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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marvins Room


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Anonymous said...

The download doesn't work. Where else can you download the song from?

Trishul said...

Take care is gonna be so much more Drizzy thank Thank me later. Connect to this shit so much its scary.

tiara said...

DRAKE ! seriously ur gold ur the peanut butter to my jelly your the smoke to my high i love you DONT EVER STOP PLEASEEEE i could live w/o ur beautiful music and this is just another album im gonna have to buy in stacks! much love and sucess
Luv your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Where can i download this from?

SolSteela said...

Drake you need to come to houston! i wanna see you live and hug you and take a picture with you! you are amazingggg! <3
I cant wait for JUUUULLLLY<3
And your birthday/TAKE CARE!

You just wanted a reason to throw the biggest party ever. I LOVE YOU!

Saint said...

So much anticipation for the new album take care this song is just a tease the album is going to be GREAT

jacob said...

This speaks volumes to me. Thanks for this, man.

jacob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alicia said...

Okayy, I Just Want To Say How Much I LOVE YOU<3!, I Loved The Album Thank Me Later And I Just Cant Wait For Take Care To Come Out. Marvins Room, And Dreams Money Can Buy Are REALLY Good Songs. Cant Wait Until The Album Take Care Comes Out So I Can Hear The Rest Of The Album<333(:!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the more chill songs.. keep up the good work! Can't wait for the album

Nneka said...

Okay first off you are amazingg!!♥ Srsly, I feel like your the only person that can make "Fuck that nigga" sound romantic lmao. Drake you are an inspiration! This song is so chill and lax, I've been listening to it nonstop since you put it up here. Keep doing what you doing man, cas this shit rocks. I can't wait for your album to drop so I can hear the rest because this is such a tease.

Anonymous said...

this song is a masterpiece and i'm honored to be able to listen to your music. first name greatest, last name eva! you on one drizzy.

Mohamed Ali said...

I swear I know every line drake said in a song, this is one of the best, love it !

Mario said...

Ever since I heard Drake on comeback season I knew he was gonna be big and look at him now...Amazing song...hope 40 is doing well.. just waiting for Take Care to come out.. ATF!

Anonymous said...

the link does not work for me!!

Anonymous said...

ya allah the beat is so sexy ..I love when drake sings like this ..40 is blessed when it comes 2 makin beats ...

Anonymous said...

drizzy always knows how to get to me with his songs. now all i do is think about my ex. Marvin's Room the official anthem of the niggas who r still in love with that one girl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Touche', Drake, I love the introspective ability to be vulnerable and honest but I hope we hear where you are getting used to fame and not letting it overtake you. I hope you learn to overcome any ostacle that stnds in your way and I hope some of your songs start to reflect. I know you stir my soul with your music so I would like to hear uplifting stuff too.

But I love this track, another dope melody from the genius mind of 40. Your rap lyrics are off the chain but i don't know about the But you still hooked me in some kind of way. Keep it up Drake and Take Care.

lukasbmw said...

Drizzy, I am a huge fan. "So Far Gone' may have been my favorite CD of all time and while I didn't like "Thank me later" quite as much, it still was a great CD. ...but I am concerned. Since then I feel like the quality of you work has fallen off a bit (with the exception of "On one" which is a number one hit easily). Please don't let the money and fame go to your head and start relying on your name to sell records. You have a musical talent that many of us fans have never seen before and I hope that you continue to tap into it and give 110% rather then putting out 70% and letting your name sell the record. I'm not trying to sound like a hater, I just don't want to see you "fall off". This track isn't bad...but it is nowhere near the quality I expect from you. That's me being 100% honest. ("On One" was amazing though...that is the sound you need to keep up).

Eshie said...

Hey Aubrey scroll down to your sign...

I find this site helpful! :)

Kevin said...

