Monday, June 27, 2011


beyleriang said...

Fucking awesome, I stayed up just to see if you'd post something. So pumped for "Take Care" Thank you man.

Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

Oliver/Drizzy/40/niko check out
Vico - I'm On One (Freestyle)

He killed it and hes from Toronto too

Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

Youtube Search It

Vico - I'm On One (Freestyle)

He killed It, i promise Toronto Got the most talented Artists out there, they just havn't been discovered yet.


lukevoice said...

Oliver/40/Niko, I would appreciate it if you checked out my I'm On One dance video. I always make dance videos to songs with Drake.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

That video was great && drake was the best looking guy IN the video Lol
im glad he didnt have any gurls around him in the video.!
i guess hes waiting untill im oldd enough to be one.!

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

Just sum mo' FIYA!!!! Drizzy, u be killin' em' :)

lilola20 said...

could have been better, but that's just my opinion..

Yas said...

I think this is pure DOPENESS!

helloeternalyouth said...

his house is tite!
and drake looks great :P

ovoxo ayee

Chris said...

Exposing these boys to ovo, its a lifestyle not a label. and Khaled need to stop drinking Lokos... its bad for your papi smh. I'm hoping to see more of the wise owl in videos.

-Chris val.

Aubrey's rose said...

I like the's nice, It could of been better but what I really loved about the video was the gloominess or the dark color...I think it showed alot of emotion in this video!

So far Drizz, you did a terrific job....I love it when you make the different face expressions...I think it's abit sexy lol hahahahaha I like it =)

Shout out to the whole ATF or OVO family I seen them all in the background but the only person I didn't see was Karla Moy..maybe I missed her! idk

well, any ways keep doin ya thing Drizz lol you know you mean alot to me right!

Take Care OVOXO
Forever Byrd =)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous "Cuídate." spanish for "Take Care" said...

So Drake. I hear "Take Care" you picked up from kind-of-sorta chillin [in NY] and hearing it being used in its contents that day. Is that true? Like yea Ni$$a aight "take care" lol. u little swagga thief. I kid , and I L.O.V.E ur music. But I do hear that'S kinda the whole story behind "Take Care" so dont be fronting in the media.

June 22, 2011 8:29 PM

"Cuídate." spanish for "Take Care" said...

Aight , so i POSTED THIS COMMENT ON "ALLEY BOY" video page. wrong page. But this video was not up yesterday. Any Way...

"SO FAR GONE" , "THANK ME NOW", "LATER", AND "TAKE CARE" How About ......"WHAT" LMAO , nah [im a little high]....I'm kidding. I'm bored and celebrity blogging.....

June 24, 2011 1:18 AM
"Cuídate." spanish for "Take Care" said...

Wait I got it. Alright so I'm Miami. [born and RAISED] yessir.....

but back to the point.. i know u like MIAMI drake. so how about "OYE" alright so i'm cuban. But check it u got that one reggaton track, so i know u aint scared.. I see u @ dreams night club"wednesday in [SOUTH BEACH]...u stay shouting out "KING OF DIAMONDS" && "THE MIAMI AIRLINE ARENA" && "UR BFFE<<Pause......NO HOMO..... "Take Care" LOL.. Lebron is now a of course "LOS HEAT" player... so maybe not for a RECORD but how about "MIXTAPE for A SUMMER in Miami called "OYE".. I LIKE IT.. alright but for some reason i have fixated on helping to pick the next album or mix tape name.. like i said i'm bored and fixated.

but "I'M ON ONE".....

June 24, 2011 1:41 AM

"Cuídate." spanish for "Take Care" said...

OK... I'm back..


WTF, Happened last night at the BET Awards. Poor girl must of been so embarrassed..

" Shout out to the O.V.O.. xo... Ur girl @ my next show....

ummhmm.. I heard u.... Anyways look at u in the MIA again..That video was shot during the playoffs.. I sound like a stalker.. LMAO...


YO OLIVER!! . U should let me run this site..Nah! I dont get those exclusive pics in the telly and all that, so i take it back..

Anonymous said...

Been waiting for the video to drop! Buzzin for Take Care!

DRAKE and The Weeknd should do a joint concert in London PLEASEEEE!

