The Weeknd -The Birds (Pt1) Chopped~Up Not Slopped~Up OG RON C {OVO} by octobersveryown
The Weeknd - Rolling Stone Chopped~Up Not Slopped~Up OG RON C {OVO} by octobersveryown


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Weeknd Chopped~Up Not Slopped~Up OG RON C {oVoXo}


Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Aubrey,. you have tan skin && long hair
u have money to blow so u dont care
with ur hair long & skin tan
you have a sexci 16 year old as ur #1 fan
'statutory rape' they call it in the USA,
but id still let u sexx me if were in the bay
i turn all these little bois down 4 u
because im falling for u i need a parachute
you could be my jet fuel
alot of dudes just b going nowhere fast
buht u b steady crusing like u want it to last
if i told u that the n*gga that im with isnt shit
I hope you would hit it like u couldnt miss
ur so wild & id love to tame
&& for u to beat me out the frame
u could lay your on my pillows & by pillows i mean chest
because u take my breath away && ur the fucking best
i wanna be your double cup love because im a double D cup
im the one u could lean on because for you id NEVER give up
i think i love u, juhst like u raised me
so when u call me babii, lil babii, ill call u daddy
your the illest && 4 your loving i'll die hard like bruce willis [cont]

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

your like a candy store && im a toddler
, your my ice cream man
in the bed i bet ud make me scream like a summer jam fan
i love you and your ways
you put me in a daze
& drake 4 u my legs will go there seperate ways

thats my poem && its called "DrakeS Love"

SMH said...

Drizzy_Mistress16 is just a sad human being

Aubrey's rose said...

Drizz, I heard of the weeknd but I never seem them niggas before at all...I think I need to get in the hang with listening to more of there music and then I guess i'll become a fan..if I should put it like that. They should be on music matters, just like J-Cole was on there...that got him out there.

But yea
There songs are pretty good ;)

Forever Byrd

Kara said...

You're a craft bastard. I like it.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@SMH AND UR A FAT UGLY JEALOUS AZZ BITCH WHOS MAD DRIZZY_MISTRESS GETS MORE DICK THAN U EVER CULD U GORILLA.!!!!! Lol drake she madd bc u wanna dick me down, i bet ur tha same uhgly fat gargoyle from twitter diabetic HOE

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@SMH get a tan, lose 300+ pounds, && get plastic surgery u respushia looking bitch :) drake wanna fuck me NOT u && im hys #1 fan NOT yhu, GET over it, you will NEVER take my place as the youngest BADDest bitch, cos ur the oldest FATTEST UGLIEST bitch on the blog, u S T A L K E R

Aubrey's rose said...

@kara "Craft Bastard" lol WHAT.... I didn't say that I didn't like it..I said I never heard them before apparently! I Guess I'm too hyped for drizz's music..I'm ready for Take Care. I've been waiting for Drizz music ......damm and his single is coming out too..I think next week or the week after that hell yeah I ready..shitttt lol lmao hahahahaha

I would be so happy...if he release that shit TODAY!
BRING DAT SHIT NICCA, I'm ready. lol
Sorry forgetting Loud but it's that exciting!


keisha said...

Oliver, was that supposed to be a download link down there?

Anonymous said...

Ovoxo ;) - Dee

K.P. said...

Boss! The Birds chopped has me super hyped, but Rolling Stone no bueno. I think ( my 2 cents) rolling stone could use a bit more work...Perhaps its the beat. *shoulder shrug*

cameron J. Shaw said...

Everyday is the weekend lol

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