Drake this is very awesome! I can't wait! I'm gonna buy Take Care like I bought Thank Me Later! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I've been listening to this ever since you've posted it. It's my theme song right now lol. Weirdly, I think I like it because I can relate to it. Furthermore, I have high expectations for Take Care. Hearing this has left me with no patience. I cannot wait. It is gonna be an absolute treasure to us loyal fans! I brought TML and I will definitely buy TC! You keep doing what you do, and we love you for that Drizzy! Oh btw, I like the grown hair and bearded look. It shows how much work you're putting into the album, but go back to your sexier self on October 24th. ;)

A fan from London. <3

Jemal said...

drake speaks from the heart

Jemal said...

take care is gunna be highlight of my life

Anonymous said...

I love this song and Drizzy, I do this when I drink.40 did a awesome job too.

Drakeian said...

I dont know how to explain it...You put alot of hope into ppls hearts, I dont know how to thank you, Your lyrics make me think in a way that brings me peace, Keep doin what you doin man. #TakeCare

Maya said...

'Marvin's Room' by Drake is truly therapeutic... We've all been there and felt that way

Feebie said...

This song broke my heart.

Nikki said...

I just keep feeling like you understand the disappointment of Love in a way that's unique. it's beyond empathy I feel like real life make for the best lessons and those who live it to the fullest are professors. And it seems like your going for your phd. I do Love you as an Artist and hate sharing you with the world. But no one man should have all that power. Never stop Never Change you & 40 have something Magical...

OhDang_WannaBang said...

drakee<3, haha the love of my life. you got does words that can make any women melt, oh baby your special because of the way you can express yourself in any type of situation. my heart & support goes out to you.
i do love you, and i hope you dont take the shit in vain.
- gaby (:
twitter: @gaby_biteme
i be tweeting you all the time. give me a second of your time and show some careness :) love you babyy.

Anonymous said...

Dear drake,

Your music is soulful.

It's therapy for me. I can empathize with 'Marvin's Room'-its like a conversation I wish I had the nerve to make.

'So Far Gone' and 'Thank me later', I listen to like the rhythm to my sorrow.

Looking forward to your next album

From your fan, S.

Joanna *Chi*Town* said...

What's up Drake? If your tryna get at me hit me up at see whats good with you. You already know who this is. Quit playin'. Lets kick it & chill in my city :) Take Care

LacedBeauti said...

I have a strange feeling about this bottom line.He's far from done... matter fact, we've merely been introduced. Peace and Love Drizzy, and the whole OVO team!!

LacedBeauti said...

When you are touched by someone in such a positive way..constantly, follow them closely and pay attention. The worldly things are of the flesh..dont let them push you away, we all have them..look even deeper..Angels are everywhere, and you cant denie Drizzy his wings. He is a person just like us all, but he is more in touch with GOD than many others could say. For the ladies that dream of him every night...the chances are slim to none that you will have him =0( But making him your prototype can work too. There are men like him in this world. the bad is even good...cause he's honest about it all! LOVE THAT! When dudes love Drizzy its awesome, He's probably a good guy if he's love Drake..hands down...Just sayin

anthonymp139 said...

im a lil mad tho that its not gonna be on birthday any more september 13th was the day man wut happen -_- i was dum hyped too

Thatmakescurrency(cents=sense) said...

Drake you truly inspire me, every song you have hits me Marvin's Room. I am living that situation and wrote to it. Hope you like

NissieBSweetie said...

Drake is the only person who can make "F*ck That N*igga" sound romantic and sexy. His smooth and alluring voice and amazing word play are perfection. Can't wait for Take Care!!! Love You Drizzy!

PJ said...

i wish you knew how influential & meaningful your music is to me.. take.. pmmxo

jeff blaze said...

drake how da hell do you do that its like you went in my head den wrote the song cant wait for Take Care man keep it up

Anonymous said...

Mmm i know u were horny as shit after, smokin in da morninnnn...mmm i like it in the morning too! aaahhh i wanna rape you, i know u would like it..u like light skin girls with natural curly hair..i wanna just eat you up..slurrrrrppppp mmmm french vanilla :-)

Kayla Mulloy said...

Drake keep doing what you're doing. I'm glad you're making Take Care your own, and not letting labels or anyone else cloud you (with the whole 14 songs thing). We love you for you, Drake, the more you do you, the more we love you.
Sincerely, every true Drake fan.
(Kayla Mulloy)

Kayla Mulloy said...