A Princess said...
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Sarahhhh said...

I kinda loved this video, 'specially all the parts with Drake and the whole team <3

Anonymous said...

fuckin amaz keep doin ur thing drizzyyyyyyyyy. p.s. ur crib lookin good

A Princess said...

I did a little editing..GIRL VERSION REMIX:
Im gettin so coldd, I ain't work this hard since I was 18. Apoligize if I sayy..anything I don't mean, like: Boy I wanna fuck you, we gon have sum funn believe me. & wassup wit these bad bitches & why they wanna actt so crazyy..
But you better show me love boy, cuz that's just how I feel boy. I just wanna party, drink & pop. Bitches trippin yea we dancin & you ain't tryna stop..Wit my skin tan & my hair long, the boys who been so patient. Imma show dem what I got, yea I gotta make dat paper..Hate the perverts, hate the bullshit, hate dem mother-fuckin haters...I'm just feelin myself.....ha!!! Now watch me bake em..
All I care about is money & the ppl that I love. Imma sip it till I feel it, Imma pop one & I'm gone..I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm drunkk & I'm only gettin colderr somebody shoulda told ya I'm on one, fuck it im on one, yea, i said im on one...It could be clear, it could be pink..depending on how you sip that shit, yea you get fucked up on that shit...cuz I'm on one...fuck it, I'm on one...I walk around the club, FUCK everybody!

Anonymous said...

Love it.!/SchmarahSchmitz

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Drake i KNEW yhu like KING OF DIAMONDS.!!!!!!! Im def gonna work there since i QUALIFY<3 ima be takinggg iht ALL off juhst 4 yhu....&& when your there im gonna pay YOUthe most attention.....ur DEF gna get special treatment ihf u dont already Lol....the video was great, cant wait untill IM dancing in one of your videos tho.! OvoXo ok well ttyl im going 2 sleep...&& 2marro i'll do that EROTIC tale 2marro abt me u && the king of diamonds....softcore porn tho NO sex ;) bye sweety<3

Ekaete said...

I think there's more to Drake than meets the eye. The music speaks for it self. I find his facial expressions a massive turn-on.

JONSIE said...


Darion Haha ! YMCMB said...

Yall Mustove Mad This After The Awards, Bt Dt Shit Stil Dope !

Anonymous said...

heard drake switched teams cause girls break his heart.. to each his own, makes sense cause he aint go no girl in the video liltunechi


Delia said...

Karla wasnt in the video because
A.shes too fucking dark
B. Drake figured out how crazy she was and.
C.He didnt want her precious looking ass in the video.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

^^^^^^ LOL.!!!

yall boycotted her ass HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I love that song I love the video me & my dad listen to that song in the car he play it really loud I love & that my favorite music video I watch in my life

Anonymous said...

your fucking sexy drake fuck its to much!@#$

Anonymous said...

ionn think that gucci belt fits ross haha

Bernice Osborn said...

Gesh, the video, the song, sick !! Whew, Drizzy, Mmm, bout to say somethin.. Lol, "Take Care"

Josh said...

video is so freshhh

DevonJHud said...

Yall should put a song out each week. Like Kanye did. Till the album drop in October.

diamondgurlash said...

The view from your condo is amazzzing! Love this song.. but then again, I love all your music.. except trust issues.. I don't know why..
but anyways,
can't wait for your single and album ANDD your show in LA.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this video for like ever. Drake you are amazing. Keep up the work. <3

diamondgurlash said...

This song is ALWAYS stuck in my head. It is Def. the anthem for 2011. :)
Everyone is on something this year.

xoxo ash

I still can't figure out that drink.

wendy said...

love this video
my fave video
drake loved your part the most
you looked so hot,,
keep making great songs,,
can't wait fer take care
good luck

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RR said...

You've made the whole world get on one!

Now check out my blog!

cars, fashion, music, luxuries, sex & women!


jaysleemm said...

weeezy and drizzy,,u guyz r d best,,buh i think weezy kil'd it da most....raaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh wooly said...

I'll be gone til November. But fuck it I ain't tripping you know drizzy gone killem

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Forevaeva21 said...

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