Thursday, May 19, 2011


Loop said...

view from the Range?

Anonymous said...

uhmmmm ok?

dilly k said...

who could miss those street cars

Tara said...

Umm...okay....ya'll drinking a lil much of the drank on this one...shit moving slow as a ballad, no need 4 pictures though.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Queen's Quay.

YoungSolo said...

Random picture I guess but uhhh who's the guy standing by himself on the side of the street??

Ursula said...

Damn dem lights are bright! Woulda made me feel like im On that i dont do that..nomore..feeling maself I don't even need an x pill lol idk it just came out.

Anonymous said...

ovo xo. til we overdose... @imjustintime

Chazz said...

All of tha lights, all of tha lights.

Anonymous said...

what is that mean a car street of a plane take off

Candice said...

lots of lights lol

Monica said...

Does drake ever read any of these comments I would think not

Monica said...

Does drake ever read any of these comments I would think not

vibradores said...

This will not actually have success, I consider this way.

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