Drizzy, keep doing what you're doing. I'm so glad you're making Take Care your own, and not letting labels or anyone else cloud you (the whole 14 songs things). Let that shit out. We love you for you, Drake. So the more you do you, the more we love you.

Anonymous said...

FIRE! I swear, I feel like he reads my mind and makes a bangin' track...He's on another level...Drizzy!

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the fact that he wasn't putting out new shit? If you love Drizzy, fans will be patient and wait for what he's gotta put out, because he knows we'll love it & it's worth the wait <3 (:

-Gaby #OVOAllDay

brittany said...

this song means a lot to me. i can't stop listening to it! drake is the best <3

Anonymous said...

Drake, me & my gf are a huge fan of you & we love eachother very much. We both have a huge crush on you. We think we would have a hott as threesome together. I want to marry her someday if it was legal we both would want to marry you & we would all be one big happy family. That's our dream is 2 find the perfect guy 2 be apart of our love. We love you so much & we will always support you & your music! Love, Sasha & Jade :)

Anonymous_Loverr said...

That is so beautiful, Sasha and Jade. I wouldn't mind having a husband and a wife. As long as he treats us both the same and we are all in love with eachother. In some countries they allow more than 2 wives..Drake does look muslim too lol..One big happy family, cute lol :-)

deannaghaseq said...

looooove it :) couldnt be a bigger fan..your amazingg

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite drake jam at the moment. beyond excited for what the album brings

Felisha said...

honest, simple, & beautiful.
the piano at the end is a nice touch.
thank you <3

Anonymous said...

You proved us once again that you speak from the heart. I'm proud of you!!

Weezy said...

cups of da xo...

Anonymous said...

what is "marvins room"?

Anonymous said...

Marvin's Room is official my 2nd favorite Drake song. The 1st will always be Houstatlantavegas.

Anonymous said...

this is hard drizzy im a big fan. When is the next time you comin to LA? Anyway, thank you for writing inspiring music, im lookin forward to take care and Drizzy:

Take Care

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The download doesn't work

Anonymous said...

Drizzy_mistress16 said...

Ooh drake i LOVED this song && i wanna show u in 5 different ACCENTS how much i love u *french accent* Ooh La La, i wanna snowblow you drizzy, && make beautiful babies with u freak me with the 3 stroke<3 *hill valley girl accent* but really ur just like, so fucking fetch, i like, wanna drop my panties 4 you stroke me && like, give me orgies on orgies on orgies.!!!! *new jersey accent* ya like pelican fly drake, i luv ya music so much ive considered puttin dis pussy on ya sideburns me at ya next show ovoxo *southern accent* i saw when u said i was perty &&, i wanna show my uhpreciation bii showiing u the girls (my tig ol bitties) Lol *mexican accent* aye papi chulo i want u in my punani because that d*ck is grande sized, im ur #1 fan papi *shakes titz* DRAKE i DO love u i cant wait till #TakeCare drops october 24th....i'll be 17 on oct 4th....ily babii Lol ur so cute u got my superbass & my heart daddy

Drizzy_mistress16 said...

Lol Drake Loves my blue eyes, my angelina jolie lips, golden brown skin, high cheekbones, good hair, && huge azz & tits & curves, he loves MY 16 year old ass.! i wanna lick him like a lollipop.!!! && i want him to suck my titties && hit me in the morning, yeah ;) 4get raping u drizzy, rape me, take advantage of my jailbait ass lol. i wont tell get on top of me && spread my big pretty legs apart.!! beat my guts up pop my cherry do it all.!! make my full sized pillowtop bed rock.!! break my back babii.! i kno im young but trust, NOONE will find out, i can pass for 19 in the body lol, i want u 2 bathe me papi, i had vodka tonight && im horny 4 a 24 year old GROWN ASS MAN to BUST MY VIRGIN TIGHT WET WET ALL THE WAY OPEN BABII.....i aint a groupie im ur #1 fan....who wants u to plow her && boink her, ur touch could make me have 70,00000000000000000000000 orgies in a millisecond, my room wouldb a white river.make sweet passionate mind blowing fireworks sparking jaw dropping toe curling love 2 me.!!!!OVOXO

Paul Royster said...

