Forever. I know this whole time I referred to him as “my boyfriend” but he is much more than that, his name is Chuck G. So be on the lookout.

Anonymous said...


nuh bruh,

the reaal


Anonymous said...

the download reached its max with 100 downloads. how do i get this shit???

ziaajay said...
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ziaajay said...

this is pretty cole.

ziaajay said...

follow me @ShazYellowAss

Ursula said...

If you dont ull slice ma throat.. Love the chorus sooo it ma fave.

c said...




*love what you guys are doing with music! keep it up guys!

Kara said...

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Fabulous remix! I like it from the beginning to the end. Would be nice to see more of this quality remixes on the future.

forevaeva21 said...

Forevaeva21 said...
Love alwayz

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