Friday, May 13, 2011


Anonymous said...

I Said I'm On One...

Weezy said...

i dont really give a fuck and my excuse that im young

charliepoll said...

Actually dope- this will suffice till Take Care's lead single

Courtney said...

Absolutely love this song. Drake makes the best hook and 40 makes a dope beat once again.

Touche' said...

The hook on this is a PROBLEM! Sick!!!! I'm surprised...wasn't expecting it to be this tight.

Drizzy is holdin back on his verse & with a hook like that, he can afford to. Save them bars for Take Care!!

"watch me take it". lmao Let 'em know, Drizzy!!

Anonymous said...

The singing at the begining is so fuckin good

its young drizzy.


Touche' said...

Forgot to mention I read Drake is co-directing the vid for ths. Do your thang, Drizzy!!

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous 1 - so yea you haven't sounded this good since paris morton and im officially good until september
40 props on the production

mandellthomas7 said...

yo man drizzy on sum real shit u safe dis song niqqa kme on wit da musik im sick of hearin yo old stuff its still cold bt i wnna hear sum fresh

Anonymous said...

s.c.a.jr. said...


Dip said...

Absolute BANGER !!!

Anonymous said...

I heard this UK time around 2am, couldn't stop playing it. I had uni at 9am. I'm actually excited. I truly believe, you possess within yourself to become one of the greatest. With 40 by your side, its just too lethal and unfair. ;)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Simply Amazing. Drake killed it. This will hold me over till Carter IV and then hopefully i'll be hooked enough till Take Care!!!

Choyce said...

This will be played forever. Classic***

Ethan Gibbs said...

nice track

Anonymous said...

You should come with Wayne and Ross to their show in Darien Lake on 7/24 and perform this track and give us a sneak peak of that Take Care!!!!

Jay Campbell said...

Jay Campbell - Well Raised

beyleriang said...

This song is so fucking good it's retarded. I will be listening to this in my 5.1 Surround Sound when I'm on one. =]

LanEll said...

when is this coming to itunes doe?

Anonymous said...

the haters can't even hate on this. This track is a problem drizzy. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

finally...OLD DRAKE!!

Anonymous said...

40 did not produce this

T-Minus did while 40 focused on the engineering side

supastarnyc said...

This shit has been on repeat on the computer, in the whip, on the ipod, etc etc etc This might be the joint of the summer #ridiculous

B said...

Been Bangin this track ever since it leaked...ready for that itunes track though...respect the rappers yall buy their tracks outta respect instead riddin their dick and gettin bootlegged ass songs. #ColeWorld #YMCMB

Anonymous said... << false profits trak

Anonymous said...

I'm unable to download this song. Can you post another link.

dJ eSenTRiK said...

"I'm On One" mashup -

Anonymous said...

loveeeeeeeeee <3<3<3<3<3<3 ... my excuse is that im young :)

Drake's biggest fan said...

This should be your song..all dj khaled does is say his name and get em up 3 times..his name should not be on this song at all..
P.s. I am your biggest fan ever

Anonymous said...

Why did you put purple owl over it of dj khaled single artwork does it mean good or bad?

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