Drake man.. I literally had this on repeat bout half the day. Such a ghostly beat to do a song to. You and 40 are the dream team, and inspire me with all that you make..if you need a non famous white dude to sing some amazing shit on a track.. holler at me.

Anonymous_Loverr said...

I feel really stupid for being so shy & nervous when you came up 2 me in kod..idk what happened, i just froze up when I saw looked really good too

Anonymous_Loverr said...

I was wearing bright orange & i had curly wavy was my 21st bday too :-)

Anonymous_Loverr said...

God willing..hopefully one day ill see you again..i got to :-)

Anonymous_Loverr said...

You have really soft skin btw..i was mesmorized :-)

Anonymous_Loverr said...

Aaliyah- 4 page letter..

Anonymous said...

why is the song called marvin's room, what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Great song, but she also did a great rendition as well in my opinion. Remix perhaps?

Janneth said...

All of your music is wonderful, I love that the album is coming out on your birthday but sad that i still have to wait..Im excited for Take Care!! I Love You Drake!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

im inspired by drizzy as a 15 year old rapper because his songz tell a story and he is a poetic beast. by the way i think young money should start recruiting more young rappers like my age; the youth is whats gone keep the rap game going strong when todays greats retire.

c said...

im still on it: MARVINS ROOM

drizzy drake audrey YMCMB.. honestly I am all for understanding someone's feelings, the whole long-suffering , self -sacrificing effort... but this song my dear must be words of the "purple or pink"
Seriously drake it warms my heart as a lady to hear a guy go through the length of expression of what you can do...
but as an 10.24 born native myself whose been hurt by love for my foolish actions I can do nothing more but wish you time to heal ... in the meantime.. this Marvin's room #suck!..
(before the uproar)I no a fan would never say it's whack
but as I write before you as the 1 who'll disagree with the whole world for your well-being ...
would say .. you're not in a happy place, no happiness can lay beneath drinks, weed and painful cover who u are under fine clothing does not disguise the pain a grief you greet every day....

I wish you true love , a wonderful lady "points to self":) ... whose confident,understanding of ur lifestyle, loyal, honest, humble and sweet family-oriented, structured and strong ...list goes on, u know what i mean.. .


Anonymous said...

tell me if yall like this freestyle. look; i been up all day working making these flows its stressful when yo bff is the record lables front door i want fame like how nerds want game. i want chicks to chase after me and offer me unwanted pussy. i want lots of things out of life its fucked up how when u stick yo hand in into the cookie jar bitches wanna bite but when fucking famous bitches allways slobin on yo dick cuz talk into a mic for life. but what am i saying i know if i was in a famous rappers shoes i would be flying in bitches from all across the world just to slide up and down like as stripper on my mic but its all good just as long asshe dont bite.

Kara said...

Love it. xo

ThisisZaCE said...

Marvins Room (Pt. 2)

Anonymous said...

i can relate to your lyrics like none other. Keep up the great music drake, you are by far my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

plz fix the link..ovoxo

Anonymous said...

Your writing skills are failing all of a sudden.....

Anonymous said...

I love you! Come to MNL; show me a good time.

Anonymous_Loverr said...

You taught me everything I know Daddy :-)

Anonymous said...

I love it ♥ *.*

JoakimBisgaard said...

Fantastic Drake & an absolutely fantastic song!
Can't wait for Take Care!

Anonymous said...


Max said...

You should put this on itunes

Anonymous_Loverr said...

I love you Daddy :-)

Anonymous_Loverr said...

Thank you & I will be careful..

cliff said...

put me in a booth boi i am the truth this is not spoof this fine ass girl blown up phone but when we done like american idol i send that ass home cuz when it come to couting dead presidents/white faces like rick ross said i can never be a racis so fill up tank 3 cuz i go the hardest cuz the needle stay on E not meaning empty but full of energy so put me on and and i put her on bitches ride up in down my block bumping my songs.

Anonymous_Loverr said...

I love you too..hate is a strong word, I can honestly say I dont agree with some of the things you say..but fuck it, no one is perfect..

Anonymous_Loverr said...

