*Photos Taken with a BlackBerry Torch

Monday, January 10, 2011


IN TERMS OF ME said...

What shoes are those?


Catrina said...

idk what is on that plate of food but it looks DELICIOUS!!! What is it and where is it???

Charlotte said...

I saw future taking pictures on stage Friday 7th.. I tired yo jump in thinking it would be on here- lol

Storm said...

Ah its the little-boy-angel=thing from the so far gone cover.

Brian said...

that food looks like a big pile of poop!!!

Chantii said...

The Young Angel pin looks so amazing, tho. Omgsh <3

Tavosky said...

@ catrina I hope its kosher..

Brian Wingate said...

Luv d young jeezy pics and didnt no d tourch pics were so clear gotta hav 1

Anonymous said...

40's working hard! 40 = Talent :D I like the photo of the European shopping center. The architecture is very pretty. United States has ugly architecture lol no fair. In the food photo they should of served a platter of like ten 2 lb lobsters with steak, fried calamari, and shrimp. Would of made the picture much better lol. Overall, nice pictures. Post more pictures of Europe!

Charlotte said...

@ Cypher It's not a shopping centre, its Burlington Arcade, like an upmarket row of shops under a roof sandwiched b/w to major shopping roads, it is cool though

A.M.M.O. said...


I have lyrics/music that I have written for Drake.

How do I get something like this to him?

I searched all over the internet and can't find any contact information anywhere. I don't want to get anything lost so I figured I would reach out to you and this was the only place I figured you'd actually listen.

Be Easy,


Anonymous said...

@Charlotte Thanks, it didn't look like a mall, so I called it a shopping center because I didn't know what to call it lol. So now I know what it's called. NY doesn't have narrow rows of shops enclosed in one building like that, so I thought it was unique. Malls in the suburbs of NYC are not as nice looking as that one. It's just plain cookie cutter buildings and one mall looks just like another one.

Anonymous said...

Is that an hermes scarf? Nice.

Anonymous said...

try taking some good pics next time you idiot

G said...


G said...

Why doez picture 8 remind me so much of Harry potter! that iz so cool!

G said...

Lol Lol Lol

D.N.A said...


join & be a follower :)

Anonymous said...

The angel in the picture made me think of Madonna's song angel. Maybe you can do a remake of the song or make a better version.

Anonymous said...

For the link above, Madonna's picture might be kind of too much, well it is to me cause I'm a girl lol, but the song is good and has the word angel in it.

Bombchell said...

pic 3!!!!!!!!

Susana said...

Check out my Tribute to Aaliyah for her 32nd Birthday

Kamagra said...

Nice pic.....

ZyairaSha said...

eu amo a abstração de todas as fotos!!!

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Crazy that this blog is still up and running. So nostalgic to go back and see what Drake had to say at the time when he made Thank me Later and how everything has just been building up. So many covers i remember, so many songs i remember.
How you have kept growing the team every year has been amazing!
You guys are a huge inspiration for young artists like us trying to come up! Thanks for still sharing all this good ish with us and hopefully we will be in the studio with you guys, at the ovo radio or just casual chilling somewhere backstage in the world!

Blessing from Copenhagen!


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