I wish I met you, we would have an interesting conversation..i think your very attractive & you have a nice personality..we can debate, maybe disagree 2's funny bc Im so much like's crazy

Cici said...

Finally :)

Alli said...

I feel like everyone can relate to what Drake expresses through his music. Honestly 90% of his music is genuine and not typical in its message. Keep it up. Drake I think you guys would also like jo jo's remix to this song. Check it out, def post in your website too.

永遠の若さ (EternalYouth) said...

ovoxo my girl at my next show ayee

Anonymous said...

Drizzy you should do a remix with Kim Morrell or JOJO.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to find Someone talented like drake and da whole ovo team from da begining of y'all journey till take care I wish I was on ovo I hope to be one day ! Kboy

Anonymous said...

Ovo I salute drake u a livin legend I'm just a fan umm u know 2 PAC and biggie never got to know how big day wer.but u might get a glimpse of how big u r. I wish I was signed to ovo . Keep up da work -kboy.

punisha miami said...

Tell us the name of your first single aka rapper punisha.

blondiie said...

i love this song.... i have it on constant repeat!

audu said...

I doubt you'll ever year this, I'm just a fan who relates to this song a lot, and wrote a note about it. I hope you read it.


WeatherAce said...

best ever.. It's like you keep outdoing yourself with every single or every time you're featured. You killed it on I'm On One, and now this. You and 40 keep doing your shit

Anonymous said...

ha yea cant wait till take comes outman i really wanna listen too itt

SEO Company said...

It's really inspiration. I am listen for my friends. Then i will decide to purchase it.

SEO Company said...

Who are wishing a first. Can you tell me ! Someone is a spacial for our life I love this song. It's really best.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Drake, Thank you. Your music is so raw and it just puts you in this city feeling. Keep doing what your doing, because frankly your amazing at what you do. #OctobersVeryOwn<3


Anonymous said...

you suck

Miroslava Duran said...

deam boy your songs are so deep, leave everything and run away with me, i swear.

Anonymous said...

evey song drake raps in, he's is just blatently telling the truth, and shit that's has has gne through, and dats wha i like bout him! xx OVOXO

Britney M Shaffer said...

AUBREY DRAKW GRAHAM! You are my idol . i have been through a lot . you have no idea who i am and probably never will. but it is my dream to meet you to tell you how thankful i am that you make such meaningful lyrics. not only do i want to thank you but i want to thank your partner Noah. believe it or not you have helped me in every day life. your title is an artist but you have helped thousands in life including me. In repect of you and your group i tatooed OVOXO with your owl logo on my arm as a part of my half arm sleeve because the honor i have for you , now days as a rapper¡Singer you have the pressure of rapping about hard core Street life which is ok because i have had shared some of those memories to make it on my own in the streets of Houston, TX. but you have kept it 100 with the world and stayed with who you are and put a great impact on the world of all ages. you live the life of knowledge of the Streets but far from Hood. Many Hate on you for being a Soft Rapper but i admire you. i hope one day i have the great opportunity to meet you and be able to talk to you as a man not an artist. hopefully this message gets to you or you somehow see it . But thank you again Aubrey . Keep It UP.

Your Dedicated Fan ,
Britney M Shaffer

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Obat kencing nanah yang bisa dibeli di apotek
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Obat kencing nanah yang dijual bebas

Herbal de nature said...

Obat Penghilang Kutil Kelamin
Tanda-Tanda Kutil Kelamin Condyloma Acuminata Di Bibir Vagina
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Kutil Di Alat Kelamin Serta Cara Menghilangkanya
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Tanda-Tanda Kutil Kelamin Condyloma Acuminata Di Bibir Memek
Cara Menghilangkan Kutil Di Kemaluan | Vagina, Anus, Atau Penis Tumbuh Kutil
Obat Menghilangkan Kutil Di Bibir Vagina
Tumbuh Kutil di Penis Dan Anus | Obat Herbal Penyakit Kelamin

kartu esia said...

Obat herbal penyakit gonore
Berbahayakah Kutil Kelamin
Cara menghilangkan kutil kelamin
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Nay Denature said...

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